Swag Day & Sheep!

The cool swagday box...

If you haven’t been following the I Smell Sheep blog you should (for a variety of reasons) but one  the biggest is a very cool new thing they will be doing on the 10th of every month, starting in June – Swagday.

What is swagday? And hey, for that matter, what is swag? Swag is free stuff.  So what is swagday? You guessed it: Free stuff day!

To play you just head over to the I Smell Sheep blog on the 10th of June and play the author to pet matching game. (Yes, this means match the author to the picture of their pet(s).

So what’s with the picture of the box? Because the point of Swagday is to climb outside your box and try something new.  For me, my box is pretty big (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, romance, YA, contemporary) however, I know I avoid most chick-lit like the plague.

What box do you hide in? What genre’s have you consistently steered away from and why? And, while you ponder these questions, go check out the official announcement blog on the I Smell Sheep blog!

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  1. That sounds like a fun event

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jo!! 🙂 I actually have two limited edition posters from Neil Gaiman to give away one Swagday (probably Oct when his movie comes out!)

  3. Woot! Thanks for the shout out to our site. 🙂 Sharon is a big fan of yours and if she loves you then we do too! xoxoxox

    • Always happy to spread the sheepy love 😀 I’ve started stalking the blog mwahahahahahahahaha! (seriously that sheep is so cute!!)

  4. Swagday, i like the sound of that. lol

  5. Chit Lit is off my radar, too. I have absolutely no desire to read it. The same is true for biographies and hardcore sci-fi. To me, those things are boring. Well, Chick Lit isn’t as boring as irritating. But I can pretty much read anything else.

    I like the idea of Swagday. Sounds like fun!

    • ha ha! Yeah, annoying is a good word. I just can;t get into all the female-bonding-men-bashing-stuff. I know it;s probably not all like that but… eh. I do like the movie Fried Green Tomatoes… but it’s got murder going on and tragic death by a train and such.

  6. I’ll have to try to remember this. Yes free chick lit… okay I still will try to rememeber.


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