Interview with Jorick – Part 2

amaranthine interviews

I had so many questions that I had to break Jorick’s interview up into two parts! You can read part one here. 

Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

Normally I conduct these interviews myself, but today I need a little help. There’s no way Jorick is going to answer these questions on his own, so I’ve asked Wolfe, the head of the Scharfrichter in Munich, to step in with one of the many secret “weapons” the Sodalitas has been cooking up in their dungeon laboratory – a truth serum. I’m going to distract Jorick while Wolfe administers – shhhh. Here he comes.

02-jorickJo: Hello Jorick! It’s nice to see you came.

J: Did I have a choice?

Jo: Of course you – Now! Now!

J: Huh?

Wolfe: *stab*inject*

J: *knocks Wolfe away* Stumbles* What in the hell?

W: This may make him unsteady. The serum has not been perfected yet.

J: Serum? What serum? What have you done?

Jo: Me? Nothing. I’m innocent in this. I think I’d better go find help. Oh woe, oh woe! *shoves list of questions at Wolfe* Why don’t you read him these while I look?
W: What?

Jo: *disappears with a cackle*

W: This is not what I agreed to.

J: *sways on feet* I swear I will kill-

W: Yes, yes. Sit down. *shoves Jorick in a chair*. Apparently our author has given this interview to me. How charming. I imagine she’ll return with “help” when I’ve asked the final question. The sooner we start, the sooner this can be finished. Still, this is an interesting trial. I’ll try a test question to see if the serum has taken effect yet. Ranena asks “boxers or briefs?”

J: Neither. *looks concerned, then relaxes* No matter. I think Katelina answered that question before.

W: Before? The readers ask questions like that routinely?

J: Just wait until your interview.

W: I don’t have one scheduled. Luckily no one voted for me. On to the next question. Alicia has asked, “Jorick what do you really have against Verchiel?”

J: I don’t mind answering that without a serum. He’s a sneaky, irritating, underhanded, toady. Everyone forgets that when we first met him he was on assignment hunting down Katelina and I. He called the human police and had me arrested. He then stuck me with The Guild’s official lawyer, which I had to pay for. Following that, he kidnapped Katelina and dragged her cross country to The Guild with every intention of handing her over to Malick! And that’s just the beginning. From there he attacked her, had what amounted to sex with her in the dungeon while Malick watched, then befriended her, again under orders, so that Malick would always have access to her, and could control me through her. Do I really need to go on?

W: That’s sufficient for me. Dawn has asked, “What do you think everyone’s favorite red head really wants with Katelina?”


J: I think he wants revenge. Kateesha created him then abandoned him to join myself and Malick. I may not have been able to read Kateesha’s mind, but I know about her obsession. No doubt he knew about it too. He was left alone to stew in it for over two hundred years before he finally swallowed his pride and followed her. He was either never reunited with her, or else he met her briefly and was dismissed. I don’t know which, but both scenarios are enough to add fuel to the fire. I believe he’s using Katelina’s naïve trust to get close enough to her that he can finally get the revenge he’s been longing for since Kateesha left him for me. I’m willing to appear civil to him because the obvious tension is causing trouble between Katelina and myself, but I will never relax.


W: Interesting. I hadn’t connected the histories. I suppose I could see such a thing. You believe his friendly, forgiving nature is a sham?

J: Of course. The cheerful exterior is hiding something dark. I only hope I can get Katelina away from him before the truth is revealed.

W: I understood that the real reason he was attached to your mate is that she drank from his maker’s heart, so they shared a blood bond.

J: That may complicate things, but so would the fact that Katelina is the one who *killed* his master.

W: An interesting point. It sets him up to be either a tragic hero or an undercover villain. Interesting. Laura has asked, “And why does Verchiel feeding from Katelina upset you the most?”

J: We’ll forgo the fact that he tackled her to the ground and ripped through her flesh to drink her blood, and go straight to the Euphoric part where-

W: *looks bored* Yes, you mentioned that already. I don’t enjoy arguing with your puritanical American senses, but such things are likely to happen with an unguarded human.

J: I did everything short of tie her to a chair to keep that from happening. As for puritanical-

W: Yes, yes. On a new topic, Laura asks, “Jorick, why do you treat Katelina like she’s such a baby?”

