Necrophilia or Bestiality?

werewolf big


The folks over at Love, Romance, Passion are asking the eternal paranormal question: Which is better, the vampire or the werewolf? if you could be turned by one of the classic bad boys, which would you pick? The vampire with his (usually) tortured past and loner lifestyle? Or the intense wolf with his pack loyalties and tendency to get naked (a lot!)? Which one would you rather be?

Head over to the Love, Romance, Passion blog and vote in the poll! 

(Sorry, no zombies here!)

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  1. I voted.

    I’ve never been able to get into vampire sex. I just finished reading Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost. OMG… I can’t get the idea of bloody semen out of my head. Please someone scrub my brain! Hurray for Anne Rice and her dead below the waist vampires.

    Of course, sex with animals isn’t cool either. Thank goodness folks can opt out of that kind of stuff when dealing with shape-shifters.

  2. What? No zombies. But zombie romance can be a beautiful and eternal thing. The literal sharing of a heart. He loves her for her brains. It’s all good stuff.

    • Only until the finger with the engagement ring falls off and they have to spend all night looking through dumpsters for it….


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