Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday is a group of writers who post six sentences from one of their manuscripts (whether published or no) every Sunday. It’s an excellent way to discover new writers and new books, so check out the other entries by clicking the link – it’s a lot of fun!

From Shades of Gray

(at this point Jorick and Katelina are sitting in front of a gas station, the day after escaping from a horde of vampires who were trying to kill them.)

“But, I still need to go to work tomorrow.”

“I wouldn’t,”Jorick commented casually as he took the cigarette again.

Katelina glared as he took another puff. “You know, for someone who thinks I should ‘stay quit’…”

“Yeah, well,” he handed it back. “As I was saying, I wouldn’t go if I were you. I’m sure they know where you work, and they’re not above recruiting humans when they need something done in the daytime.”

(This is harder to do than you’d think!)

Shades of Gray is currently available on the Amazon Kindle for 99 cents as part of the Indie Authors Unite Holiday Sale. Check out this list for some other great bargains.

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  1. So I am giving it a try. Great choice!

  2. Have to love wanting to keep some semblance of normal while being chased by vamps.

  3. I think vampires after you is a valid reason to call in sick.

  4. Loved your entry. Great writing!

  5. Nice snippet and I agree that vampire-trying-to-kill-you days should be added to sick and vacation days.

  6. It looks hard. You have to pick up six sentences that make sense alone. Good job on this one, btw. 😀 I like the subtle humor.

  7. Yep. If hordes of vampires were chasing me, I’d lay low too.

  8. Yeah, I wouldn’t go either. Nice excerpt.

  9. I’d call in to–and carry a big stick just in case–well in my case it’d probably be a Dustbuster LOL

  10. Great job! (And yeah, listen to him about the vampires. lol)

  11. Hope it’s safer at home. Great snippet!

  12. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Yep, much harder than it looks. Causing me to whittle. Which is not a bad thing.

    Nice entry!

  13. Yeah, laying low might be a good idea. Vamps have their ways of finding you when you are least expecting it.

  14. Don’t got to work! *g*

  15. Darn vampires and their sneaky (yet often sexy) ways.

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