J: I find it amusing you choose to ask that question, Wolfe, after you as much as lecture me for not guarding her closely enough.

W: It’s not my question, I read them in the order our author listed them. Personally, I found it odd you chose not to turn her right away. You had revealed yourself, and the rest of vampiredom to her, so she either had to become a vampire or, if things did not work between you, be given to another master or destroyed.

J: And is it any better once they’re turned? If things don’t work out you’re chained to a fledgling – and in her case a fledgling who didn’t want to be a fledgling.

W: Hardly. Masters abandon fledglings all the time. My point is simply that, far from treating her like a baby, I believe you were lax. You should never have allowed her to visit the Stronghold, or taken her on assignments, or anything of that nature until you were sure.

J: I was sure. She was the one who wasn’t.

W: All right, until she was sure, then. Laura also asks, “Jorick are you ever going to ask Katelina to marry you? Are you really sure she is the one for you?”

J: Yes, I’m sure. As for marriage, I don’t think Katelina would be receptive to that.


W: I sympathize. Getting Sadihra to the altar was an experience in itself. Cora wants to know, “You keep many things from Katelina. Is it to protect her or you?”


J: Both of us. Is any relationship different? Do you tell Sadihra every thought that pops into your head? Everything you’ve ever done? Every conversation you’ve ever had?

W: Obviously not. Along the same lines, Amy asks, “Are you hiding anything else from her that you are afraid would damage your relationship or her trust in you, or that you aren’t telling her ‘for her own good?’”

J: I believe she knows everything important.

W: *frowns* Perhaps you need a booster of the serum. A test question, Laura has asked, “What worries you most about Katelina having Samuels blood?”

J: He’s older than me, and stronger than me, so his bond is likely to be stronger, too. If he calls her to join him will she be able to resist? I’ve tried time and again to explain to her the strength and importance of blood bonds and she doesn’t understand. If she did; if she would acknowledge it, then I wouldn’t worry, but by refusing to see it she opens herself up to being controlled by it.

W: Hmmmm. That wasn’t much of a test. Perhaps this. Dawn has asked, “Do you think Samael will try and take Katelina for himself?”

J: Not in a romantic sense, but he may use her for something else.

W: Laura has also asked, “Jorick why are you so afraid of Katelina being able to contact Samael?”

J: I worry about what passes during these conversations. When a human drinks from a vampire, or a vampire from a human, the vampire doesn’t get the emotional attachment that the human does. Katelina has a bond with him, but he has no attachment to her past what he claims is gratitude. He has no feelings for her, no involuntary bond. There is nothing to stop Samael from commanding her to step in front of him and take the brunt of Lilith’s attack, the way Malick used Traven. There’s nothing to stop him from putting her in danger, and because she refuses to acknowledge their bond, she’ll not only go, but die believing it was her choice.

W: It is an interesting situation. I can understand why the Sodalitas wanted to study it. Cora has asked, “Are you afraid of Samuel?”

J: I would be stupid not to be. *looks irritated*


W: An answer you did not wish to admit. I believe we can finally say the serum is working. Good. Kathy asks, “How do you feel about Micah being Katelina’s master?”


J: Not thrilled.

W: Kathy has also asked, “Are you mad at Micah?”

J: No. *looks really irritated* I mean not at the moment *looks furious* What have you done?

W: I told you, it’s a truth serum. Ranena has asked, “Are you secretly glad Katelina is now a vampire and was turned by Micah and not Verchiel, especially the way that it had to be done?”

J: Yes. I’m glad she’s immortal. I’d have rather she started that way, though I already told you why she didn’t. And, if it came to a choice between Micah and the idiot, then I’d rather it was Micah. I can kill him easily if he steps out of line as her master. And, though he is a moron, Micah is not one for subterfuge or clever revenge plans. He lacks class and subtlety, so his intentions are obvious. He turned Katelina because she was dying and he didn’t know what else to do. There was no thought beyond that knee jerk reaction. He’s using the blood debt to train her because he’s said for some time that she needed training. He also trained Loren, and I’m sure he’s teaching Katelina’s human a thing or two right now. He enjoys it.

W: Alicia has asked, “Jorick, what abilities do you wish for Katelina?”

J: If by abilities she means vampire abilities, then the ability to protect herself, which I believe she’s inherited already. I also wish she could understand the blood connection and see through Verchiel’s ploy.

