Shades of Jorick

Yeah, I haven’t done much writing in the last year and a half. I can give you excuses, but no one cares. I did try, but mostly ended up clicking through web pages. While doing that, I found an article with suggested exercises for getting back into writing after the pandemic hiatus. One was to take something you’ve already done and reimagine it with the reasoning that it let you flex your imagination, but gave you a framework, so you weren’t starting from scratch.

Since people have actually ASKED for Shades of Gray in Jorick’s point of view before, I thought I’d try it. Instead of doing whole chapters at a shot, I’m going to use the version that’s broken up for serialization, because the chunks are more web friendly.

Right now they’re free to everyone, but they won’t stay that way. Chapter 1 will revert to patrons only this Saturday. The rest will follow, one a week. Did you miss one? Don’t worry, you can get access to it and other things by becoming a patron. The 1$ a month level gives you Shades of Jorick among other things, while the 5$ level gives you everything, including what I have done of the Micah book so far.
Shades of Jorick – Part 1 – FREE until Saturday.
Shades of Jorick – Part 2
Shades of Jorick – Part 3
Shades of Jorick – Part 4
Shades of Jorick – Part 5 – arrives tomorrow!

Autumn Leaves in Paperback

Autumn Leaves poetry collection is now available in paperback via Amazon. It’s set for the minimum printing cost, so there will be no profits, since we wanted this to be a free collection. If you have Prime, including tax, it should be under $4.

Newly Published: Autumn Leaves Poetry Collection

The memorial poetry collection, Autumn Leaves, put together to honor my late mother, Bonnie Mutchler, is now available from most ebook retailers – except Amazon – for free. Why no Amazon? Because it’s too difficult to get the book price matched, and I WANT the collection to be free.

Get your FREE copy today from:

Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple iBooks

A poetry collection in memory of Bonnie Mutchler, featuring poems of both fun and fantasy from some very talented poets. Includes poetry by Bonnie Mutchler, Tricia Drammeh, Brenda Brite, Lisa Conrad, DM Yates, Jonathan Harvey, Colleen Marie Keller Breuning, Penny Shortt, Joleene Naylor, M.E. Keyes, Elizabeth Miginnis, and Dora D’Agostino, with special thanks to Pat Leece for the beautiful obituary.

Credit where it’s due: The idea for the collection came from DM Yates, an extraordinary poet, and our title comes from Tricia Drammeh’s fantastic Autumn Leaves poem – written especially for this collection as my mother left behind the (odd) request that her memorial service is to be held in October, no matter the actual date of her death.

The poems in the collection include:

  • Autumn Leaves by Tricia Drammeh*
  • There is a Time by Bonnie Mutchler*
  • Ode to Bonnie Fair by Brenda Brite*
  • Still by Lisa Conrad
  • I Used to go A’wandering by DM Yate
  • Madam Moonvapor Tells a Fortune by Jonathan Harvey*
  • Angel Heavy by Colleen Keller Breuning
  • Lord of the Lost by Penny Shortt
  • The Song of Life by Bonnie Mutchler*
  • Spring by Joleene Naylor*
  • Quarantine Follies by M.E. Keyes*
  • The Lonely Shore by Tricia Drammeh
  • Trees by Elizabeth Miginnis
  • Gift by Dora D’Agostino
  • Little Girl Lost by Lisa Conrad
  • The Walrus and the Kangaroo by Bonnie Mutchler*
  • The Appointment by Jonathan Harvey
  • A Bonnie Lass Awaits by Colleen Keller Breuning
  • Mated Monsters by Penny Shortt
  • How Strange by DM Yates
  • The Spaces in Between by Joleene Naylor*
  • The Desert Guards Its Secrets Well by Elizabeth Miginnis
  • Gratitude by Dora D’Agostino
  • The Mourning Light by Colleen Keller Breuning
  • A Hippo by Bonnie Mutchler*

* denotes a poem that is (currently) exclusive to this collection.

