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Joleene Naylor:

One of my favorite authors! Get her new release for FREE!!

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:

SweetSorrowebook (5)

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Rowan achieves her greatest desire when she earns the part of Juliet in the school play, but it’s impossible to concentrate on her lines when her secret crush is cast as Romeo. Eddie is a fallen football hero and the subject of widespread gossip. Not only has he lost the respect of his peers, he’s also earned the open animosity of Rowan’s father, the high school’s football coach. Eddie isn’t the only one with a tarnished past—Rowan has secrets of her own. When the truth is revealed, will Rowan replace Eddie as the most hated student in school, or will Rowan and Eddie share the stage together?



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New Cover Celebration

Yes, I am still celebrating the release of Clash of Legends, book 7 in the Amaranthine series, and the give away is still open to entries, but I have something else to celebrate, too:

The Vampire Morsels have new covers!

vampire morsels 2000

And I use plural tense because all of the individual freebie stories have new covers too!

To celebrate these awesome new covers, I’m releasing Vampire Morsel number thirteen:


Ever wonder what Kateesha did to earn a death sentence from the council, or what happened when Jorick was sent to deal with her and her partner? Read the untold story of Kateesha for FREE on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and other fine retailers.

Let me know what you think of the new covers. Do you love them? Hate them? Have you entered the Clash of legends giveaway yet? 

Clash of Legends: Book Review

Joleene Naylor:

Tricia Drammeh was kind enough to review Clash of Legends. Check it out, and be sure to check out the many awesome posts on Authors to Watch!

Originally posted on Authors to Watch:

Clash of Legends

(Amaranthine Book 7)

By Joleene Naylor


The explosive seventh installment in the Amaranthine series brings blood, ruin, despair, and hope, for even in the darkest night there is still a moon.

After the battle in Indonesia. Katelina wakes in Samael’s domain. Though her memories are tattered, she knows someone is missing: Jorick.

Her vampire lover gathers an army to save her from the ancient, but his master Malick interferes. For five hundred years Malick has manipulated and ruined Jorick’s life. When he leaves Katelina broken and bleeding in the bowels of his oasis, it’s the final straw.

While Malick sets up his glorious war with a living legend, Jorick plans the ultimate taboo: to kill his master. He’s tried before and failed. Will this be different, or will he and Katelina be crushed in the carnage of a greater battle, between two whose blood goes back millennia?

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Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy- update

Originally posted on Maegan Provan, Author:

We still have several days open for sign ups! Please keep in mind that this is not limited to authors or bloggers of any specific genre. We want to show a united front and this means we need people from adult contemporary to young adult fantasy (and everything in between, of course.) The tour is set (currently) for the last week in May.

Click here to visit the Facebook group and join in!

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Clash of Legends’ First Review

front-coverDM Yates, author of the Always series (I’m calling it that, I’m not sure what she calls it, but they’re great books), was kind enough to post a review of Clash of Legends on her blog. 

Check it out, tell her hello, and be sure to look up the other book she mentions, Kay Kauffman’s A Song for All Seasons, which is also a new release. And be sure to look up Donna’s series!

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Clash of Legends Giveaway

Clash of Legends, the seventh book in the Amaranthine series, is live! To celebrate, I’m holding a giveaway. Since this is the seventh book there will be up to seven winners (chosen by The giveaway is opened between March 31, 2015 and April 28, 2015. Winners will be chosen at the end of April and notified by their preferred contact method.

To enter:  Leave a comment below (or send an email to Joleene at ) telling me  your favorite part of Clash of Legends (or any book in the Amaranthine series). IMPORTANT: You MUST leave me a way to contact you – either a link to your facebook profile, or an email address (if you’re worried about posting these publicly, send your entry to me via email). Otherwise I have no way to contact you if you win.

Spoilers: Since we’re listing our favorite part, there may be spoilers in the comments. If so, please add “WARNING SPOILERS” to the top of your entry to give other people a chance to avoid them.

The prizes: I’ve given away a lot of things over the years, and this year it’s time for something truly awesome.


If you have a preference, feel free to specify it in your entry, though I don’t make any promises about who will get what.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Open to international residents where permitted by applicable law. This giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook or WordPress. Up to seven “winners” will be chosen by If there are fewer than seven entries then there will be fewer winners. Winners will be contacted no later than May 1st. If they do not respond within one week, a new winner will be chosen in their place. Winners will need to provide me with a mailing address to receive their items.

Haven’t got your copy of Clash of Legends yet? Why wait? Get it today at:

Smashwords | Barnes and Noble | Amazon | Kobo | Apple iBooks | Paperback | Paperback Collector’s Edition

One Day Until Clash of Legends

blurb teaser

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Two Days Until Clash of Legends

22 - utu

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Three Days Until Clash of Legends

20 - ishkur

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Four Days Until Clash of Legends

19 - inanna

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