W: Potential ploy.

J: Ploy.


Jorick paper doll by Joleene Naylor

“Boxers or briefs?” In the world of paper dolls he has boxers – and some cool clothes you can dress him up in.

W: If you insist. Only two questions left. Amy has asked, “Are there any other reasons besides the blood bonds that she shares with others that you are so insecure in your relationship with Katelina?”


J: It’s not the bonds themselves, though those are worrying, but her refusal to acknowledge and understand them. Her naivety is worrisome, not just when it comes to blood bonds, but in her determination to trust a friendly face. She’s immortal, not indestructible. I’m not insecure that she’ll be unfaithful or leave me for another man, but that she’ll end up dead; lured by a bond she doesn’t understand or suckered into a scenario by someone she thought was her friend.

W: Understandable. Luckily for me, Sadihra is suspicious by nature. The last question is from Christine. “Jorick I love that you are more openly affectionate in book 8 to Katelina, what caused the change?”

J: The burden of Malick is finally lifted. Since the moment I met her I’ve had to worry that Malick would find a way to interfere. I admit that at first I didn’t realize he was the one I was worried about; rather I worried that fate would take her away, but after Verchiel dragged her to The Guild I realized that it was never fate that destroyed everyone I cared for, but Malick, and that he was only biding his time to do it again. He killed her – or had her killed – and if Micah hadn’t been there she would be dead right now. Period. With Malick gone, I am free. As I said, I suspect Verchiel, I worry about Samael, but I KNEW that Malick would try to destroy her. Suspicion and worry weight a lot less on one’s shoulders than knowledge.

W: I’d say I pity the burden of your master, but we all suffered in one degree or another at our maker’s whims.

Jo: *reappears* Hello! I’ve got the serum’s antidote!

J: Isn’t that convenient.

Jo: I thought so. Thanks, Wolfe, for handling this interview, and I also want to thank everyone who submitted questions. Be sure to check out the post where you can leave a question for next week’s victim – erm, interviewee – Micah!

And thanks again for stopping by! Now, hold still Jorick…

Ask Micah a Question

amaranthine interviews

It’s time to torture – I mean interview – the Amaranthine characters!

This week it’s Micah’s turn. Leave your questions for him in a comment and next Sunday we’ll see what he has to say for himself!

(Post closes Saturday, April 30th, 2016)

#FirstLineFriday (Chapter Twenty-Four)

FLFIt’s time for #FirstLineFriday! On Friday, authors post the first one or first two lines of a potential work, a work-in-progress, or a published work  on their blog, and title the post #FirstLineFriday (just like this). It’s  a lot of fun, so feel free to join in! You can share your link on my blog comments, or on Rami Ungar’s (the brains behind FLF).

Today’s first line comes from Chapter Twenty-Four of Masque of the Vampire – which is available  at all ebook retailers:

Katelina turned to the entrance as the double doors blew open in a shower of wood shards. The vampires around her gasped and spun towards the destruction, all eyes focused on the figure in the gaping doorway.

As you probably guessed, this is the opening to the final fight scene. Hurray! It also means it’s the final chapter.

What do you think? What’s your first line for the week?

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I’ve finally joined the hundreds of authors who have their own street team. I know, it took me long enough.

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Thirteen Guests

13 GUESTS 250A FREE* collection of thirteen short stories meant to take place during the events of Masque of the Vampire.

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But, there’s only so much time in the novel, and only so much Katelina can see. Discover the things she didn’t and enjoy thirteen stories, told through the eyes of the guests themselves. Dive into their histories, share their pain, their joy, and their hopes in the days leading up to the party’s first official day.

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Rangvald – Though Rangvald long ago came to terms with the fact that his mate is trapped in the body of a fourteen year old, she hasn’t.

Brandle – One of the new faces at Andrei’s party catches Brandle’s eye, but can he get her to relax long enough to talk to him?

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Interview with Jorick: Part 1

amaranthine interviews


Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

02-jorickJo: Today we have Jorick on the chopping block – I mean in the hot seat. We have a LOT of questions for him, so I’m going to have to break this up into two interviews. What follows is part one, and is still long, so I will try to keep his answers brief. Truthfully, that shouldn’t be hard considering how uncooperative he is.

Jorick: I’d hardly call myself uncooperative. They just usually ask…uncomfortable questions.

