Paranormal Tendencies Interviews Jorick, Katelina, and Me!

14462736_10210505321459450_1957855329329256503_nOn the last day of Foster an Author, Paranormal Tendencies interviews me, and of course Jorick and Katelina came along for the ride. See their answers to awesome questions like:

PT to Jorick: When you agreed to keep an eye on Katelina, you obviously developed feelings for her. What was the exact moment you realized you were in love with her?

Hope to see you there!


Jorick Annoys Paranormal Tendencies

14462736_10210505321459450_1957855329329256503_nActually, the Paranormal Tendencies blog didn’t seem that annoyed, so maybe it was just me that Jorick decided to aggravate today. Complain, complain, complain. That vampire wouldn’t like it if you staked him with a brand new stake! (He wouldn;t like being hit with a steak either – see how picky he is?)

Anyway, check out hs grievances, and leave a nicer comment than he deserves!

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The Legends of Ol’ Man Wickleberry


Ol’ Man Wickleberry, rest his soul, died in the 1920s, attacked by a bear…or was it a zombie? I heard he was rabbit hunting…or was he prospecting? Or maybe he was defending his cabin from wild squirrels? At least we can all agree he died in northern Michigan – or did he? Maybe he was in California and his body was brought back to his family, and so now his ghost walks the beaches of lake Huron. Or maybe he spends his everafter trolling guests at a vacation lodge, or interrupting writers who stay up too late, or…

That’s the trouble with Ol’ Man Wickleberry, there are just too many legends! Heck, we’re not even completely sure when he died! In an effort to find the truth, Book Born, in conjunction with the Ink Slingers League, has decided to gather those legends into a single volume – an anthology if you will – where the proceeds benefit the Book Born 2017 Retreat Fund.


1) You do NOT have to be a “published” author to join us! Even if you’ve never published before – whether indy, self, or traditional- you can still submit a story

2) All stories must be between 1,000 words and 10,000 words.

3) All stories must be about Ol’ Man Wickleberry. They can be in his PoV, or anyone else’s – someone he is haunting, his dear old mother, whatever you can think of. They can be about how he met his end, or they can be about his ghostly afterlife (though they should at least mention what led to his grisly demise).

4) Stories can have adult components (such as language or violence) but please no erotica or heavily sexual stories. Ol’ Man Wickleberry doesn’t seem like the type to be gettin’ it on.

5) You MUST have a Smashwords author account. Smashwords’ rules, not mine. You don’t have to sell any books on Smashwords to make this account – it’s free and easy – but you have to have one for us to link to in the metadata.

6) We don’t guarantee any editing, so make sure you’ve done it before you submit. If a story has a lot of typos or errors we will reject it. We will also not update your story later. If you write a “better” version or a new author bio, or anything else. Once it’s published, it’s published, so make sure it’s the way you want it before you submit it.

7) You will NOT be paid. Though the anthology will be for sale, all proceeds will go to the Book Born 2017 Retreat Fund. This fund helps offset the cost of the annual Book Born Retreat, which is currently set for October 2017 (pending finalization). If you’d like to join the retreat, please join the Book Born Facebook group where more information will be posted.

8) We do NOT require exclusive rights. It’s your story, and if you want to publish it elsewhere, go ahead. However, because there is money involved I will send you a basic contract that just says yes we have the right to use it and no, you know you’re not getting paid. You can get a copy of the contract here – it’s a word document, so please fill your info in and include it with your story. You must sign the contract for the story to be used.

9) All entries are due by December 1st, 2016. This gives us a month to compile the anthology and have it ready for a January 1st release on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

9) Cover, formatting, etc. will be provided by the Ink Slingers.

10) The only file types accepted will be .doc, .docx, .txt, and .rtf. We will NOT accept .pdfs.

11) Send your short story of no more than 10,000 words to joleene(at) and include:

  • the signed contract as a separate attachment
  • your smashwords link
  • your author name and story title
  • a short blurb/synopsis of the story
  • your author bio
  • your website or blog link (optional)
  • a short blurb/synopsis of another work available for download (optional)

If you have any questions, please leave them here or drop me a line at Joleene(at)  Thanks and I’m looking forward to what you come up with.

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Foster an Author Day 3!

14462736_10210505321459450_1957855329329256503_nToday my foster blogger is featuring an excerpt of Shades of Gray! Stop in and check it out. If you’ve read the book, was it the excerpt you’d have picked? And if you haven’t, does it make you want to?

See you there!

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Foster an Author Day 2!

