Lots-O-Links #10

This is the ninth edition of Lots-O-Links, posts where I randomly share links. Fun, huh? I can now call it the weekly post that one person has gone on record as liking. Pretty cool!

If you have any links to share please mail them to me at Joleene (at) JoleeneNaylor (dot) com or else post them in the comments!

Looking for a program to make those cool screen captured tutorials? Then CamStudio is here – and it’s free. 

Most writers probably have this bookmarked already, but if not the Reuters Handbook of Journalism can go a long way towards knowing what should and should not be hyphenated.

And, for comma confusion you might want to look at the Guide to Grammar’s Rules for Comma Usage or Learn to Write English’s very informative Lesson number 17 . (Yes, I’ve been double checking as I edit!)

In photoblogs, I’ve found a new one that I especially like – Emad. Check out his awesome ladybug photo!

The winner for photoblog of the week has to go to Julie, though, fore her “manly men in kilts”. If only some of them had shed their t-shirts….

Also of interest, if you haven’t seen some of the Irene aftermath photos, there are some good ones here. For once I was glad to be in Missouri. No hurricanes here!

Ever wonder how to read tea leaves? Well , I have, and Kari Lee Townsend was kind enough to do a guest pot on Lindsay Downs’ blog explaining tea leaf reading process.

In books, for a limited time get C.L. Gillmore’s combo pack; both her novel Uncommon Bond and Poetry collection Roots, Shoes and Rhymes, for a special price. See her website for details.

And that’s all I have right now. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I love manly kilt wearing men! He! He! Thanks for the shout out!!! 😉

    • Oooh! I needed the comma link! Pesky little buggers!

      • Yeah, I hate commas. They are the bane of the English language. I think dashes would work better, and they’re more fun. Except in conversation, that could get annoying:

        “Hello-” she said – while sipping her tea.
        “Hello yourself-” he answered.

        yeah, need ’em for the dialog – but the rest can go! (LMAO!!!!!!!)

    • me too! *waggles brows* But then, I have a thing for manly men in general… *heh-heh*

  2. wow. Thank you for these references. Been looking into some. Thanks.

  3. special thanks for the comma thingy… 🙂


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