Jo: They ask good questions. Anyway, let’s get to it. Matthew asks: Where and what year were you born in?

J: That’s easy enough. I was born in 1533 in the Netherlands.

Jo: Okay.  Steve asks: Where did you get that name? Couldn’t you change it?

J: My parents gave it to me. I could change it, I suppose. Many do change their names when they are turned – symbolic of their new life – but I saw no reason for it.

Jo: Amber asks: Jorick, have you, ever since you’ve been turned, thought about finding a cure? Or something to reverse vampirism (if possible)?

J: No, not at all. I won’t bother lying, I’m happy with immortality. I’m not interested in a mortal death – or any kind of death for that matter.

Jo: Despite all your crap about lost souls?

J: *shrugs* Nothing is free. Immortality comes with a price. I haven’t complained about it, simply stated it as a fact.

Jo: You’re being very zen today. All right, Jennifer asks: Do you like being a vampire? What do you like most and least about it?

J: Yes, I like it. I suppose living forever is one of the perks, though when I asked to be turned it wasn’t for the long life, rather the strength. It’s very…reassuring to know that I can handle anyone necessary. As for what I like the least, it would be the inconvenience of the sun. There are many times when I’ve needed to handle things in daylight hours, and a human has not always been available or practical as an emissary. I do envy the Twilight vampires in that regard.

sparkle jorickJo: Do you? You didn’t feel that way when I made you sparkle.

J: Very funny. I said in that one regard.

Jo: Juli asks: You’ve lived a long and interesting existence. Would you mind naming one of your most memorable historical events that you’ve had the pleasure of being witness to? Even if it wasn’t a personal observation, I’d still be interested in hearing your point of view.

J: Hmmmmm. What you would call the Eighty Years War would be the most memorable on a personal level, though I was only present until 1568, when I left with Malick…but I don’t think my author will allow me to discuss that, as I get quite…passionate is a polite word. The American Civil War is probably the most modern occurrence that effected me in any way, though by then Velnya and I had moved to the Nebraska territory. I was often on assignments and wanted to be sure she would not be left alone in a war zone, and Nebraska seemed a safe, if barren, place for her. I was wrong, of course. I did have some assignment in the south where I had run ins with the hostilities. Of modern affairs, World War I and World War II were little more than snatches on a radio to me, and that was when I bothered to listen. I did watch the moon landing – I was in the house in Maine by then and at the time I had a small television. Of course, the landing was broadcast in the daytime, so it meant rising early. I was a little disappointed, as it was nothing like the Jules Verne-style version I had imagined.

Jo: I’m going to stop you right there. Donna says: Why don’t you tell us more about your time in Virginia – not about Oren, not about Velnya, but all about you? Tell your author to write a short story on that.


Jorick guest stars in Oren and Jesslynn’s FREE origin story.

J: There’s not really much to tell. Malick was…overbearing to say the least and I was tired of being under his thumb, so in 1814 I moved farther away. I took the plantation from a man who did not deserve it, and to be truthful was gone much of the time on assignments. Eventually it became impossible to maintain the household so I surrendered and moved back to Massachusetts where The Guild was located at the time. As for my author and a short story, I think she suffers from political correctness syndrome. As I said I took the plantation; slaves and all. Though I treated them far better than their previous master, at the same time I did not free them, nor do I apologize for the fact. Vampires still have slaves; human slaves and immortal slaves. I don’t apologize for those, either. It is as it is. But, it makes my author uncomfortable, I think, just as she refused to point out that Arowenia was really Claudius’ half-sister. As for Claudius and Arowenia, I’m not sure that either of them were aware of it, but my author certainly is.

Jo: That’s enough from you. Shaun wants to know: Jorick whom is your most feared enemy?

J: I fear no one. *Rolls eyes as Jo glares at him* I don’t. I was…concerned slightly about facing Malick because he is my master, and there is a master/fledgling connection, but I did not fear him, rather that I would be weak and fail to exact my revenge.

Jo: So in the end your most feared enemy is not a who, but a what: Your own weakness. *Jorick glares and Jo snickers* Start telling people about what *I* think, will you? Onwards. Teresa asks: What is your favorite book and why?

