Lots-O-Links #14

This is the fourteenth edition of Lots-O-Links, posts where I randomly share links. Fun, huh? I can now call it the weekly post that two people have gone on record as liking. Pretty cool!

In the last edition I mentioned a book by Patricia McLaine – and she has another one out. (That woman is busy!) – this one looks like a lot of fun. Cosmic Conspiracy – Psychic to the Rich and Famous. Check it out on her site.

And thought this one has been out for a bit I can now say with confidence if you’re looking for the super be-all joke adult joke book, then look no further than Rob Loughran’s A Man Walks into a Bar.

and another book to check out is Tom Beuchler’s Cold Gather – here’s a blurb “In Cold Gather, Buechler showcases his trademark earthy dialogue and his unique gift for creating offbeat characters. He has crafted a robust story that is smart, bold and darkly funny…with a satisfyingly twisted finale.”

And yet another book out, Barbara G. Tarn’s Ether – the next in her Immortals series – is now available! I know, I haven’t even finished Fire yet! Ergh!

There’s a new speculative fiction publisher in town – Musa – read all about it on the I Smell Sheep blog (No, I’m not planning to submit to anyone, I like going it alone, but others might be interested in this!)

For windows users who are SICK of the automatic restart after Windows updates here is a simple way to get rid of it posted by Proposed Solutions  (you will still have to manually retstart it to make your updates take effect, but then YOU control when it happens!) I’ve used it myself and it was very easy to do!

Stumbled on an interesting site – http://aaronleaman.com – Photographer and poet, he has some interesting stuff here. A fun side note – he is using the same theme as I am for this blog. Yeah, just shows you how customizeable wordpress themes are with some work, huh?

And in vampire fun, Sue has an awesome short story of how one town’s human and vampire population were able to achieve peace – within their town at least. Hee-hee!

If you have any links to share please mail them to me at Joleene (at) JoleeneNaylor (dot) com or else post them in the comments! And that’s all I have right now. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. thanks for mentioning me agan – my head will be quite large – I haven’t edited yet so the story can be improved. I should send you some of the photographer sites who have found me. It’s enough to throw your camera out the window. hmm remind me – a friend on blogger writes some of the most interesting posts… not today though

    • Yeah, I’ve come across some really fantastic ones.

      I wish blogger had a better subscription system! I am subbed to a few over there and I always forget to check because I don;t get emails about the posts 😦

  2. I’ll have to look into the “restart” solution! Thanks Jo! Updates make me crazy!!!!


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