Lost Chapters 4: Jorick of Oz

Why should DVDs get all the fun? now presenting the deleted scenes* from Legacy of Ghosts! In other words, The Lost Chapters. – click the link for more info.

More info

Of course, since these are little snips, you don’t need to have read Legacy of Ghosts to enjoy them.

(Insert this in the middle of Chapter Ten, after the grocery store and before burning bodies.)

The headlights cut through the night and illuminated the fat, falling snowflakes. Jorick shut the car off while Katelina climbed out, her blue eyes bright and her cheeks pink in the cold. Like a child, she held out her hand to catch a snowflake. Three of them landed on her outstretched fingers and she hurried to think of a wish for each.

Grocery bags rustled and Jorick called, “Are you going to help?”

His voice broke the magic of the moment, but she refused to let him spoil it completely. As if to punish him, she scooped up a handful of snow, squashed it into the semblance of a ball, and hurled it straight at his head.

It hit its mark and then most of the snowball dropped away, but a lump stayed lodged in Jorick’s dark hair; white on black, and a few flakes were even brave enough to splatter across one oh his cheek.s

Jorick stared at Katelina, at first emotionless, and then a mixture of outrage and disbelief took over. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I hit you with a snowball,” she answered as she hurriedly scooped up another handful of snow. “And-“

He cut her off, his tone brooked no argument, “I wouldn’t if I were you.”

She weighed the cold snow in her hand. “And why not? It isn’t like you’ll melt.” She changed her voice to an imitation of the Wicked Witch of the West. “I’m melting! Meeeeeellllting!”

“No,” Jorick snapped. “I won’t melt. Now, come along and stop this nonsense.”

“Nonsense?” she echoed. “It’s not nonsense, Jorick. It’s called fun. I realize that’s something you try to avoid, but….” She trailed off and waited for his denial. But, his only answer was a dark scowl, so she let the snowball fly. He dodged to the side and back so quickly she barely saw it, and it flew past him and landed in the yard.

“That’s enough of that,” he said firmly. “Now come on, we have groceries to put away. You can help carry them inside, since they are for you.” As he spoke, he hefted three plastic bags and turned towards the house, his broad back a black coated target. Katelina couldn’t resist.

The snowball hit him between the shoulder blades, and he stopped mid step to spin around and glare darkly. “I said-”

“Yes,” she interrupted. “You said. But, you’re not my father, so….” she left the vague threat hanging and offered him what she hoped was an evil smile.

Jorick’s opinion was silent, but sudden. “Evil? Actually it looks like you’re having problems with digestion.”

“Stop doing that!” she shouted and waved her fist emphatically. She was getting really sick of that!  It made her wish she’d never found out about his mind reading, and that he’d never-

The thought broke off as he smirked smugly; too delighted at having annoyed her the same way she’d annoyed him. “Then stop acting like a child with your snowballs and come along before you melt.”

He turned back towards the house, while Katelina puzzled over his words.  The subtle insult took a movement to register, but when it did, she flung a large snowball at the back of his head.  It hit with a satisfying plop, and she called after him, “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too.”

Jorick’s only answer was, “I don’t have a dog, only a human pet.”

As if he sensed it coming, he easily dodged the next snowy missile.

*However, unlike deleted scenes, these were actually written later, for fun, so I could pull off the whole “Lost Chapters” gag. None of the Lost Chapters were ever in the original manuscript, nor were they ever deleted. Thank you for reading the small print.
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  1. Sharon

     /  November 18, 2010

    that is so Jorick .

  2. Agatha82

     /  November 18, 2010

    Very good 🙂

  3. Amanda

     /  November 18, 2010

    Great chapter, Jo!

    I love the nod toward, “The Wizard of OZ”, and the wicked witch of the west.

    “The Wizard of Oz” was one my favortie movies, growing up.


  4. Jonathan Harvey

     /  November 19, 2010

    Quite a fun read. Classic moment of interaction.

  5. bonnie mutchler

     /  November 26, 2010

    Jorick is such an old fuddy duddy, but I love the hell out of him!!


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