J: A good question, though it’s hard to choose a single book. Sir Author Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories are excellent. Those books about the boy wizard -while the prose are not amazing, the stories were entertaining. Dickens is always good. Let’s see. John Grisham, James Fenimore Cooper, Hemmingway has his merits, Victor Hugo, Vladimir Nabokov, Byron. Shakespeare is classic, and of course there’s Poe, “It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know by the name of Annabell Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me.”

Jo: Sherry asks: Can you really give up the Executioners?

J: Yes. I did so before, and I will be happy to do it again. Despite the assumption that I can’t “keep my nose out of things”, I most certainly can and, should I choose to get involved, I don’t need The Guild’s backing to do so.


Jorick gets a cameo in Alexander, a FREE short story.

Jo: You are a bit conceited, aren’t you? Steve asks: Would it be possible for you to play a few tricks or have a joke, or laugh uproariously at something? What tickles your funny bone apart from satisfaction at seeing Micah in the poo?

J: Seeing Micah – or the redheaded idiot, or any number of others – suffer would no doubt elicit a great deal of amusement. Beyond that, I find many things funny. Yogi bear, for instance, is amusing, as were some of the early television shows. Red Skelton, Lucile Ball – when she and Ethel work in the chocolate factory, for example. I enjoyed the banter on Star Trek, especially between Spock and the doctor. My television broke in the seventies, and since programming had gone south I didn’t bother having it repaired, so I don’t have any “more modern” examples…MAD magazine gave me a chuckle at one time, but like TV it has also lost its humor. It’s the world that has forgotten how to be funny rather than I who have lost my sense of humor.

Jo: Maegan wants to know: Jorick, what is the most fascinating thing about Katelina to you? What is the most annoying?

J: Her contradictions are probably the most intriguing. One moment she is blood thirsty, the next she screams about peace (which is a contradiction itself as peace cannot be achieved by screaming). In some things she is incredibly naive, while in other things she is worldly and wise. As for the most annoying…her contradictions. One minute going to war is the right response, and the next she’s angry that I killed someone… I think you understand.

Jo: Yes, you’re a lunatic. Moving on. Dawn asks: In book 2 when you tried to send Katelina home do you think you would have stayed away or would you have gone to check up on her?

J: *looks uncomfortable* I’d have respected her choice.

Jo: Liar. You’d have moped briefly, then gone roaring back to Ohio. You still had the apartment paid up, and you’d have moved back in. When you realized she didn’t live across the street anymore you’d have stalked her mother’s house, and eventually followed her home. You’d have then hung around her for awhile, moaning to yourself silently and playing the martyr until you got tired of that, then you’d have manned up, knocked on the door, and told her to grow up and pack her things.

J: Which of us are being interviewed?

Jo: At this point? No one because we’re going to end it here and pick this up next week.  I do have a couple of follow up questions for Samael and Verchiel that we’re going to throw in here.

18-verchielVerchiel: Sounds fun! What do you have for me?

Jo: From Donna: How can you stand working with moody Jorick?

V: Hello, Donna! *looks at Jorick* Eh, he’s not too bad. He’s more bark than bite.

Jo: And also from Donna: admit it. You love Katelina.

J: That’s not a question!

V: *looks at Jorick* Technically he’s right, it’s a statement, but there’s no need to be picky about it. Sure. I love everyone. I’m a good guy like that.

35-samaelJo: Let’s just move on to Samael. Also from Donna:  Are you sorry you were awakened?

Samael: Greetings. As to the question, no. I have waited uncounted years for this moment and at last it is within my grasp.

Jo: I suspected that would be your answer. A final question, Steve asks: What do you do to humans who don’t get your name right? Especially what do you do after you suck their blood.

S: I have no care for them, or what they call me. A name means nothing; it is only so many sounds – a label so that feeble minds can comprehend the incomprehensible, for what is more incomprehensible than an individual, a living being? As to what I do once I have drained them, I dispose of the vessel if necessary. However it is not always necessary for me to empty a mortal, as older vampires need less blood as they age.

Jo: And I think that wraps us up for this week. Tune in next week for Jorick’s Interview Part 2, where the questions are even tougher!

J: Joy.

Jo: And of course, I can’t let him have the last word, so thanks for stopping in! In case you missed it, Book Born – the awesome facebook group – is hosting a day with Joleene Naylor this Thursday. Check out my blog post for all the details.


