Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter Two – Part 4

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting the first three chapters of Legacy of Ghosts in tiny, blog sized nuggets, hopefully a bit a day.

If you’ve missed previous chapters, you can read them here.


This contains spoilers. If you haven’t read Shades of Gray, proceed at your own risk

Without another word to the youth, she headed to the living room. Two teenage girls were seated on the couch, their eyes wide, while Jorick stood in front of them, talking in low tones.

“-There’s no such thing as vampires,” he said firmly. “Loren’s just a jerk who made up a story to get rid of you and, now that you know that, you’re both very mad. You never want to see him again. And you most certainly don’t want to be turned into vampires.” He laid a hand on each of the girls’ heads. “Now sleep, and when you wake up you’ll be over him and ready to move on with your lives.”

Katelina shivered as the girls’ eyes slid closed and their bodies went slack. My god, if he could do that to them, then what could he do to her if he chose?

Jorick turned towards the dining room doorway, his face a storm cloud, and shouted, “Loren! Go get your car! You can take me to town and we’ll get rid of these girls!”

The young vampire strolled into the room. He glanced nervously at the couch, muttered something unintelligible and then disappeared out the front door.

“Idiot,” Jorick muttered. “He fails to comprehend how much trouble he could get into for something like this.”

Katelina’s smile was strange and forced. “Luckily you were here to save him.”

One of the girls started to slip sideways, but Jorick caught her quickly and heaped her on her friend. Then he stepped back, hands on his hips, and surveyed them with an annoyed satisfaction.

Katelina shivered again. How did he do that? How could he make them sleep or decide to hate Loren? She was suddenly reminded of a conversation they’d had in the hospital. “I thought you said your influence didn’t last?”

Jorick looked up at her with surprise. “It won’t. The sleep will last until they wake up on their own, but I can only make them dislike Loren while I’m with them or, at most, half an hour after I’ve left them.”

She didn’t understand how that was going to help. “But won’t they come back again?”

“Maybe,” Jorick agreed. “But I doubt it. I gave them the suggestion to be angry at him and I gave them the reason. At that point they can chose to embrace it or shake it off once my influence is gone. As emotionally volatile as his ‘friend’ already is, I believe she’ll welcome the suggestion. The young love their over dramatized pity-me-because-I’ve-been-wronged approach to life.”

Katelina couldn’t deny that, but something still didn’t make sense. “So you’re saying you can give them the suggestion, even make them feel things as long as you’re with them, but as soon as you’re apart they can just ‘shake it off’? Like the doctor and the policeman that you convinced to let me out of the hospital?”

Jorick nodded. “No doubt ten minutes after we left, they were trying to figure out why they’d released you. The idea of letting you go went against what their conscious mind, and probably subconscious minds, wanted or thought was right. Because of that, they wouldn’t welcome such an idea willingly.  But these girls,” he waved his hand at them. “They’re all drama and intrigue. That’s what they want, and so they’re more likely to take it.”

“So you can’t, you know, control people from a distance?”

Jorick gave an amused chuckle. “Are you concerned about that?” She didn’t answer, so he went on. “No, I can’t really control anyone to begin with, only influence. The amount of influence depends on how strong their mind and will is.”

She blinked disbelieving at his choice of words. “But you said the doctor didn’t want to release me? That’s a helluva a lot of influence!”

“Maybe,” Jorick agreed casually. His eyes skipped back to the girls on the couch and his face grew dark. “Loren and I are going to have a long, unpleasant conversation.”

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  1. Jonathan Harvey

     /  September 30, 2010

    If you can’t use your vampire powers to pick up chicks, then whats the point of becoming one.


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