Poll: Legacy of Ghosts Director’s Cut

Last year as part of my promotion for Legacy of Ghosts I posted six “Lost Chapters” or “Deleted Scenes”. These weren’t really deleted scenes, but rather snips I wrote later for the purpose of promotion. Though there is no “necessary” information in them, they are amusing after a fashion, and someone asked me if I was planning to release a “Director’s Cut” of the book with those six scenes “put back in”.

If I did this, I think what i would do is create a webpage with a question that only someone who had read the book would know the answer to, and a correct answer would give you a download code to get a free copy of the Director’s Cut because there’s no point in someone who has already purchased the book having to buy another version just for kicks.  I couldn’t price it as a flat out free because I know if I were looking to buy a book and saw the original version for 2$ or the expanded version for free I’d pick the freebie version – more for less and all that.

But, the question is, is it worth the effort of plugging them in, uploading it to Smashwords (only) and having hubby make the question webpage?

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  1. Since I’m an author myself I think it only fair to pay for the new scenes.

  2. Actually I think I have some of those cut scenes – no time to hunt now. Believe it or not you may have posted them on – Boomer! It was before I had read the books so I missed some of the jokes

    hmmm hard question for me to answer. Also if someone hasn’t read the book then the cuts would be meaningless. so how about… doing the cuts stand alone and offering them as a prize to promote the third book?

  3. I voted no by the way but didn’t show up – I wouldn’t want the whole book again

  4. I voted no, but I also wanted to explain my reason for voting that way. The biggest reason is that it’s more work for something that isn’t going to pay off. I know it’s not a lot of work, but my fear would be that someone will then want a Director’s Cut of every book. Then you’d have to post questions for all of them. So my biggest thing would be the time factor.

    What about putting the extra scenes on your website or on a page on this blog? Maybe you already do that. I remember reading the extra scenes on this blog. They were funny and a great idea.

    However, if you decide to make a Director’s Cut version of your book, I think requiring people to have read the book already would be the way to go. This way you don’t get the freeloaders at your door complaining when your next book isn’t free. (This happens to me, and it’s not good for the writing ego because it means people don’t value your time, which means you aren’t “good enough to buy”. At least, that’s how I see it.)

    Also, if you do this: I suggest making the Director’s Cut free because those people already bought your book and your scenes are a few and short. The key is they bought that book so they will expect to pay for the next one.

    Just my two cents. I’ll support you in whatever you do. 😀

  5. I don’t think it’s really worth your bother


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