Vampire Christmas Takeover!

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Tomorrow I and the Amaranthine crew will be taking over Book Born! I’m planning to start around 2pm, weather permitting, but even if we run a little late, that’s okay because it lasts until 10 PM central! So come on down tomorrow for games, prizes, and lots of Holiday fun!


yes, these fun homemade vampire ornaments will be the prizes!

Hope to see you there!

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Anthology Deadline Extended to January

*By popular demand, we’ve extended the deadline to January 1st, 2017*


Ol’ Man Wickleberry, rest his soul, died in the 1920s, attacked by a bear…or was it a zombie? I heard he was rabbit hunting…or was he prospecting? Or maybe he was defending his cabin from wild squirrels? At least we can all agree he died in northern Michigan – or did he? Maybe he was in California and his body was brought back to his family, and so now his ghost walks the beaches of lake Huron. Or maybe he spends his everafter trolling guests at a vacation lodge, or interrupting writers who stay up too late, or…

That’s the trouble with Ol’ Man Wickleberry, there are just too many legends! Heck, we’re not even completely sure when he died! In an effort to find the truth, Book Born, in conjunction with the Ink Slingers League, has decided to gather those legends into a single volume – an anthology if you will – where the proceeds benefit the Book Born 2017 Retreat Fund.


1) You do NOT have to be a “published” author to join us! Even if you’ve never published before – whether indy, self, or traditional- you can still submit a story

2) All stories must be between 1,000 words and 10,000 words.

3) All stories must be about Ol’ Man Wickleberry. They can be in his PoV, or anyone else’s – someone he is haunting, his dear old mother, whatever you can think of. They can be about how he met his end, or they can be about his ghostly afterlife (though they should at least mention what led to his grisly demise).

4) Stories can have adult components (such as language or violence) but please no erotica or heavily sexual stories. Ol’ Man Wickleberry doesn’t seem like the type to be gettin’ it on.

5) You MUST have a Smashwords author account. Smashwords’ rules, not mine. You don’t have to sell any books on Smashwords to make this account – it’s free and easy – but you have to have one for us to link to in the metadata.

6) We don’t guarantee any editing, so make sure you’ve done it before you submit. If a story has a lot of typos or errors we will reject it. We will also not update your story later. If you write a “better” version or a new author bio, or anything else. Once it’s published, it’s published, so make sure it’s the way you want it before you submit it.

7) You will NOT be paid. Though the anthology will be for sale, all proceeds will go to the Book Born 2017 Expo & Retreat Fund. This fund helps offset the cost of the first ever Book Born Expo and annual Book Born Retreat, which is currently set for October 2017 (pending finalization). If you’d like more information on either, please join the Book Born Facebook group where more it will be posted.

8) We do NOT require exclusive rights. It’s your story, and if you want to publish it elsewhere, go ahead. However, because there is money involved I will send you a basic contract that just says yes we have the right to use it and no, you know you’re not getting paid. You can get a copy of the contract here – it’s a word document, so please fill your info in and include it with your story. You must sign the contract for the story to be used.

9) All entries are due by January 1st, 2017. This gives us a month to compile the anthology and have it ready for a February 1st release on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

9) Cover, formatting, etc. will be provided by the Ink Slingers.

10) The only file types accepted will be .doc, .docx, .txt, and .rtf. We will NOT accept .pdfs.

11) Send your short story of no more than 10,000 words to joleene(at) and include:

  • the signed contract as a separate attachment
  • your smashwords link
  • your author name and story title
  • a short blurb/synopsis of the story
  • your author bio
  • your website or blog link (optional)
  • a short blurb/synopsis of another work available for download (optional)

If you have any questions, please leave them here or drop me a line at Joleene(at)  Thanks and I’m looking forward to what you come up with.

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First Day, First Paragraph Tag

first-day-first-paragraph-tag.jpgI was tagged by Rami Ungarrrrrr (sorry, I,ve been doing that in my head, like a pirate Arrrr so I remember to spell it with an “a” and not an “e”. Ignore me.) Anyway, as I was saying, I was tagged by the great horror author Rami Ungar to join in the First Day, First Paragraph tag. It’s a lot of fun, so here we go:

Those who have been tagged have to:

  1. Publish your own post on the first day of the next month.(if I tag you now, you will post January first. Afraid you’ll forget? Schedule it in advance!)
  2. Use the graphic above
  3. Thank and link back to the person who tagged you. (Thank you, Rami!)
  4. Explain the rules, like I’m doing now.
  5. Post the first paragraph of a story you’ve written, are writing, or plan to write someday.
  6. Ask your readers for feedback.
  7. Finally, tag someone to do the post next month (as I said, you’ll post January 1st), and comment on one of their posts to let them know the good news.

