First of all my very clever tech husband has found a fix for the joleenenaylor.com website problem. After the last round of browser updates, visitors to the site often had to refresh several times to get the entire site to show up. The poor husband has worked on it for a couple of months. He finally gave up on all the forums, how to pages, articles, etc. and came up with his own fix – which appears to be working. However, looks can be deceiving, so if you have a moment, feel free to stop by http://JoleeneNaylor.com and see if it loads for you.  If I don’t get any complaints I’m going to take the “you may need to refresh..” notice off the loading page. I also need to do some website updates soon.

Ties of Blood is ready to be formatted, sent in for a proof and handed off to the last beta reader (I worry about this because everyone else I have sent it to has disappeared shortly afterwards and I have not heard from them again, except for the Mighty Ed). However the laptop, where the file is living, dropped dead last night with a hard drive error. Luckily, all the chapters are on my mother’s computer (she did a round of typo checking for me) so I have to get them back from her today. I made a couple minor changes after she’d looked at it, but I think I remember them, so it should be okay…. cross your fingers.

I also tweaked the cover a bit – you can see it here – yeah same post, I just updated it 🙂

Other than that I have some book covers to work on and yadda yadda.

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  1. Takes a long time to load – nope not fixed
    My yahoo has been upgraded so now I can’t keep track of what I have to reply to – that’s the short version I hate upgrades

    May I suggest that you back up your writing to a memory key? I do back up every Sunday morning and more often when needed

    You can’t depend on a computer to not take a holiday

    • Yeah, I usually do back up, just a fluke I hadn’t lately 😦

      Try emptying your Cache and then giving it a shot if you feel so inclined 😉

  2. I’m SOOOOOOO excited! I was just talking about the other two books in your series today. (It’s nice to be able to recommend a non-sparkling alternative to vampire fans. He! He!) I’m looking forward to reading the third book. 🙂 Tech issues scare me more than any vampire ever could, so your issues with your computer freaked me out. I need to learn to save my own work more often! Take care. JH

    • I only seem to have problems loading up when I haven’t done a system scan and cleaned out the “junk files” on my computer. All these social networking sites seem to generate a lot of cookies in a hurry. Twitter is one of the worst for bogging down my computer. I usually run a scan after checking with FB, WordPress, etc. Otherwise all my programs start to run slow. Maybe this is an “us” problem and not a “you” problem?

      • I have a bad time on Superpoke pets if I have been on it for awhile – the flash fill sup the cache I guess, and I end up having to close the browser and then reopen it to get things going again!

    • Yeah, I’ve lost stuff before in catastrophic failures so you think I;d have learned by now, LOL! I managed to rescue all but a paragraph which i had to just rewrite. Oh well.

  3. The site loaded fast and just fine for me 😀

  4. All loads great to me. I even tried some of your buttons or whatever and they loaded fine 🙂


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