Characters from Legacy of Ghosts:Patrick

Patrick Mullins


Hair: pale blonde
Eye color: ice blue
Height: 6’
When Patrick’s brother, Michael, told him that he’d been turned into a vampire against his will, Patrick didn’t want involved. But, a brother is a brother, so Patrick relented and tried to help him escape his destiny, even going so far as allowing Claudius to mark him as a “human slave”. An unexpected meeting with Jorick led Michael and Patrick to play double agent and the pair helped Oren, Jorick and Kateesha kidnap Arowenia, Claudius’s mate. But when Claudius’s threats got too dangerous, Michael suddenly changed his mind and wanted to return her. In the ensuing argument, Patrick accidentally told Michael where Arowenia was being held, and Michael murdered him for his efforts.

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  1. Bonnie

     /  August 8, 2010

    I’d certainly “befriend” him!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It souds like a dangerous world you’ve created. lol
    This is one very cool character

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