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Barb – aka author Barbara G. Tarn – was kind enough to read Legacy of Ghosts and leave a kind review 🙂 Be sure to check it out, and while you’re there check out her books! Her book is the next on my TBR list (If I ever finish this thing I am slogging through now… let’s just say I’m not going to bother leaving a review anywhere of the book I am currently reading.  And before anyone worries, it’s a traditionally published book by an author I had never heard of. I don’t think I’ll bother reading anymore of his, either.)

However, I have read some of Barb’s short stories and her graphic novels, so I happen to know she’s a good writer and I’m looking forward to hers! (Makes the current tedious read even more tedious!)

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  1. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years, you don’t have to finish a book you’re not enjoying. 🙂 The DNF lists are becoming as popular as the TBR lists. haha

    Rumor has it from Barbara, you’re putting your short stories in a collection? Fun!

  2. I think the hardest part about not finishing a book is mustering up the willpower to get rid of it. I’ve yet to get rid of a book I’ve labeled as DNF. What’s the deal with that?

    • i know what you mean! I have a few I’ve absolutely refused to finish and I still have them stacked up in here. It’s like some kind of psychological thing that if you get rid of them they really did beat you, LOL!


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