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Did you miss some of the interviews? 

It’s Party Time!

On Thursday, April 21st, Book Born – the very awesome facebook book group – is sponsoring Joleene Naylor Day (how cool is this??). It will be a day of games, giveaways, and vampire fun! But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there because the entire WEEK will be devoted to vampires in Book Born! 

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#FirstLineFriday (Chapter Twenty-Three)

FLFIt’s time for #FirstLineFriday! On Friday, authors post the first one or first two lines of a potential work, a work-in-progress, or a published work  on their blog, and title the post #FirstLineFriday (just like this). It’s  a lot of fun, so feel free to join in! You can share your link on my blog comments, or on Rami Ungar’s (the brains behind FLF).

Today’s first line comes from Chapter Twenty-Three of Masque of the Vampire – which is available  at all ebook retailers:

Katelina found Jorick in a back entry hall, flipping through a stack of paperwork. He excused himself and joined her.

It’s not super exciting, but it gets the job done.

What do you think? What’s your first line for the week?

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Interview with Verchiel

amaranthine interviews

Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

Jo: Today I am interviewing Verchiel, and we have some great questions! So rather than let him blather an introduction, we’re going to get right to it. Cora asks, “In the last book you always seem to want to say something but hold back. What is it and who is it about?”

18-verchielVerchiel: Hello Cora! I don’t suppose you’d accept that I don’t remember? I promise it’s not a lie, or me trying to get out of answering, like Jorick does. His interview is next week and you know he’s going to avoid everything.

J: Like you are now? I’ll assume you really don’t remember because you have the brain of a peanut, but you’d better answer this one. It’s also from Cora: Who is your love interest?

V: Now that I can do. My love interest is any available lady! If you’re single, come on down! I’m equal opportunity here, and I have a window in my schedule while my author comes up with excuses to procrastinate.

J: I’m not procrastinating. And that was a crappy answer. Along with that Alicia wants to know: Do you see yourself with a love interest in the future?

V: That depends on how responsive the ladies are to my open call. You don’t need to look at me like that…You’re kind of…glaring…oh, all right! Fine! In the future do I think I will fall in love and stick with just one person? Maybe. If the right one comes along. I’m not a demon eye, so I can’t predict if they will or not, but if they did I would be open to giving it a try. How’s that?

J: Better. And Alicia also asks: Who was your last and who do you want your next sexual a counter be with?

V: OooOOh! A meaty question! Or it could have been, depending on if they were male or…I guess you don’t find that funny? You know, meaty male…okay, okay. Anyway, no, it was a girl…I took her to the movies at the citadel, and then we nipped back to her place afterwards, which was great until her boyfriend showed up. Hey! I didn’t know she had one. Anyway, a bit of an altercation later, and let’s just say I’m not going to do that with her again! As for the next one…I can’t deny forbidden fruit always looks the tastiest, but I’m not that kind of guy, so…

J: And what the hell is that supposed to mean? Never mind. You know what? I don’t want inside your weird head. But while we’re on the topic of sex. Mr. Buck-o, here’s a goody from Amy: Jorick made a comment about the fact that you made Katelina feel euphoria when you fed on her. Do you remember what happened? Is Jorick correct in his assessment that what passed between you and Katelina was indeed a sexual act? (Ha ha! Get out of this one, smeg head!)

V: You seem delighted to put me on the spot. That makes you kind of an evil author, doesn’t it?

J: It would if I didn’t have such bad characters, but since I do it’s just enjoying retribution. Now, the question.

V: Ah. Yes. That. I don’t think Ol’ Jorick is going to like my answer, but I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I mean, I can see his point. I’m not saying he’s right, just that I can see it. But if you ask Kately she’d tell you it was just a normal feeding frenzy, and I see her point, too. In the end it depends on which-

J: Amy knows all that. What she asked was what YOU thought.

V: Me? Like my opinion has ever mattered? You’re glaring again. Okay, okay. If I HAD to be pinned down, I’d lean towards the side of innocence, because I’m an innocent kind of guy. I mean, I WAS starving and all that, so I’m sure I had no idea what was happening and it was all instinct. That I had the presence of mind to make it nice for whoever I happened to be drinking from shows what a nice guy I am.

