It’s Coming….


On Monday, December 13th, something extremely awesome is happening

What? no, Martians are not landing. There’s no such thing as Martians.

Huh? No, sparkly unicorns are not going to suddenly disperse into the world. In fact, there’s no sparkli-ness involved! There is a dark sinister-ness however, that-

NO! There will not be cheese fries! It’s something infinitely better than cheese fries!

Anyway, on Monday, December 13th, at the very cool Alannah has graciously consented to interview me! (no, I did not have to hold her at gun point or anything else!)

She had some great questions, and I don’t think my answers were too boring, so be sure to mark it on your calendars and stop by and say hi!

And while you’re there, be sure to check out some of her other  posts – she’s on my subscription list for a reason, that’s all I’m sayin’ 🙂

(doesn't have to do with anything but it's cool.)

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  1. Not at gun point? We all know you’re not afraid to terrify people into doing your bidding. 😉

    What was the interview about? Was it related to publishing? If so, go ahead and cross-link it over to SPAL. 😀

  2. What? I mean there could be cheese fries, right? And some chili too. Whouldn’t that make a nice thing even better? Who should I talk to about the fries?

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