In the Top Ten!

As if Jorick did not already have an ego the size of the eastern Seaboard, today it puffed up even more when he found himself on Sharon S.’s Top Ten Heroes list over on the Love, Romance, Passion blog.  The scene went something like this:

Katelina: “She put you on the list!?”

Jorick: (one eyebrow cocked)”And why do you sound so surprised? It was a natural choice.”

K: “Really? I mean, sure, you’re hot, but, well, you know….”

J: “No. I don’t know. You had someone else in mind?”

K: “Actually… um, I mean no. No. not at all. Perfect choice.”

J: “I can read your mind, you know.” *dark glare*

K:” Oh, hey, pizza’s done! Gotta go!” *disappears*

J: *tsk* “It just goes to show that some people have impeccable taste.” (sniffs disdainfully) “It’s nice to be appreciated once in awhile.”

I’ll spare you the rest of self satisfied comments, but suffice to say there will be no living with him for days now.

Sharon regularly does book reviews and guest posts on the Love, Romance Passion blog, and  you can also check out her out on the I Smell Sheep blog, where she is their newest contributor!

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  1. Congratulations Jorick! Enjoy your new found recognition of awesomeness!

  2. Wow! He had some stiff competition, too! He should be proud to hit that spot.

  3. Woot – busted! Fun snippet. And congrats!

  4. 😀 love your humour – hmmm – one day my devil’s mistress may be on that list – am I writing romance ???

    • Technically? yes, yes you are. Contemporary Fantasy, I think it would be, though some people might lump it into paranormal. They’re fairly free with the paranormal term sometimes!

  5. Love the pacing.

  6. I like your voice. Well done!


  7. Congrats to Jorick. I bet I could put him on a list.


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