Vampires and… Pot?

I have officially finished Ties of Blood and it is sent off to the editor and to a couple of beta readers. What does that mean? it means I am done for now and need to get caught up on the book covers I have waiting for me to finish. Though I don;t normally post much in here concerning those, I will say that I will no longer be formatting manuscripts for the POD places, nor will I be making wrap around covers anymore (unless you have something commissioned already). These are both too time consuming right now.

Anyway, I am taking a couple weeks to get everything (including my neglected website!) caught up and then I have some very cool ideas for posts and such.  Just bear (not bare – that could be a whole different kind of blog!) with me and things will get more exciting. I promise.

Okay, now that I’ve bored you, here’s a video that was sent to me by Sue – otherwise known as SassySue!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ha ha! Run pizza boy, run!

If you guys know of any other great vampire videos feel free to send them in! I always enjoy them!

PS – for fellow WordPress bloggers that want to know HOW I got this video to embed, please check this out – – very handy!!!!!

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  1. yah ! you back – knew you were busy – I still have catching up to do with you but between busy with school and blogophilia – David’s at it again 😀 and some I hope exciting news, it’s been madness !!

    thanks for the vid credits – after I saw that vid – I thought – can vamps smoke dope ? and what would it do to them ? Did the guys who turned Loren smoke pot ?

    all sorts of ideas running through my adled brain

    • ha ha! It’s so funny you say that because as I was watching it I thought of Loren and the gang! They say Great Minds Think Alike! 😉

      I’ve wondered about that, though. Like, can they get drunk? What if they drink blood from someone who is drunk? Hmmmmm….

  2. That was hilarious! Loved it..and why not, my boy smokes cigarettes.

  3. hey who’s the smoking(hot) vamp here
    I woke up thinking about lavender shag carpet – what’s with that – I’m babbling here with you cause it’s fun but got work to do

    there’s the old theory that a vamp would feed on chinese or italian for variety … and in someplace I read they can’t feed off sick people – vamps – so flexible for story lines

    • lavender shag carpet? LOL!

      Yeah, I’ve read those too, where they taste different! I think you can do about anything you want with your vampires (except make them sparkle *cough*) so long as it’s consistent.. that’s my problem. i forget what I’ve done :p

      • my classmate’s vamps have multiple personalities ! she also has kids she says – gonna contact her for ideas for Crimson – want your thoughts too – this is fun !! and I will include the carpet !!

        she agrees – anything but no sparkle 😀

        • Oh yeah, I think they would. I mean they’re just made out of people so they’d have all the weird stuff people could have (I just wrote one that’s a mute, in fact, in ToB)

          but yeah, definitely no sparkles, LOL!

  4. I was looking for something for david and found this – how about music with your writes
    and where the hell is Claudius lol

  5. LOL “I was cleaning them…”

  6. If you’re doing a full cover and formatting, you should get paid more. I believe $300 to $500 would be the fair price. I know how time consuming all of tht is. Formatting ought to run you a nice $50 depending on how much work and versions you have to do. I suspect people were taking advantage and pricing very low (while not appreciating the hard work), but don’t feel the need to comment on that.

    Anyway, I just want to say I’m finally putting the fantasy books you did the front covers for in paperback and think they look great. I had one problem on the spine but a simple adjustment should take care of it. I’m thinking of sending a copy of the first book just to show you what I did with it and you could show the front cover to anyone in the area who might wonder what you do. But mostly, it would be a thank you.

    • Ha ha! Yeah, I’ve been doing the wraparounds for $60. It wouldn’t be so bad but so many authors don’t know their trim size or page count or spine width, or they switch POD’s in the middle or… and each of those things means a complete redo. Even worse is messing with private printers because each one has totally different standards to another and not a one can have a convenient webpage to spell it all out on. ugh!

      Yay! That is such a fun series 😀 It’s still on my TBR list (I know, I have the slowest moving list, ever!) Aw, thanks for the thought! That’s so sweet! 😀


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