Where’s the Trailer, Naylor?

If I have my way, Legacy of Ghosts will be out the first week of october, which means roughly three weeks from now.

Yeah, three weeks.

That leads one to the question: where the heck is your book trailer?

Answer: I don’t have one yet because I don’t have any ideas. Sure, I could just do the stereotypical “In a world of darkness, Katelina and Jorick must struggle against..blah, blah, blah.” set to a slideshow of some nice blood splatters and night shots, but eh. It just doesn’t inspire me.  Especially not after the trailer to Shades of Gray, which I thought was pretty cool (despite my not knowing how to do anything):

Soooo…. anyone have an idea? I could use one.  If you feel creative, the info for the book can all be read here.  That might help.  If you’re not feeling creative, then welcome to the club.

On the whole, I’m going to be missing for the next week, as it is time to knuckle down and do my final typo checking and start the horrid formatting process so I can get things uploaded and get my first proof ordered.  So, in case I don’t see you, have a great week!

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  1. Bonnie

     /  September 13, 2010

    Oddly enough I was thinking of that today when I couldn’t sleep, and I’m fresh out of anything too. My brain keeps slogging it around though so cross your fingers.

  2. Steph

     /  September 13, 2010

    If I had any ideas I’d toss em at ya but I’m blank. I’ve got so much crap going on in my head I’m trying to figure out for stuff I got to do I’m just totally fried lol. Well, I’ll sleep on it, maybe something will come to me in a dream…. 😉

    Still LOVE the trailer for Shades of Gray!!!

    • Here’s hoping your dreams are more productive than mine. Last night’s involved arguing with hubby over phone apps and doing email. Sad, I know!

  3. How about showing peaceful beach and ocean scenes while play “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” by Frank Sinatra and then during the isntrumental part have a the music stop then a scream and blood dripping down the screen. Then Legacy of Ghosts and the music resumes.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. Okay. Here are snippets that come to mind…

    Eyes (fade in or fade out)

    A man who is stern looking and then slowly smiles to show fangs and maybe blood dripping from the fangs in a later shot…

    A man (maybe standing in a doorway or at a distance somewhere) who fades out (as an analogy to the ghost) or maybe he fades in and out throughout the video

    Darkness that leads to somewhere but we aren’t shown where (to build suspense)

    Tears turning to blood

    Footsteps (can be creepy if there’s nothing there…though you might follow it up to a picture of the dead guy–can’t remember his name off the top of my head)

    Scattered letters (if he wrote them)

    Moon acending and maybe descending later on

    Heart pounding or heavy breathing sound (to denote fear)

    Someone who is asleep and suddenly is wide awake in fright

    A mist (denoting a dreamlike state or maybe a nightmare) and a figure coming out of it (the return of the ghostly memories

    Just some ideas. 😀

  5. That is a fantastic idea.
    I didn’t know about video book trailers


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