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It’s been two years since they defeated Lilith. Oren and Etsuko have settled down to raise the twins. Though Oren’s old fashioned sensibilities say it’s not official until they’re married, he’s painfully aware that the world – and women – have changed. Can he figure out how to pop the question in this “different time”, or will it be a disaster? 




Last Chance before Valentine’s Day!

Today is the last chance to sign up for the Amaranthine newsletter before the Valentine special story goes out. This short will ONLY be available to people on the email list – for now at least. I may eventually out it on Smashwords, but then again I might not. So if you want to read a romantic story, staring none other than Oren *gasp*, be sure to sign up for the newsletter. (You can always unsub later, but since I normally only send one email a month, you might not want to).

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Retiring Covers


Starting next month (March) the hand drawn collector edition covers will officially begin retirement. I plan to do one a month, to give anyone who might need a particular book the time to budget.

Why are they going away?

It’s been five years since I introduced the “glowey” silhouette covers. In that time the industry has shifted, including what readers associate with urban fantasy. To keep up with the modern market, I’m creating new covers for all 10 books (the nine in the series as well as Patrick’s Brothers of Darkness prequel.) When I do that, I’ll shift the silhouette covers to the collector’s editions (so that readers who need those to complete their matching collection can still get them), but it means the original covers will no longer be available.

When are they going away?


This will be the NEW collector cover!

Shades of Gray will be the first to retire in March, so if you need/want a copy with the hand drawn covers, you’ll have to get it before then. After that it will be gone forever. You can get a copy direct from Amazon (for $7.50 plus S&H if you don’t have prime) or you can contact me to get a signed copy (Message me on FB or send me an email), though the signed copy costs more (because I have to pay double postage – once to ship to me and again to ship to you, making it $11 total)*. After that Legacy of Ghosts will change over in April, Ties of Blood in May, etc.

*prices for US only. No idea what International is.

So, about the new standard covers?

The new standard covers will drop one at a time (so we can truly celebrate them!) but at the faster rate of every two weeks (from March to July).  They will start at the same time; the new cover for Shades of Gray will be revealed in March with a tease before that.

So to recap:

  • The hand drawn/”people” covers are retiring one at a time.
  • Shades of Gray will retire in March, Legacy of Ghosts in April,  etc.
  • New standard edition covers will start appearing in March, and finish in July.
  • The current silhouette/”glowey sky” covers will be the new collector covers.

Questions? Comments? I know there are readers that love the old covers, but sadly nothing can last forever. So, if you still need Shades of Gray with the collector cover, be sure to grab your copy before March!

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February Newsletter

The official February newsletter has gone out! The official February newsletter has gone out! Did you miss it? You can check it out online, but only subscribers will get the special Valentine short story, so if you’re not signed up, be sure to do it before the 14th! You can sign up on my webpage!

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Reality Bites Issue #1

The Reality Bites magazine, featuring Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Horror and more has relaunched! Issue 1 is now available, including new releases, freebies, author interviews, and more! Check it out and subscribe to have it delivered to your inbox every month!



Griselda: FREE on Smashwords!


In the citadel, it’s hard to tell who’s your enemy and who’s your friend – or it is for the Executioners. No wonder they need human guard dogs to protect them while they sleep. When Griselda’s human is compromised, will one of her fellows take advantage of the situation, or will they hesitate long enough for her to find a solution? Who knew vampires had so many problems?

Get your copy from Smashwords

(coming soon to other retailers)




And speaking of Tales of the Executioners, Jamie is now available on other retailers!


Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | Smashwords

Before Jamie was a vampire, he fought for a cause. When he wakes at home – miraculously recovered from his battle wounds – he learns that a lot has changed in his absence.

Jamie FREE on Smashwords


Wounded in battle, Jamie crawls home, desperate to see his wife and family again. When he wakes miraculously healed, he’s bombarded with one horrible revelation after another. His wife is dead, and his father hung as a traitor. But how is it that his sister and brother-in-law were spared? Is their story true, or did his brother-in-law speed them to the grave to get his hand on the title? And what does the mysterious Eagan – who now claims to be their master – have to do with it?

Jamie’s origin story can be read as a standalone.

Get it today on Smashwords! 

(Coming to other retailers)


Griselda: Pack of Wolves will be published next week, so stay tuned!

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On Saturday at 3pm eastern/2 pm central, my author, Joleene, will be taking over Karen’s Zilonian’s Facebook group! Or maybe she will. See, I’ve checked out her plans and, well, we may need to intervene. Don’t tell her that, though. I mentioned to her that the program needed some jazzing up, so maybe she’ll heed my advice. If not…well, then who knows what will happen. Be sure to come to the takeover and find out!

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Zuri: Trapped



Warning: Contains spoilers for Ashes of Deceit. Taken prisoner by Oren’s war coven, Zuri is held captive for twelve days. When he returns to the citadel, Eileifr refuses to reinstate him as an Executioner, forcing him to take “time to recuperate”. Rather than the healing vacation its meant to be, Zuri feels just as trapped as he was by the war coven – maybe even more so.


Get your copy at Smashowords!

Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks to come later.



Zuri:Trapped – Coming Soon!

Coming soon to Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & Apple



Contains Ashes of Deceits spoilers. Taken prisoner by Oren’s war coven, Zuri is held captive for twelve days. When he returns to the citadel, Eileifr refuses to reinstate him as an Executioner, forcing him to take “time to recuperate”. Rather than the healing vacation its meant to be, Zuri feels just as trapped as he was by the war coven – maybe even more so.

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