All right, so I’ve done everything except my paragraph and my tag. So first I am tagging the incredible Caitlin Coppola (It was really hard to just pick one person!) And now for the opening paragraph to Goddess of Night (which will probably change later):

SPOILER WARNING – if you haven’t read the series, this might be a spoiler. I warned you.

Katelina stared at herself in the bathtub mirror. The blue eyes that looked back held prism colors that she wasn’t used to. Long blond hair fell past her shoulders in salon perfect waves, and her pale skin was too perfect – no blotches or pimples. She looked like an airbrushed magazine version of herself.

And now for your feedback! As I said, it will probably change because i may change where the book starts, but anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks again to Rami for the tag, and be sure to check out his blog – and his books!

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Read Top 100!

I am so excited to tell you that Masque of the Vampire has made it into the top 100 in the paranormal category at Read !

This month they will be voting to whittle that down to the top 50 – with the top three books winning cash prizes of 300$, 200$, and 100$. So, if you get a moment during today’s turkey induced coma (or any day between now and the end of the month) please go vote!  (this is a direct voting link so all you need to do once you’re there is fill in your twitter and/or email address to help prevent people cheat voting.)

There are also other categories, so check them out as well!

Thanks so much!

Get Your Book Born T-Shirts!

Get your book Born T-shirts! And while you’re at it, ask me about the Terrible Turtle Hoodies!

Book Born Blog


Love Book Born? Now’s your chance to tell it to the world, with an exclusive and limited time T-shirt! Perfect for yourself, your friends, your family, or that t-shirt collector in your life – and it’s just in time for Christmas gifts.

Price & Size chart:

  • S, M, L, XL – $20*
  • 2X – $22$
  • 3X – $23.50&
  • 4X – $24,50*

*Plus 5$ shipping and handling.

Everyone who orders before december 14th will also receive a swag pack from Book Born as a thank you, so don’t miss out.

Proceeds will go towards the 2017 Book Born Expo, Holiday Book Drive, Reader’s Retreat, and other activities we have planned throughout the year. So, not only will you look cool, but you’ll be helping an awesome group!

What are you waiting for? order yours today!

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Road to Darkness: FREE Short Story

Road to Darkness, the short story companion to Patrick’s Story:Brothers of Darkness is finally available on it’s own – for FREE.


When seventeen year old Jenny’s best friend is betrayed by her so-called boyfriend, a night out seems the perfect balm. What could be better than a concert where they’re sure to meet some hot guys? But, after getting lost, there’s no way they can make it on time – and no way they’ll pick anyone up – until they find two boys stranded on the side of the road. Unfortunately for them, the guys aren’t what they seem, and the girls get a lot less “fun” than they bargained for.

Read today for FREE

And speaking of Brothers of Darkness, did you buy it? Are you planning to buy it? Don’t forget to send me a copy of the receipt 9or your order history) to earn SIX entries in the Amaranthine Holiday Giveaway!

It’s a Giveaway! (Plus, how to get Bonus entries!)

It’s time for a big Holiday Giveaway!

The Giveaway:

One 3′ x 2′ Amaranthine poster (Which I will autograph), one (1) paperback copy each of Shades of Gray, Legacy of Ghosts, and Ties of Blood, and one Masque swag pack containing a mask, a set of plastic vampire fangs and an “invitation” to the ball.* That’s a $52.00 value. (If you already have the first three books but are missing others we might be able to work something out😉 )

raffle 1.png


Pretty cool, huh?

To Enter:

One Free entry: Everyone who wants a free entry gets one! Just click here and fill out this super easy form and you’re in. That easy!

Extra Entries:

To Get SIX entries: Have you bought a copy of Patrick’s Story: Brothers of Darkness or are you planning to?  Just email me your receipt (to joleene AT ) and that’s it. Didn’t save your receipt? I don’t either, so see below on how you can show me your order history.

(Sorry, but free ARC versions do not count for this raffle. Showing me it in your device’s library won’t earn the six entries, however you can still put in for your free entry.)

To get up to FOUR entries: To celebrate the new mobile website, you can get up to FOUR entries just by checking it out. Four pages on the website (Meet the Characters, The Series, All the Freebies, and the Newsletter Signup) have a special button in the footer that looks like this:


Just click it and fill out the super short form with your name and email and BOOM! entry! (You can get one entry per each of those pages, so that’s four extra entries!)

Start and End Date:

This giveaway starts today (11/20/16) and ends midnight on December 21, 2016. Winner will  chosen via and be announced on my blog on December 22, 2016. Winner will also be contacted via their preferred method. If they do not respond within one (1) week, a new winner will be chosen.


How to Access Your Order History (to get the 3 bonus entries)

On Amazon:

Go to your account:


Choose “Your Orders”:


Now choose “Filter Orders” (unless you bought a paperback. Paperbacks should be listed here):


Now choose “Digital Orders” (unless you bought a paperback!)