14462736_10210505321459450_1957855329329256503_nI can’t help but think I got super lucky with my foster blogger! Not that the other bloggers aren’t good, too, but Mindy of Paranormal Tendencies is above and beyond awesome!but Mindy of Paranormal Tendencies is above and beyond awesome!

Today she’s posted a great review of Shades of Gray, that literally made me grin. Go check it out and while you’re there check out her other awesome posts!


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Foster an Author 2016

14462736_10210505321459450_1957855329329256503_nI am participating in this year’s Foster an Author event – in which authors are “fostered” by a blogger for the week, and I was lucky enough to be adopted by the very awesome Paranormal Tendencies blog. I was lucky enough to be adopted by the very awesome Paranormal Tendencies blog.

Be sure to check out the intro post today and, while you’re there, check out the other awesome posts! And heck, why not subscribe while you’re at it?



Amazeballs Feature

Today the folks at the Amazeballs Book Addicts blog have been awesome enough to feature me! Please stop by to see some awesome questions like:

For a reader who hasn’t read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with?

It’s usually best to start with the first one – Shades of Gray – which is also free, but readers could jump in at number five – Heart of the Raven – because at that point things switch gears from a more isolated story to something closely resembling a fantasy epic.

And other questions, like “Which of your characters would you like to meet?”

So check it out!

12 Questions with Harper

And for the last, let’s meet Harper Kemp, the main Character of The Night Touched Chronicles by Maegan Provan.

  1. Do you have any pets? What are they?

No, I don’t have any pets. I think Jason would love a dog, but Lily isn’t too fond of anything living that we have to care for.

  1. What’s your favourite colour? Why?

Maroon. I think because it’s the color my mark turns when I get blood on it. I also have these great… vintage curtains that are maroon and I love them!

  1. What do you hate about your appearance most?

My mark, for sure. It’s super bright and annoying and I feel like a freak. I just want to be able to blend in, you know?

  1. What do you like about your appearance most?

Um, hmm… My hair is pretty great, haha. Really though, I’m pretty okay with how I look overall. I don’t think there is one thing in particular that I focus on.

  1. What’s your favourite song ever?

Moonlight Serenade by Glen Miller. Hands down.

6.What’s your most embarrassing experience ever?

My most embarrassing? Uh… I would have to say when Lily and Jason found me. I mean, that’s the biggest thing that sticks out to me. Here I am, just this simple girl who wakes up in a factory, with no clue how I got there. I’m super disheveled and very exposed… It’s like having someone walk in on you when you’re changing or going to the bathroom. I was not decent, and I wish they hadn’t seen me that way.

  1. Who is your fav. celeb crush?

Carey Grant was a stud, for sure. Oh! And young Marlon Brando, me-ow!

  1. What’s your star sign? Are you typical?

I’m a Scorpio. I guess I am for the most part. I can sometimes be too quick with my emotions, but overall I seem to fit. (Thank God for modern technology because I had never even thought about it before.)

  1. What’s your favourite perfume / aftershave to wear?

I like the scent of Jasmine, or anything sort of spicy. Like a subtle spicy not like “Oh my God, my nose is being assaulted by the spice of your perfume.”

  1. What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

I don’t really drink.

11.What’s your fav quote from a book or film? Why?

“You ain’t heard nothing yet.”- The Jazz Singer. I feel like it says a lot about my life. I feel like something big is just waiting for me, and I’m going to shine like hell.

  1. What’s the best or worst holiday you ever had? Why?

The worst holiday I had was Thanksgiving, 1936… I don’t particularly want to go into detail. It… It was just not a good holiday ((This is the author here. Harper doesn’t want to talk about it, but you can find out more detail about Harper’s worst holiday in The Night Touched Chronicles Book 2: Jeremy. Wow, really? Thanks for the reminder on that one.))

The best holiday was any Christmas with my family. My little sister coloring by the fireplace, my mother knitting in her rocker. Father smoking a pipe and telling us stories. Those were the best times.

See more of Harper in The Night Touched Chronicles and you can meet her and her author in Book Born – RIGHT NOW! (10-11pm Central) So come say Hi!

12 Questions with Jorick

Jorick is the hero of the Amaranthine series. Let’s see what he has to say for himself.

  1. Do you have any pets? What are they?

Hmm. You could call Katelina my pet, but she’d object. She’s a human. Five foot something. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. A picky eater.

  1. What’s your favourite colour? Why?

Black. It blends in well, and hides blood.

  1. What do you hate about your appearance most?

I really can’t think of anything.

  1. What do you like about your appearance most?

I suppose whatever feature Katelina likes the best. I’d guess she’d say my long hair. I am partial to my ability to intimidate others, but I’m not sure that’s my appearance.

