Vampire stalks Siberian Livestock

– or so they say.  Wasn’t it about this time last year when a Chuppacabra was supposedly killed by a farmer in Texas? What was believed to be a  mythological beast that preyed upon their livestock was photographed and even made it on the news.

It appears they have a different way of dealing with the chuppacabra menace in Siberia, however. According to an article from Moscow News. com:

“All the people are scared, they fear that the creature will move onto children,” the head of the village said. “We have organized night patrols of six people. We walk through the village, on the look out for this wickedness. But so far we have had no results.”

So why do they think there’s a chupacabra in their midst? Apparently farmers and small shareholders near Novosibirsk have been waking to find their goats dead.  Puncture marks and a lack of blood led the locals to declare it was the vampire-like monster.

But isn’t the chupacabra a South American legend? Thanks to globalization, it is now a legend that any country can embrace.  Of course, Discovery News reported in 2010 that Texas’s chupacabras were only wild dogs with a deadly form of mange, who knows? Maybe Russia will have better luck.

You can read the full article here:

Special thanks to Steve for sharing this with me!

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  1. Ok, this one is too funny. Chupacabra in Siberia? From the heat of the desert to Siberia? People. Great blog.

  2. What next? Men from Mars and Women from Venus

  3. I heard about the farmer and the chuppacabra. From what I understand, those creatures are around the South American area. I can see Texas because of Mexico, but I can’t see Siberia. The real quesion is why would something or someone want the blood from the livestock?

    • I know! Not sure how one migrated to Russia… I imagine it’s some other animal over there that’s decided to just go for the blood since it;s just as nourishing as the meat. (I saw on TV where some group of people do that with cows and make blood milkshakes for the protein because they can;t sustain enough livestock for meat, but they can bleed them and keep the same ones alive)

  4. they’re everywhere!!

  5. Chupacabras of the world unite. Get a union and negotiate. Go for better feed and most of all health care.


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