J: Well, at least it’s sort of an answer. While we’re discussing Katelina, we’ve got a pair of similar questions from Alicia and Laura: “Verchiel, do you feel as though Katelina is more of a sister or do you feel a lot more?” And “What exactly are your feelings for Katelina?”

V: Does Jorick know about these questions. *looks around* You know, I’m surprised he’s not already here.

J: I tied him up so you could answer without getting beaten to a pulp. Now, come on.

V: Well, I am fond of Kately…I mean, she’s kind of like a fluffy little hamster, you know? But not just any fluffy hamster, it’s that fluffy hamster that the bully on the block owns. You know the kid; the one who’d punch anyone’s face in, but the minute he gets home he’s all baby talking to the ball of fur in the cage? Okay. I’ll stop there because I just had the urge to make a joke about slipping the hamster a carrot.

J: What’s wrong with you? Seriously! Why can’t I have nice characters? Don’t answer that. Moving on, Alicia asked: What have you got against Jorick?

V: I don’t know that I have anything against him-

J: You just called him the bully on the block. So come on, fess up. It has to do with Kateesha, doesn’t it?

V: Erm…



V: Yeah, yeah. I was there.

J: Do I detect some irritation? Did that hit a little close to home?

V: Actually, I’m sort of fond of Jorick. I think Kateesha’s obsession rubbed off in a less overpowering and bizarre way. Next question.

J: *cough*liar*cough* I think that gives us some insight into your interest in his hamster. Moving on-

V: Now wait a minute. Don’t make connections where there aren’t any. This isn’t Twilight. We’re not doing a love triangle.

J: Love triangle. That was an interesting choice of words. I just meant that you wanted to ruffle him up by aggravating Katelina because you had deep seated anger hidden under all those layers, but I guess if you want to take it that way… We have one more Katelina themed question from Dawn: what do you think about the relationship between Katelina and Samael?


V: Now that’s better. You mean do I think it’s going to cause problems later? Because I see the potential for it. Sure, she’s had Jorick’s blood, but Micah is her master, and Samael’s bond is as strong, if not stronger, than that, so in the end she’s really torn between Micah and Samael and I think it kind of leaves Jorick out. He knows it. Samael knows it. I know it. I think even Jamie knows it. But Katelina doesn’t. Which I suppose is kind of funny. She’s still  doe eyed and innocent and thinks all of those blood connections don’t matter. I guess for her sake I hope she never finds out that they do.


J: That was a nice answer for once.  Alicia also asks: Do you want your own pet?

V: Pets can be fun. I’ve had a few over the years. The last one is still alive. She’s a grandmother now. I actually dropped in on her a year or two ago. As for a new pet, I’m up for one. Though they’d have to be self reliant. I can’t take them on assignments, so they’d be home alone a good deal.

J: Speaking of your assignments, Dawn asks: You are so fun loving and lighthearted why would you ever become an Executioner?

V: I fell into it on accident, actually. Not to say I didn’t have an idea what they were to a point. After Kateesha left (which my author has so kindly mentioned) in 1710, I bummed around on my own for a while. In 1920 I finally headed over to America – it was kind of a let down, if you want to know – and since I didn’t know anyone I thought I’d look for Kateesha. I didn’t find her, but Malick heard about me. He summoned me to The Guild, explained what had happened with her revolt, and offered me a job as a guard. Shortly after that – maybe a year? – An Executioner got offed, so he gave me his spot. I didn’t have anything else to do, and the pay and prestige were good. I like to think that I bring a little bit of niceness to the whole establishment.

J: Sure. I think underneath you’re really just as nasty and violent as everyone else. But what do I know? Jenn asks: Where do you see yourself in 7 years?

V: I have no idea. And I’m not avoiding it, I really don’t know. Seven years ago I’d have never guessed I’d be caught up in all this Samael and Lilith end-of-the-world intrigue. That’s really what it is, you know. I agree with someone else who said there was no way you can wrap this all up in one more book.

J: I have faith in my abilities. If necessary, I’ll make it longer than the usual twenty-four chapters.  But I’m not the one being interviewed, so it’s time for your final questions. From Cora: Do you really remember things before and right after you were changed or are you just covering up things that you don’t want to talk about?


