Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time for six sentence sunday, the weekly blog where participants post six sentences of something they’ve written. It’s a great way to discover new writers, so be sure to stop by the blog and check out the other participants!

Today’s six come from Ties of Blood, which is finally finished (yay!) and shipped off to the editor and the beta people. I thought I’d find a Jorick snippet for Sharon – who by the way is guest posting over at Love Romance Passion, so if you’re inclined stop and show her some love!  🙂

(working cover)

(This is after they’ve come back from seeing Malick. Initially they have a fight with Oren, and then some alone time where he finally asks her if she is all right.)

Jorick drew a deep, frustrated breath. “I’m sorry, I should have asked that first,  I just…” he broke off and cleared his throat. “I’m not used to feeling helpless, anymore.”

“It’s all right, I understand.”

“It’s not much of an excuse,” he muttered. “But what’s done is done.” He rolled over to face her and cradled her cheek in the palm of his hand.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other participants.

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  1. How could you make Jorrick feel all helpless and stuff. Thats not fair.

  2. Yes, it’s nice to see a different side of characters sometimes.

  3. Yes I know you almost forgot ! was gonna remind you – that Jorick really is sweet – for a vampire 😀

  4. Oh, very nice!

  5. Cheek cradling is so sexy and sweet. Love it.

  6. Love this side of Jorick.

  7. A tender tough guy. 🙂 Yep, this makes me want more.

    Great six!


  8. Sweet moment after all the turmoil. Good six and success with your story.

  9. Sharon

     /  March 13, 2011

    I know I say this *every time you post something with Jorick, but :sigh: he is one of my favorite vamps 🙂

  10. Kerrianne

     /  March 14, 2011

    ‘Whats done, is done’ Very ominous!

  11. sweet. 🙂

  12. Congrats for the completed manuscript! 😀
    Will definitely have to catch up… read the other novel first… Waaah!

  13. Congratulation in completing the book.
    I have to say that cover design is pretty good.
    Sometimes overly coloured covers can be a bit overwhelming

  14. this is your march 13 post


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