Get your FREE copy today from:

Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple iBooks

Interview with Rachel Griffin

Welcome to another Weekend Interview! Today we have Rachel Griffin, the author of Khyrus: Deity of Virtue & Strength.

(photo provided by Rachel Griffin

Jo: Thanks so much for coming to say hi to us, today! Can you tell us a little something about Khyrus: Deity of Virtue & Strength?

Rachel: To avenge his fallen parents and to preserve what they’ve fought to protect, Khyrus must defeat Nirjin, Deity of Destruction. Khyrus’ heart is made of gold and has longs for the day where evil will rule no longer, but will gain the strength and will? Will his companions assist him in succeeding or will they fall at his side?

J: That sounds good! What inspired you to write it?

R: I was inspired to write it because I wanted to attempt to branch out from what I usually did (poetry, newsletters, etc). I wanted to create an actual story that has a message/lesson to learn by the end of the novel. The more I pushed myself, the more creative and determined I became to complete Khyrus: Deity of Virtue & Strength. My husband and my life in general were also my inspirations. I wanted to be able to prove myself wrong and make myself proud. My husband was my inspiration and motivation because he was a constant reminder of what I’m capable of and to never give up on what you want.

J: That is so awesome! I always love to hear about writers with supportive families. So many don’t have that. Who is your favorite character in the book?

R: If I had to pick a favorite character, it would be Leona. She starts as a really close friend of Khyrus during the years they were training. She was the one who kept Khyrus’s head leveled and was his right hand person through it all. I don’t want to say more because it’ll spoil part of the ending.

J: She sounds like a good character! What was your favorite part of writing Khyrus?

R: My favorite part of the writing process was being able to type to last few words. Typing those last few words and the end of the last chapter gave me one of the best feelings ever because I could finally say I completed a book. The feeling I had after publishing was even better.

J: That is a great feeling! What was your least favorite part?

R: My least favorite part was figuring out where and how to publish on my own. The whole process was completely new to me, so getting through that for the first time was quite the challenge. Though it was my least favorite part then, it’ll me my favorite with the next books I write.

J: Yeah, publishing can be overwhelming the first time, but it gets easier and easier with each book. Speaking of future books, what do you have planned next?

R: I’m currently working on my first trilogy novels. These will be compilations of poems I’ve written pertaining to my different types of trauma. Some are relationships. Others are loved ones passing away. The rest are pertaining to relationships: family, boyfriends, friends, etc. I’m also in the middle of planning more charity events for the remainder of the year.

J: That sounds great! Can you tell us an interesting fact about you?

R: I never knew what I wanted to be as a child. I didn’t fully figure that out until I was in 12th grade.

J: I understand that. I’m not sure I’ve decided what I want to do yet, haha! Where can we find more of you and your work?

R: I have a website called Pen & Camera. I own an online Photography and Writing company and have all contact info, some of my work and pries for everything. I also have social media. I can be found on Instagram as @penandcamera1. I’m on Twitter as @penandcamera12. Follow me on I also have Tumblr and LinkedIn profile. Those links, along with other social sites and contact info, are included on my company site.

J: Very cool! I love photography, too! Thanks so much for coming to see us today, and thanks to our readers for stopping in. Be sure to check out Rachel’s photos and her novel Khyrus: Deity of Virtue & Strength. You can find it on Amazon at

Rachel Griffin is a photographer and the Founder and CEO of Pen & Camera. She’s also the author of the new novel Khyrus: Deity of Virtue & StrengthShe began writing poetry in middle school and continued throughout high school into adulthood. She soon began writing newsletters about events issues. Then she began branching off to national and international events while still including coverage on her business. It wasn’t until 2019 that she began taking on writing novels. In 2020, she published her first novel Khyrus. One book down, many more to go!

Would you like to be interviewed? Check out the details at

Australian Paperbacks!

Not that I have a big following in Australia, but should I get popular with the Aussies, they will soon be able to order paperback of my books for what Amazon promises will be a reasonable price. Their time frame quote is “Later this year”, so take that however you want.