On the next screen, scroll to where it shows the ebook, take a screen capture, and send it to me via FB messenger or in email (Joleene AT And that’s it – you get SIX entries.


Go to your menu:

BN 1.png

Choose “Order Status”


Find the order number and choose “Open”


You’ll get a screen of details. Choose the Plus sign (+)


And screen cap THIS page:


Send your screen to me via FB messenger or in email (Joleene AT And that’s it – you get SIX entries!


Official Rules:

  • Neither Facebook or WordPress are responsible for this giveaway. Giveaway is sponsored by, and sole responsibility of, Joleene Naylor.
  • No purchase necessary. To get a FREE entry visit
  • Extra entries can be obtained by mailing a screen shot of your recepit for Patrick’s Story: Brothers of Darkness to Joleene AT and by visiting the website at and clicking the giveaway button in the footer on the Meet the Characters, Freebies, Series Information, and Newsletter pages, and filling out the form. Extra entries do not guarantee a prize.
  • Void where prohibited. Open to United States residents only.
  • Giveaway begins 11/20/2016 and ends 12/21/2016.
  • One winner will receive a prize pack that includes: One 3′ x 2′ Amaranthine poster (Which I will autograph), one (1) paperback copy each of Shades of Gray, Legacy of Ghosts, and Ties of Blood, and one Masque swag pack containing a mask, a set of plastic vampire fangs and an “invitation” to the ball.*
  • Winners will be chosen by the more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Joleene Naylor reserves the right to add more ways to earn entries at any time before December 21, 2016.
  • Winners will be announced December 22, 2016.


* There is not a REAL “ball”. The “invitation” is a facsimile invitation for the ball that takes place in the fictional world of Masque of the Vampire. You can “go” to the ball by reading the book.😉

Brothers of Darkness: Collector’s Edition

The paperback collector’s edition of Brothers of Darkness is now available!


Featuring the short stories Road to Darkness, which tells the tale of Churo’s sister and a road trip gone wrong, and Arowenia, the story of how she came to be in Oren’s clutches.  Also featuring the retro hand drawn artwork that so many of you know and love!

Get yours today!

Prefer the new look? There’s a book for that! Get the standard version of Patrick in paperback or ebook:


Paperback | SmashwordsAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Kobo



Celine Reissued


When Maegan Provan first published her vampire novel Celine, I gave it five stars. Now that she’s released a reworked second edition, I wish I could give it ten!

The basics are still the same, the title character is a girl who has been transformed into a “Night Touched”, a vampire created by the original vampire and then abandoned. With no one to guide her, she’s is quickly captured by Slayers, a group of humans who, in a world rife with paranormal creatures of all kinds, have dedicated themselves to protecting humanity – and that means killing vampires.

But instead of killing Celine, they see this as the perfect opportunity to study a Night Touched. Trapped, Celine reaches out in the only way she can – but psychically connecting with Harper.

When Harper was turned into a Night Touched, years ago, also abandoned. Since then, she has come to rely on her friends, as they move from town to town, always taking on personas, and leaving just before too many questions can be asked. But, despite their friendship, she feels alone. Perhaps that’s why the delicious human Silas catches her eyes, or maybe it’s because they’re fated to be together. Whatever the cause, she’s hooked, even though she knows she shouldn’t be, and then she starts getting visions of a young girl held prisoner – another Night Touched like herself. She knows she has to find her, but how can she, when Celine doesn’t even know where she’s being held?

As for what has changed, just… yes! Can I shout that? Now told through alternating points of view, we get to crawl inside not just Harper, but also celine, and the ever-tasty Silas. Flashbacks and other scenes give us a sense of why he’s doing what he’s doing, how he ended up where he is, and of course show us his confused, but irresistible attachment to Harper. Not just that, but the storyline is tighter, the word flow even better than before, still coupled with some great prose, and one heck of a big battle scene. I love, love, love this book, and I need to get it in paperback!

Get it on Amazon


Weekly Writer Feature!

The folks at Weekly Writer Feature were kind enough to interview me! They asked questions like…

Tell readers how you came up with the idea for one of your books.

Brothers of Darkness (the series prequel, on pre-order now for an October 11th release), tells the tale of Patrick and explains how everyone came together to set the events in Shades of Gray into motion. I’d never planned to write it, but then my cousin sent me the link to a youtube video with the song Anarchy by KMFDM, and suddenly Patrick was screaming at me, demanding his story be told.

Check out the answers to other cool questions like which of my characters is my favorite. You might be surprised at the answer. 


  • Enter the Amaranthine Holiday Giveaway!

  • Brothers of Darkness

    "Not a love story...a dark spiral into blackness."

    "If you've read Shades of Gray, you know how this has to end."

    The prequel to Shades of Gray tells the story of Patrick and Michael, how they got tangled into Claudius' web, and their valiant fight to escape.

    Get Your Copy!
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