The Ten Wussiest Vampires of All Time

While randomly searching the web I found an interesting article on Reelz Channel called, you guessed it, The Ten Wussiest Vampires.  though I don’t agree with all of their choices, there are some that I have to give a resounding “hell yeah!” to. Take a look and see what you think. Do you agree with their selections? Who would you have added? Who would you take off the list?

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  1. Fun post! I wouldn’t have put Lestat and friends on the list. You got to love the fact that the movie itself makes fun of Louis and his “whining.” 😉 Interview With the Vampire is one of my favorite vampire flicks. It’s a classic! I HAVE to watch it around this time of year.

    Hmm…This got me thinking. I’ve seen a LOT of BAAAADDDD vampire movies, but even when the movie sucked, the vampires weren’t wimps, the actors just couldn’t act!

    I’m stumped for wimps NOT on the list! Maybe I’ll think of some later…

    • I KNOW! “Louie, louie, Louie, still whining after all these years!”

      One of the best lines in the movie!

      This is oren’s problem. Contrary to popular belief (okay, one person’s belief) he was based off of a picture from TV guide of Brad Pitt as Louie destroying the crypt under the theatre (yeah, I cut it out when I was a kid and had it in my little “cute guys’ photo album”) and THAT is why he is the way he is. He was not supposed to be, but i feel that the whining and moaning was infectious. 😉

      still, they weren’t wimpy!

  2. I say whoever wrote this lacked imagination.

  3. I’m really surprised Edward wasn’t first. 😦 Where do I submit my complaint? LOL

    I didn’t realize there were so many vampire movies out.

    • ha ha! I know, right!?!

      Oh yeah, there are well.. lots, especially in the low budget world. Those, of course, are usually terrible 😉


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