Ties of Blood – the book cover – UPDATED

I’ll be gone through the 10th of July, but I wanted to share this before I left – I *think* it’s done:

His shoulder on th eleft side might need to be touched up a bit since I resized his head, but I’m not sure. I’ll wait ’til I get back and take a look then. The best way is to step away and come back with fresh eyes.

So what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Did you notice the feet are NOT square this time? 😉

Have a great week all!

June 15 – 2011:

Okay, so I tweaked it a bit. It’s still waiting the final approval from “the nitpicky one” but I think it’s improved

And to answer the question: The person on the cover is Verchiel, a new character in this book. I have an Weekend Interview with him that will go up August 1st, so if the book is not out yet you’ll get to meet him there, anyway.  I’m running about two weeks behind on it, but that’s for another post 😉

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  1. I like it. I had to look back at your other 2 covers, but I think this one works nicely with the other 2. Have a great vacation!

    • thanks! I have a couple tweaks to do now that I am looking at it again, but then I swear that’s it :p

      (I had to look the other two up, too! ha!)

  2. Great cover. Very nice!

  3. Feet aren’t square but the toes on the boots are. Looks fantastic. Have a great vacation

  4. Who is on the cover?

    Great cover! I especially love the “Blood is a bond that cannot be broken” part!

    • That is Verchiel a new character 😀

      the tagline just came to me on this one. The next one is going to be hard, though, I think!

  5. He’s a jolly vampire. Yes he is.

  6. I think he’s delicious!!

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