eHow to Escape a Succubus

You can blameJissilly for these videos. He’s the one who found them originally. Okay, so there’s no vampires, but a succubus is kind of in the vampire family, right?

And, because you never know when you might need to do this…. Here’s eHow to Call Home from Beyond the Grave

You can now say your “weird stuff” quota has been met for the week. And hey, it’s only Wednesday, so you’re ahead!

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  1. Ah, poor guys are being forced to have sex with sexy women. I can see that distressing that would be. lol

    I love the phone call to the relatives. That was priceless.

  2. Ha ha.
    Why dont succubus women ever visit me?
    Ah well, perhaps its best if they dont, i mean what if i’m not in the mood?
    I do rather value my face. lol

    • Ha ha! yeah, the face is pretty important for the performance stuff! What you need a succubus with a busy schedule who can only stop by once in awhile 😉

  3. well u know how it is with videos 😛

  4. So, I should thank Jissilly than? I mean these were hysterically funny. 😀

  5. These were extremely funny! I am glad you posted them.


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