In the meantime, Australian fans can get the ebooks, and it looks like they can pay crazy high prices for paperbacks. My advice: Don’t do that. Just wait until “later”, whenever that is!

Maybe later I’ll have some news about a new book…wouldn’t that be nice?

This is WAY More Organized!

I’ve been piecemeal blogging here and there as my books have been added to different serialized platforms. It’s been a messy way of doing it, though it technically works. Today I found this page, created by the eGlobal Creative people – yeah, talk about fancy! It has my little photo, my bio, and even better the four “books” I have published with them (Amarathine is all nine books plus some extra short stories, like Honeymoon Havoc and I believe Oren’s Valentines day) and not only shows what platforms they’re on but has LINKS to them. How cool is that? It’s what I should have been doing all along, but was too lazy.

Anyway, take a second, check out that cool page, and if you use any of those platforms, please give my books a like/fav/add/whatever.

On a more personal note, I’m starting to feel more like myself, so if I can make the time I’m planning to give writing a go and see if I can get something going. Cross your fingers!

More Serialized Fun

My last blog post was to share some serialized apps and websites where Amaranthine has been published, so today I wanted to share a couple that have the Vampire Morsels extended edition.

Vampire Morsels on Dreame

Vampire Morsels on Ringdom

Because of the serial nature, most of the stories are divided into three plus “chapters” that make for faster reading, perfect for a lunch break or waiting on the kids at school (assuming the kids aren’t “at school” remotely.) Why is it the extended edition? Again, because of the serialized format, I had to add words. Lots of words. Several thousand words total, so several of the stories got some juicy additions, including Bethina, Nirel, Claudius, Herrick, Benjamin, Arowenia, Alexander, Adam, and Ashton. Personally, I like the expanded editions better.

Anyway, even if you’ve already read these, if you use these apps, I’d appreciate it if you’d like them, or favorite them, or add them to your list, or whatever the individual apps have.

Thanks, and have a great week!

Serialized Novels- Yay or Nay?

Amaranthine is now on NovelCat and FoxNovel *- two apps available for both android and apple users. If you already have the app, even if you’ve already read the Amaranthine books, please give it a like or a love, or whatever the sites have (I admit, I haven’t installed them yet!)

The sites I have looked at are AnyStories, where the Amaranthine box set (for lack of a better description, as it is all nine books together) has not gotten much love, and WebNovel where – HOLY CATS! – it has gotten a lot of love! Seriously, check this out! (it’s the only one accessible without an app, too.)

Brothers of Darkness, Vampire Morsels, and Tales of the Executioners may eventually join them, it’s up to E Global what goes where, when. (I signed a distribution contract with them last November to handle this.) It will also probably be on Dreame eventually, as well.

*So what are these apps? They’re subscription services, sometimes, and sometimes they’re free to read a chapter a day, where books are serialized and chapters are added every week or every day. In this case, the Amaranthine books have been put altogether and then broken up into 1,000-2,000 word “episodes”, so depending on the site you might be able to buy all the episodes at once for a fee, or wait and read one episode a day, for instance, for free.

Do you read stories on the subscription style apps? What do you like about them? Which one is your favorite?

Interview with Raymond Parish

Hello! And welcome to another author interview! Today we have Raymond Parish, the author of Overnight Delivery: A Hank Anderson Thriller. Let’s get to it!

Jo: Welcome! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book?

Raymond: After writing four successful nonfiction books I made the leap into fiction with the first in my psychological mystery series, Overnight Delivery: A Hank Anderson Thriller in my pen name, Raymond Parish. Hank is a gifted psychotherapist and flawed man who carries an insatiable curiosity for the troubles of others, along with a penchant for personal risk-taking. The intersection of Hank’s talent and shadow draws him into a world of meth and violence that hides beneath the surface of the calm and conservatism that is a myth of Midwestern life.

J: That sounds interesting. I always like stories with flawed/realistic protagonists. What inspired you to write this story?