  1. What’s your favourite song ever?

Moonlight Sonata, first movement.

  1. What’s your most embarrassing experience ever?

I’d hardly share it and relive it again!

  1. Who is you fav. celeb crush?

Fav celeb crush? What does this mean? Is it English? Crush I understand; to smash, compress, pulverize…but  “fav celeb”? Fab Kaleb? I have to skip this.

  1. What’s your star sign? Are you typical?

I’m not a typical anything, as I’m exceptional by all counts. As for a star sign…this involves horoscopes, doesn’t it? I don’t know them.

  1. What’s your favourite perfume / aftershave to wear?

I don’t shave, so I don’t need to wear after shave.

  1. What’s your favourite alcocholic drink?

Type O with Vodka. Ha ha!

11.What’s your fav quote from a book or film? Why?

“The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” Edgar Allan Poe, The Premature Burial

  1. What’s the best or worst holiday you ever had? Why?

Last Easter. Katelina insisted we visit her human mother. Vampires at Easter dinner! Can you imagine?

You can find Jorick in the Amaranthine series and you can meet him – and me – on Book Born RIGHT NOW (9-10pm Central). Come say Hi!

12 Questions with Willy Osborn

Willy Osborn is the creation of Jonathan Harvey and star of the forthcoming Vampire Prophecy. Until then, you can find him in Fangs and Fun short story collection.

  1. Do you have any pets? What are they? Pets? I didn’t know we still called them that! I thought they decided it wasn’t very PC! I used to have a pet. Her name was Francesca.  We met at a International House of Breakfast of all places! Alas, she didn’t last long.  I forgot to feed and water her properly.  She dried up rather quickly.
  2. What’s you favourite colour? Why? That’s a no Brainer! I love red. When I plan to strap the feed bag on, (I prefer o- from the blood bank.  The got the coolest little feed bags) I like to wear red because, if I get messy it blends right in.
  3. What do you hate about your appearance most? What’s to hate. I do wish I could change into a bat, like in the movies!  That would be awesome!
  4. What do you like about your appearance most? Everything,except the not being able to to change into a bat or mist. I could make the ladies all misty eyed.
  5. What’s you favourite song ever? “Can’t Smile Without You” by Barry Manilow. It’s just real pretty. I show my fangs when I sing it to the ladies!
  6. What’s you most embarrasing experience ever? This is very embarrassing.   I actually attacked Zomberella: Queen of the Undead.   I don’t know I was really hungry!  You know the green skin should have been a giveaway.   Luckily she forgave me .  We’re friends now.
  7. Who is you fav. celeb crush? Well I wouldn’t call him a crush, because I don’t roll like that, but the Fast Food Strangler was a real genius. You know he struck in my home town. Right at Jiklemier’s Burger Barns.  He never got caught!  Someday, they’re going to talk about me the way they talk about him.
  8. What’s your star sign? Are you typical? You know? I should have my own constellation. It could be “The Sign of the Fangs.” Anyone born under that sign would probably be very tasty. I might find a telescope right away.  This would be a good month for it, right?
  9. What’s your favourite perfume / aftershave to wear? There’s this cologne for the distinguished gentleman that’s very hard to find. I believe it’s made by Arabian Monks or something. It’s called “Castration of the Infidels.”  It has a sweet coppery scent.  I don’t know what it does for the ladies, but it drives me mad.
  10. What’s your favourite alcocholic drink? Black Rumble! Hands down! If you feed that to an underaged drinker then go for the jugular.   It’s heaven for everyone involved! (Singing) Oh Black Rumble has me in its spell. Oh Black Rumble makes the world just swell.  Oh Black Rumble smashing through my brain.   Oh Black Rumble making me insane! Oh Black Rumble…
  11. What’s your fav quote from a book or film? Why? My favorite quote is “Don’t Panic” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy .  I never panic and I don’t want my next meal to panic either. If I am going to feed and you are going to die, we might as well both have a great time while we are doing it.
  12. What’s the best or worst holiday you ever had? Why? Every day with Willy Osborn is a jolly holiday. One of my favorite ones was a Thanksgiving I went to visit The Scourge’s dear old Aunt in Tuttlesville! I had an awesome time with the old broad. I sent pictures to the Scourge and he went absolutely nuts.  It’s not like I  killed her or anything.  I just tasted her.  It was a little like stale fruitcake.   It’s good for the Scourge to know that I am looking after his family.  It helps to keep him in line.

You can find Willy in Fangs and Fun or you can come and meet him and his author in Book Born RIGHT NOW! (7pm – 9pm Central)

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