Interview, Guest Blog & a Video!

Yeah, this post has it all goin’ on! Mainly because I’ve been behind and now have to cram it all into one post. Erm, no, no, I mean, uh, I planned it that way. Yeah. That’s right.


Linda S. Prather, author of the Jacody Ives Mysteries, was kind enough to Interview me for her new blog.  And I’m not the only one. She’s on an interviewing roll, including Larry Enright and Al Boudreau.

Reena Jacobs, author of Shadow Cat, was also nice enough to allow me to do a guest post for her blog about turning your eBook cover into  a paperback cover. She is featuring guest posts from authors every week in her Authors Helping Authors series. There’s a lot of good information, there.

And now for the video. It’s not actually a video. I mean it is animated, and you have to hit a play button, but it doesn’t require any sound because it’s actually a collect of vampire jokes that are so, so bad they’re funny.

Aren’t you glad you stuck around for that?

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  1. Often what makes joke funny is all in the delivery though i genuinely though a few of these were quite witty,
    Neck turines, that one i like

  2. Sharon

     /  February 21, 2011

    I hadn’t heard a few of those 🙂

  3. LOL Oh dear those were bad. Neck-turines and frostbite ….. lol goodness 😀

  4. “Everything is relative, and that includes writing. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because someone doesn’t like your book, does not make it worthless. This idea that a book “should not be published” because an agent or a house rejected it bugs me. Just because they don’t like it – or because it doesn’t fit current marketing trends – doesn’t mean someone else won’t like it. The point of writing, or creating anything, is to share it, and if you’re not sharing it then why are you creating it in the first place?”

    This was so beautiful. I was crying and cheering at the same time. 😀 Okay. I wasn’t crying, but I was cheering.

    All I remember from My Sweet Audrina was the husband and Audrina having sex outside in the cemetary (I think it was at what was supposed to be her ‘older sister’s’ tombstone or something). That and that she was really the sister.

    Yeah, the VC Andrews knock-offs were awful. They still are. They’re still writing books under her name. Can you imagine someone butchering our names up like that if we died? This is why we have to write as many books as possible. To keep our vision alive. lol

    I didn’t know you finished the first draft to book 4. That’s pretty cool!

    • Well yay for cheering! see, now I am cheering that you’re cheering 😉

      Ha ha! I;d forgotten about the cemetery, but i remember it now that you mention it! I mainly remember the weird tea parties with her mother and aunt and the creepy house with all the tiffany lamps and that weird cousin of hers with the fire colored hair… Vera maybe? I need to read that again someday.

      ugh! I know! I read all of the Dollangers, most of the Heaven series and started the Dawn series, then gave them up after that. By then that guy was writing them and they just were so… bleh. he tries to copy her style but it;s not there and without that it’s just a cheap book about sisters screwing their brothers and who wants to read that? LOL! you can get that on smashwords! (hahahahaha!)

  5. Ha, Ha, Neck tarrine :0

  6. funny stuff those jokes


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