V: Nope. I really don’t remember anything from before. Okay, there are glimmers now and then…like when we visited that island something about the area felt familiar, but Umi…I mean I sort of felt like I should know her, but I didn’t know how…There’s actually a short story about my origins if you haven’t read it yet.  (It’s on Barnes and Noble and Apple and Kobo too)


J: And the last question. Dawn asks: Be honest how strong are your mind reading ability’s because I think you have down played them.

V: Ha ha! Dawn’s a smart cookie! I may, on occasion, downplay things a little. I find it’s better if those around you underestimate your intelligence and your abilities. It leaves you a bit of a safety net.

J: And with that we are out of questions!

V: Hang on a second. I have a question for you. I heard a rumor that you were originally going to let ME turn Kately?

J: Yeah. But I ran a poll and everyone said to wait a bit longer, and besides it was too complicated.

V: Seriously? I could have been a father and you yanked that away? *melodramatic groan*

J: Oh grow up. The last thing you need is a fledgling. Go watch TV and be quiet.

Thanks to everyone for stopping in and watching the truck wreck that is me trying to control my characters. Please be sure to look for this week’s bonus follow up post with Katelina and be sure to check out the post where you can leave questions for Jorick, who will be next week’s victim – I mean interview subject.

Thanks for stopping by and playing along!

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Katelina’s Follow-up Bonus Interview

amaranthine interviews

Though Katelina’s interview was last week, I got a few follow up questions that I thought were worth addressing, so here is our first ever Follow Up Bonus Interview!

Jo: Hello Katelina! Thanks for coming back!

01-katelinaKatelina: Um, I guess you’re welcome.

J: Good. I’ll take I that means you want to play nicely. In that case, let’s get right to it. Alicia wants to know: What are your feelings towards Verchiel?

K: Wow. Talk about getting right to it. He’s okay, I guess.

J: Seriously? That’s your answer?

K: *shrugs* What did you expect? I mean I’d be sad if I thought he was dead, I guess.

J: Newsflash, you were sad when you thought he was dead, remember?

K: Well I said I would be. But I was sad when Rachel died and I’d only known her – what? A week?

J: Are you trying to say you’re emotional?

K: Do you have other questions, or should I  find something else to do?

J: I do, actually. Alicia also asked: How do you feel about being a vampire now?

K: It would have been better if Jorick had turned me…

J: That’s a perfect lead in for our next question: What’s your feelings on having Micah as your maker?

K: Now that’s a good question. I’m not excited about it. It was supposed to be Jorick, with lots of candles and some soft music playing…like one of the more romantic renditions of Dracula. But I guess if I had to pick someone besides Jorick, he’s all right. It could have been Loren. Not that he’s bad, but he has no abilities . Worse, it could have been Oren. Or Torina.

J: Or Verchiel. Fun fact, it almost was.

K: Excuse me?

J: In Japan. After the shrine, I originally planned to have everyone get split up and you’d be injured and Verchiel would have to turn you to save you. It was a really good scene. But it just made things waaaaay too complicated and made you a mind reader, which I didn’t want.

Speaking of powers, we have a question about that. Alicia wants to know: What power do you want most and least?

K: *stares* I wanted to be a mind reader! As my author, how could you not want that?

J: It’s a fix-all. I wrote a mind reading character in an RP once and it makes everything too easy.

K: Yeah, but I’m developing some mind reading, so HA to you!

J:Only the ones I let you. I am your God, ha ha! Do not forget that! But you didn’t say what powers you don’t want.

K: I think they’d all be pretty handy. Except maybe the cupid. Jorick is jealous enough. I can’t imagine what he’d do if people couldn’t help but be attracted to me. Plus, I don’t think I’d know how to handle it.

J: It doesn’t quite work like that, but fair enough. Our final question comes from Laura. Are you noticing new powers you haven’t told anyone about yet or do you think you will?

K: I hope the mind reading gets better – that it actually becomes useful like Jorick’s – but past that I don’t think I’ll get anything else. If there were any more traits from Samael they’d have manifested while I was still human, right? *waits* Right?

J: Huh? Oh, are you talking to me? I don’t know. There’s not really a precedent for it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

K: Joy. Please, anyone reading this, please find me a real author. Please!

J: And that’s all the time we have! Be sure to check out the blog where you can leave Jorick a question, and be on the lookout for the interview with Verchiel that will post later today, not that he’ll be any more cooperative.

And if you missed Katelina’s previous interview, check it out too! 

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