Legacy of Ghosts: Amazon Kindle & Paper Back!

Yes, it’s finally through all the processing and approving! Now you can get Legacy of Ghosts, the second int he Amaranthine series, in paper back or on Amazon Kindle by following the links below:

Paper Back: https://www.createspace.com/3486396

Amazon Kindle:  http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-of-Ghosts-Amaranthine-ebook/dp/B0046A9P0G

And now for the question: If I were to get the “extended plan”, which would dramatically drop the paperback cost (say from 12$ to 8$) which book would be the better investment? The first one, or the second one? If you’re starting a new series do you prefer book 1 to be cheaper and book 2 more expensive, or the other way round?

If I don’t get many replies I may post this question as a separate entry later.

And don’t forget – only one day left until the Legacy of Ghosts contest ends, so if you haven’t entered to win a free autographed copy, then be sure and get it done before 11:59 tonight (the 8th of October)

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  1. YAY!!!! Congrats on these releases! Woot-woot! I think it would make more sense to make the first book cheaper — or, for promotional purposes, make it available at a discount for a limited time. That way, newcomers to the second book will feel more inclined to buy the first book since they’ll be getting it as a “deal.” I hope that makes sense. LOL Or, as another way of promoting it, you could offer a twofer: If customers bought both books at the same time, it could be for a lower price. Just some thoughts. 🙂

    Don’t forget to send me your book release news to include in my newsletter.

  2. I like Dawn’s suggestion on the first book being cheaper since people will want to start a series at book 1.

    That being said, someone I know is offering a free ebook (coupon code that they inserted into the paperback copy of their book) at Smashwords. I know you already have the paperback out, but you could ask for proof of purchase (like a receipt with the personal info taken out). Or you could go back, put the coupon code into the actual book, and go through another proof round.

    I thought it was a good idea. I wish Amazon would have a free kindle version of the book for anyone who buys the paperback.

    I’d suggest going with $10 or so. The reason I say that is because I still make a lot more sales off ebooks. And $10 is really not that much. People even pay that much for an ebook! A paperback is much better because (while I loathe to say this) you do get the physical lifelong copy.

    These are all just thoughts, of course. Do what you want. 😀

    BTW, I’ll email you will a request for a signed copy. 😛

    • Thanks for the great suggestions 🙂 I know if you go to Barnes N Noble and look at paperbacks that $10 for one is pretty cheap; some of them are nearer to $20.

      I agree – I filled out a survey for Amazon a couple months ago and they had free Kindle books as an option to choose under “features you;d like to see”, so I;m waiting to see if it got enough responses to do any good. I really like the set your own price on Smashwords.

  3. Stephannie Beman

     /  October 10, 2010

    Yay! I’ll have to go buy my copy to go with the first book. Both Dawn and Ruth had great suggestions. One’s I think I steal. (insert evil laugh)


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