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A week or two ago, Ruth Ann Nordin mentioned in the comments that teens were now biting one another as a “mark” of affection, ala hickies. so, I went digging and found an article about it

Apparently some of them are going past just leaving teeth marks, and actually drawing blood

ABC News ran a piece on the phenomenon recently, talking with Sexologist Logan Levkoff about what it means. She surmises, “Biting is sort of an extension of the hickey. It’s that same thing about marking someone else and showing passion.” And while it doesn’t seem a whole lot different than the “blood brother/sister” ritual kids have been partaking in for ages, there are some risks involved.

About 10 – 15% of human bites become infected, and biting can spread diseases like Hepatitis and HIV. While this may be the “new hickey”, it’s one that comes with many more potential dangers.

There’s a video of the ABC newscast as well, where they talk to some teenagers about their participation, as well as discuss the whole phenomenon, but I can’t embed it. So, you’ll need to go to the site to see it.

And since it won’t embed, here is a pointless bonus a video that will! The animation is so bizarre, and the song so catchy that I had to share it!

So, have you ever been bitten? Ever bitten someone else? Did they draw blood? Would you let them?

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  1. Bonnie

     /  September 9, 2010

    They can draw blood only if they’re a sexy vampire, lol!!

  2. Sharon

     /  September 9, 2010

    if someone bit me like that I’d kick their ass. My teenager has that song on iTunes .

    • LOL! Yeah, my husband has made jokes before about biting me for blood and I have always threatened him. For one thing it would have to hurt a lot to cut through human skin with little blunt teeth!

      Ha! Well, now I feel “with it”. Wow, that is so sad…. 😉

  3. Before somebody bites me I always have to know if she’s had her shots. It’s responsible to ask.

  4. I wouldn’t want someone to bite me. I have a great aversion to any kind of pain. 😛

    • Well, now, see, just generalized biting is one thing.. *cough* it’s that biting all the way through portion that makes me think “Um, no.” I can’t think of anyone’s blood I’d want in my mouth! I mean ewwwwww!

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with this picture. I mean, think about it! The vampires are going to lose a corner on the whole “biting market” if this kinda thing keeps up.


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