Who Art Thou…

Did you know that:

  • I’ve never killed a vampire?
  • I’m obsessed with anime?
  • I once wrote an 800 page book that some of my friends hidden in it as reworked characters?

You can find this and more on Reena’s blog, including who I think my top four fans are!  Author and blogger Reena Jacobs is kind enough to host different author interviews on her Who Art Thou Thursday , and this week I’m making an appearance! So go check it out!  And check out her work while you’re there!

On a side note, David Kubicek’s novel In Human Form is now available in Paper back. Check his blog for the details, and don;t forget to look for his short story collection, Moaning Rocks!

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  1. You’ve never killed a vampire, but do you keep one in a coffin? 😉

    Great interview! I agree that all characters have to have a bit of us in the them or they are flat.

    This summer I am reading book 2. I’ll buy it on the Kindle and listen to it. God knows trying to physcially read a book has become mission impossible around here. I don’t know why but I have to listen to books off my Kindle these days.

  2. I never killed a vampire either. Small world.


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