R: Three key aspects of my life came together as the idea for a novel brewed in my thoughts. The Midwest is a perfect setting for the collision of rural and urban experience. I have a love of noir mystery series, set in motion in my youth through the books of Raymond Chandler (yes, that’s a connection to my pen name), Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dashiell Hammett. Finally, my own career as a mental health professional provided me with an opportunity to envision a larger-than-life story of crime and chaos inserted into a world of compassion and security.

I also wanted to create a work that highlighted contrasts: rural and urban living, the stability and dysfunction of family, characters and relationships that asked for much more than a quick glance by the reader. The physical, professional, and emotional diversity  of this world is most evident in the connection between Hank and Detective Phil Evans.

J: As a Midwesterner myself, I can totally see that. What was your favorite part of writing this?

R: I had the most fun, and was most rewarded, by the development of the characters and relationships over several drafts of OD. Hank changed and learned. The motives of key characters became evident. The multi-cultural aspects of folks who moved through the story deepened. I am most grateful to my editor, Mary, who was instrumental in helping me strengthen the female characters so essential to the book.

J: Character development is always my favorite too. What was your least favorite part?

R: The outcome of Hank’s narrative. The convergence of tragedy and redemption are often a powerful and painful truth of humanity. A friend of mine used to say, “fact is stranger than fiction.” In OD I found that the facts in the arc of Hank’s fiction brought me both hope and sorrow.

J: I have to admit, that makes me even more interested! It sounds like you have some really great characters there. Can you pick a favorite?

R: As a relationship guy, the connections between characters were as fundamental as the characters themselves. Belinda is a mashup of people I have loved alongside people I have met for a moment alongside people I am not even conscious of who have impacted me. She is a true gift to the story. Preacher intrigued me as I let his backstory rise to the surface. I also found great joy in creating characters who commanded fewer pages: J.R., James, Goodman, Ted. And, of course, Phil and Hank…I love those guys.

J: I love that answer! Can you tell us an interesting fact about you or your book?

R: Overnight Delivery is written from an insider’s point of view. I am a psychotherapist. Like other writers, though, I am creating fiction for others to experience from their own perspectives. Those who know me, and my work, assure me that I am not Hank Anderson in disguise. And I’m not tall enough to be Phil.

J: Ha ha! What do you have planned next?

R: I’m focused on balancing work on the second book in Hank’s series with promotion for Overnight Delivery. This is my first experience with drafting a new novel while in-the-midst of promoting an existing book release. It’s exciting, fun, and more than a bit challenging.

Flash Fun Time!

Last vacation?

My wife and I completed ultra-safe pandemic precaution protocols in the fall and did a drive straight through 14-hour road trip to Virginia to visit one of our children, the longest road trip we had taken in years. My first drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Amazing! The signs of racial justice demonstrations in various cities. Stunning! The graciousness of people in this trying time. Incredible! The visit with our son and his partner. The best!

Favorite cookie?

I’ve never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t love. I love some more than others…chewy, mint chips.

Your spirit animal?

Red-tailed hawk. They often show up when I’m struggling with an issue in my life. The message is to persevere, possibilities for resolution and coping will appear if I pay attention.

And with that our time is up. Thanks so much for stopping in today, Raymond! And thanks so much for reading this! You can find Overnight Delivery on Amazon, and you can also find Raymond on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

Last Week for the Nightly Bites Bundle!

This is the last week to grab the Nightly Bites Bundle before it is gone forever! Included works are:

“The Vampire’s Throne” by AJ Tipton

2. “The Magic of Fabulous” by Michele Lang

3. “Teeth” by Chele Cooke

4. “Pure” by Catherine Mesick

5. “Mortals Apocalypse” by Barbara G.Tarn

6. “And Then He Bit Me” by Kate Russell

7. “Cyprus: Future’s Promise” by Joleene Naylor

8. “The Night Killers” by Rebecca M. Senese

Grab your copy today before it’s gone!

  • Amaranthine: The Complete Saga

    Find the complete Amaranthine Saga, as well as Brothers of Darkness, the expanded Vampire Morsels, and the expanded Tales of the Executioners on Dreame, WebNovel, AnyStory, and more!

    Start reading today!

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