This was supposed to be a comment…..

… But I can’t find how to get images in the &^%$ comments. if anyone knows how to do it, I’d love to know!


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  1. Guess is as good as mine. Even Dakota doesn’t know

  2. Since I know this is a comment in your blog to Judi
    you use this

    It usually works for me

    the problem is if you want to put a pic in a comment to my blog – I gather – and David and I have had intense communication on this – mostly he with the scandalous eyes- then still use this code and I would have to “fiddle” with it to make it show up

    If this doesn’t work – tell David not me 😀

  3. OMG!!!!! Can I like this 50 billion times, or would that be redundant? You’re the best!!!!!!

    • go for it! 😀 hee-hee!

      after the pain in the butt it was trying to get the thing to post I will hopefully have it burned into my brain. ha!


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