Arowenia: Available on Smashwords

Now on Smashwords, the third short story in the Vampire Morsel’s Collection.

Arowenia, Claudius’s child bride for eternity, lives in a gilded cage. She moves through a world of opulence and excess, shielded from Claudius’s political enemies, until a waring coven’s scheme engulfs her.

You can also find Arowenia in Shades of Gray, the first in the Amaranthine series.

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  1. I did manage to find it on smach

    and I will need you for the book covers

  2. Yay! I wondered how she ‘looked’. I will review it now.

  3. Gah! I just got a friendly reminder from Smashwords to review your books… but I haven’t been able to open them yet! 😦
    OK, next on the list… tell the Smashwords guys to be patient! 😉
    (I know it’s self-generating, but I thought I’d apologize!)

  4. Yes!!!!!!!!

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