9-10-11 Ties of Blood is officially available on e-book!

Despite my being sick and out most of the week, Ties of Blood, book 3 in the Amaranthine series, is now officially available on Smashwords – just barely squeaking in at the last minute!

Don’t want to read it on the PC? No problem! Smashwords sells copies for Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, and others! Just download the appropriate version.

Wanna wait? no problem! Go here to read sample chapters and more!

The paperback will be following along – I have to wait for the proof to arrive (yes, again) so I can double check it before I approve it. Look for it in roughly four weeks.

Instead of putting the book description in here, I thought I’d take a moment to thank some people instead!

My husband, who is just as twisted as I am and maybe more so. I love you.

My mother, who knows the books better than I do and continues to re-read every time I re-write.

My brother, who happens to be one of my favorite people in the world. Also, to my father  – hey, vampire books are way more fun than politics! . And, of course my “UK representative” Rick and his miniature zoo.

Carolyn “Mighty Ed” Cason for once again stepping up and attempting to smack this manuscript into shape.

Jonathan Harvey for all of his bazillion distractions. If you want to waste time he’ll find you a million ways to do it. He also has a book (though there are no vampires in it).

My beta readers extraordinaire: Sharon, Julie, Steve, Super Schnurpel and Kathy.  Good beta readers are hard to find and you guys are worth a million!

Paul V. Montesino, PhD, fellow author and all around standup guy for his Spanish translation. He saved Jorge from being a victim of online translators!

Ruth Anne Nordin, fellow writer and friend for her encouragement to me and so many others.

Daniel Kennedy who pops up now and again, and who is to blame for this whole series.

 Susan “The Ever Delightful” Koenig way up there in Canada for her great suggestions and the smiles she brings.

The awesome gals at Indie Authors Unite, even though I have been absent lately.

And to everyone else who’s encouraged me over the last year. You have no idea how much a kind word can mean!

Lastly, a special thank you to God. Who says he doesn’t love a good vampire book?

*whew*  Look for website updates sometime this week, too, and maybe even a newsletter! *gasp*

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  1. Yen W

     /  September 10, 2011

    will you also be hooking up w/ Barnes and Noble?

  2. You must be thrilled and proud. The 3rd book in a series. Kudos to you. I’ve got to get caught up in my reading. I so want to read these.

  3. This weekend has been insane! My step-mom’s in the hospital, and lots of other stuff has been going on. BLAH!!! Life!

    Anyways, I sneak peaked ahead…You added NEW bloody bits to your story? OMG! You must own a time machine, because you added a LOT of fun stuff!!! (I will never look at a Christmas tree the same way.) LMAO The new bits I’ve read are awsome! YAY!!!!!!!! I have to finish the Beta read I’m working on, but I plan on rereading Ties of Blood by the end of the week. I had a review I was planning to post, but now I want to wait until I read the finally final version.

    I’m SOOO happy for you Jo. You are an amazing writer, a talented artist, and I feel humbled to have been give the opportunity to take a peak at the behind the scenes stuff. Thank you for the acknowledgement. I saw it at the end of the book. I know I said it before, but I feel so humbled. Thank you! Thank you!

    I would gush on and on, but I’ve been reading SOOOO many posts about crazy, creepy, stalker fans, that I’m afraid I’d get lumped into the “creeper” category. 😉 (Not a creeper!) I’ve NEVER thought of myself as an “Annie Wilkes,” but there’s a first time for everything I suppose. I’ve even began to question the length of the comments I make on ANYONE’S post. GAH!!! I’m probably over thinking things. I tend to do that.

    Congratulations Jo! You inspire me. 🙂

    • oh no! Hope your step-mom is okay! 😦

      Hee-hee, yeah, per your suggestions I added several bits – heh-heh >:) You were right – they so needed to be there! 😀 (The Christmas tree was last minute >:) )

      Thanks so much for beta reading for me! It’s amazing how hard it is to find good beta readers and you seriously rocked! Made me so happy I did a little happy Jo dance 😀 If you’ve got the time when the next one gets there I’d love for you to beta it, too 😉

      ha ha! I just read your post about that! I’m waiting to find a creepy, stalker fan, personally. I plan to make them coffee. I want to be known as the stalker-friendly-coffee-brewing author. (Okay, unless it’s a dude who REALLY thinks he is a werewolf/vampire, then maybe not… LOL!!) If it’s any consolation I don’t think you’re a creepy stalker – you’re too fun, LOL!

      • Step-mom is doing better. Grandmother passed away late this afternoon, I found out a couple of hours ago. I’m OK. We all knew she was ready. She was 89 years young.

        I think I NEEDED to read this post. I laughed so hard, I almost sprayed my dinner onto my computer screen! Please don’t make me coffee. I’ll act like a stray cat and NEVER leave. You KNOW you can ask me to beta read for you anytime. That’s a given! Plus it’s entertaining for us both. Reading my convoluted notes, is almost like getting a novella back!!! Woo Hoo! I kept thinking the entire time, did Jo REALLY know what she was asking for, because her diffinition of a beta reader might not be the same as MINE! When I read someone else’s writing, I think of my poor hubby. I like to stare at him when he reads one of my chapters. It makes him CRAZY!!! But all the while, I’m wondering. Did he get the funny parts? What did he think of THIS scene? Was it better before or now? And of course he’s SOOOO helpful!!!
        “I liked it.”
        “Yeah hunny, but which part?”
        “The whole thing.”
        “OK…but which part was your favorite?”
        “I liked it all.”
        AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I LOVE that he’s been so supportive of me. He’s a wonderful man. But this is the ONE time I get to be a girl about things! I want details. (HUGE sigh!!!) 😉

        Anyways, I appreciated your humor tonight. Thank You!

        I sure hope the “Jo dance” is more coordinated then the “Juli dance.” I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and I was SOOOO happy no one tried to stuff a wallet in my mouth, thinking I was having some sort of fit. I wasn’t. NOPE! That’s just the way I dance! Weeeee!!!!! 🙂

        • So Sorry about your Grandmother 😦 I know, i said that elsewhere but it’s worth saying again!

          YES!! My mom reads the books and I like to hang around behind her like a vulture and anytime she so much as breathes loud I demand to know what part she is on – and if she snickers, laughs or makes a random comment out loud I am there so fast it makes people’s head’s spin. “What’s funny?” (was it a part that was supposed to be funny?!?) If I’m not right there demanding these answers then I get a “it was good” when she has finished it. Good? How was it good? give me feedback woman!! (hee-hee!)

          Hmmm. Well, the hubby has forbidden me to do the Jo happy dance in public if that helps 😉

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