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I know I haven’t posted much lately. On Facebook I haven’t been able to get my mail to work at all, and as far as the rest of the web goes, I’ve been pretty busy with book covers (trying to get a glut done so I can take the time off – see below) And then we’ve had a lot of storms so the electric and internet have been sketchy.  As a side note, yes I am down in southern Missouri, but I am not close enough to Joplin to have been directly impacted by that horrific tornado. I’ve seen/heard a lot of really heartbreaking stuff about it, and it just confirms tornadoes as my number-one- all-time-biggest-fear-ever.

As for the new book, Ties of Blood, I am going to be doing a round of editing in June and get some serious work done on the cover (That vampire on the front needs redrawn!) . Between this and some other commitments, I’m going to be officially unavailable for three weeks or so.  That means I won’t be taking any new covers and I will be slower at answering mails etc.  I will, however, definitely be checking into the I Smell Sheep Swagday contest on the tenth (don’t forget it!) where one of my favorite bloggers, and all around great person, Sharon S will be doling out the swag to a lucky winner.

And now for that fun link I promised! Check out the Vampire Facts list on the Williamson Vampires blog – I agree with almost all of them, and not just that but more than one made me actually laugh out loud! I’ve actually been enjoying Julie’s blog for some time now, so I’m happy to find an excuse to share it 😉

Oh, and you might remember when I sent you to go vote on a book cover for Stephannie Beman’s ever awesome My Lord Hades? Well, if you’re interested you can go check out the winner! (I need to find out what she looked up to find THAT image – heh-heh 😉 )

Check out the trailer for In Human Form by David Kubicek.  I haven’t read it yet, though I have a copy looking at me right now, but I did recently finish Moaning Rocks, a short story collection of his and, though I’ve been remiss in writing a review, it is excellent, so I know this one will be, too!

In non-author news, episode 11 of the Arts Web Show is up. Only one more and then we have a *gasp* break while we wait for season 2! I know, I know! A break!?! Heh-heh.  I say this, but Richard and all his “personalities” deserve a break! 😉

And for no reason I feel like mentioning that you can sign up for Dilbert comics to be delivered straight to your inbox (okay, so I was scrolling through my inbox and noticed my daily Dilbert comic and thought “hey, I should share!”)

I could probably go on and link to everyone I’ve ever met, but I will stop here.

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  1. Thanks for the promo Jo! You made my morning! I was just talking about your books yesterday at work, so if your ears were burning, it wasn’t because they were infected! LOL Take care and good luck on your edits! JH

    • *relieved sigh* Oh good, and here I thought I;d have to get out the peroxide! 😉 hee-hee!

      Thanks for the mention at work! 😀 And you’re very welcome! I just loved your list – it’s nice to find real vampires still lurking around the edges 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention, Jo. I’m glad you liked Moaning Rocks, and I hope you’ll like In Human Form.

  3. Thankyou Joleene for the support.
    You didn’t have to do that but i’m grateful you did. lol

  4. I’m with you on fearing tornadoes the most. I used to live in Florida and hated hurricanes, but at least with those, you have enough warning to get out of there. With tornadoes, you have no real warning. All you can do is run to the basement and hope it doesn’t strike.

    I have July marked as my no writing and read only month. I hope to make a nice dent in my huge TBR list. I could really use a break from running nonstop with writing and blogs. I might take the month off from the Internet, except to answer a few emails.

    I hope you enjoy your resting time!

    • Exactly! I’d much prefer hurricanes! This five or fifteen minute warning stuff for tornadoes sucks. And iowa was just as bad, though at least there we had a basement… here it’s my brother’s bedroom because all our rooms have outside walls…

      I hear ya! I figure i should be caught up and ready to edit by the end of june! ha ha!

  5. heehee, I like the vampire facts. Thanks for the shout out again 🙂

  6. Hurray for Dilbert in the inbox!!!


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