Lost Chapters 5: They Say

Why should DVDs get all the fun? now presenting the deleted scenes* from Legacy of Ghosts! In other words, The Lost Chapters. – click the link for more info.

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Of course, since these are little snips, you don’t need to have read Legacy of Ghosts to enjoy them.

(Insert this at the end of Chapter Sixteen.)

Katelina flipped the cable channels randomly, only stopping on the local news as a last resort. The news anchor was a cheerful looking male with graying hair and a too tight tie.  He tugged at the offensive neckwear as he continued his story.

“-Baker’s Funeral home reported the theft of eleven caskets from its downtown showroom. A security camera recorded the image of a masked man before it was disabled-”

A fuzzy picture showed someone who was built very much like Micah and wielding a crow bar. He swung the weapon towards the camera, and the picture disappeared.

“-Authorities are unsure at this time if the theft is intended as a prank, or if it is related to the theft of fifteen caskets from the Bryson County Funeral Home in Palmina earlier this month. The eleven caskets have been estimate to be worth over $30,000.”

Katelina whistled low. At that price no self respecting vampire could afford to buy their own casket! No wonder they were stealing them. If Oren and his cohorts had that kind of money then surely their war coven would have been somewhere with heat and running water?  Though, it was Oren’s own fault. It wasn’t like vampires had to be in coffins; Oren was just a psychopath who liked them.

The funny thing was, she’d never bothered to wonder where the caskets came from, even though there’d been a basement full.  And just how did they steal fifteen caskets at one time and transport them back? That would take a lot of trucks, wouldn’t it?  Or one really huge one?

She’d have asked Jorick but, as usual, he wasn’t there. And even if he was, what would he say? She could imagine the conversation:

Jorick would laugh, then he would say something like, “You wonder about the strangest things, little one.”

And she’d glare at him with offence and snap back, “It’s a perfectly logical question! How do they haul all of those?”

Jorick would roll his eyes. “Not all at once, obviously. I imagine they take them one or two at a time, don’t you?”

“I don’t know!” she’d cry. “If I did, I wouldn’t ask you!”

He’d snicker, pat her on the head or something similar, and casually remark, “Perhaps you should ask Oren.”

No he wouldn’t. Not now. Now he’d say:

“I don’t know, does it matter?”

Yes, that final statement was a far closer fit to his mood.  And technically he’d be right, it didn’t matter. She’d never even thought about it until a moment ago, but now inquiring minds wanted to know. And know they would!

It was an hour later when Jorick returned, and he was barely through the door before she was on her feet, hands on her hips. “All right! No evading my questions!”

He rolled his dark eyes and moved around her. “What questions?” He dropped onto the edge of the bed and kicked off his snowy boots. “If you must know, I followed him. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a trick.”

His immediate answer threw Katelina off guard. “What? No! I want to know how they haul the coffins!”

Jorick’s head snapped up and he stared at her incredulously. “How they haul the coffins? Who?” Understanding slowly filtered over his features. “Oren? For the love of- I don’t know! I imagine they use Dez’s truck!” He shook his head and turned his aggravated attention to his socks. “How they haul the coffins!”

“It’s a perfectly legitimate question. I mean, they did steal fifteen at a shot.”

“Did they?” he asked with no interest as he peeled off his dirty shirt and tossed it away. “I’d imagine they carry them out, stash them somewhere and then haul them a few at a time.” He stood and started for his jeans, then paused to look at her. “Why?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” She shrugged, as if that was an answer. “I was just curious.”

He tugged off the jeans as well and left them on a heap in the floor. “Yes, well, you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.”

He started to turn for the bathroom and a shower, but Katelina called to him, “Who says? It’s always ‘you know what they say’. Well, who exactly are they?”

Jorick stopped, and without turning around answered, “Someone very wise.”

“Really, well ‘they’ also say that inquiring minds want to know.”

She felt his amusement and heard the smirk in his words, “Too much knowledge can be a bad thing.”

“But knowledge is power,” she quipped back.

Jorick’s smirk grew into a full blown grin, and he looked back over his shoulder and said, “Yes, but they say power corrupts, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for corrupting you, so….” He trailed off into laughter and, before she could work up a good counter argument, disappeared into the bathroom.

*However, unlike deleted scenes, these were actually written later, for fun, so I could pull off the whole “Lost Chapters” gag. None of the Lost Chapters were ever in the original manuscript, nor were they ever deleted. Thank you for reading the small print.
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  1. Amanda

     /  November 25, 2010

    Great chapter, Jo.

    I like the little argument that they had, toward the end.

  2. Inquiring minds want to know did not come from a wise mysterious they, I think it came from the National Inquirer when it frist came out. They had all these cheesy commericials. “Can your family pet turn you from a fashion zero to a fashion hero? Inquiring minds want to know.”

    I was a little kid. I cant believe I remember that stuff.

    This was lots of fun as always.

  3. bonnie mutchler

     /  November 26, 2010

    Applause!!! Fantastic. i’m enjoying these snippets of classic Jorick!1

  4. Like extra scenes.
    I think it’s cool, and quite original to be doing this in book writng form

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