Vampires Get Depressed Too – Fun YouTube Video!

Jonathan Harvey – aka Jissilly – shared this song with me the other day.  There are several video versions (Jonathan Coulton, the singer, shares his music under a CC license so it is ideal for making youtube videos to. Really, it’s a clever marketing scheme if you think about it because THEY do all the work making the videos and you just had to make the song… but I digress) Anyway, this was my favorite of the videos:

Wasn’t that fun? I guess if we find dark, dreary days depressing, then sun hating vampires would hate the blue sunny days… Okay, honestly, I’m kind on the vampire’s side. Give me gloom over the blue skies most any day. Except during January when an ice storm knocks out the electricity for a week. I was never so glad to see the sun in my life as I was then!

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  1. Amanda

     /  December 7, 2010

    That was a fun video.

    I remember that bad storm you had back in, Janurary. I missed you guys like crazy.

  2. Clever scenery to the song. I didn’t know such things existed like sharing music like that.

    A full week without power? How did you stay warm? Ick!

    • Oh yeah, there’s a lot of CC music out there. The one I used for my 101 tips trailer is one, in fact. My goal is always free, LOL!

      We huddled and wore a lot of layers!

  3. I love Jonathan Coulton songs. Perfect video for your blog 🙂

  4. Great song.
    I did feel sad for the vampire.
    Electricity, difficult to survive it when it powers everything.
    I bet the blue sky was like heaven

    • Yes it was! It also meant some of that freakin’ ice would be melting. it was bizarre because with the gray sky and everything in snow and ice the whole world was like black and white. It was kinda creepy…

  5. He looked so happy with that stake in his hand though. How was she able to bite him in the day? That part of the video was strange. 😀

    I feel your pain with the winter storms. We’ve had some bad ones up here too.

  6. Hilarious song/video! thanks Craig for sharing it withe me (Lissa)

    I remember the ice storms omg

  7. bonnie mutchler

     /  December 13, 2010

    why am I always logged in as you??? It drives me bananas!!

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