Questions Every Writer Asks?

I got these questions from Barb’s blog, who got them from – well, go check her blog and see where she got them from 😉 *

10. Why is it so much easier to write about writing than to actually write?

I don’t really write about writing. Well, I mean I like to chat about things I am going to write or have written, but I’m not into the “you should do this or that” kind of posts. I’m afraid I don’t consider myself expert enough to tell anyone else what they should or should not do. However, when I am supposed to be writing, anything is easier than writing simply because it’s that old “I don’t want to do what I am supposed to do” mentality.

9. Why is my writing in my head so much better than the writing on the page? 
This is because in your head you don’t notice things like repetitive words, cliché phrases, etc. In fact, generally as I’m writing I am not paying attention to it and think it is literary gold until the dreaded read through. That’s when all those not-so-perfect things jump out. When writing in your head there is no read through.
8. How does time seem to fly by when I’m writing well, but yet crawl when I’m struggling to write one decent sentence? 
Time drags when I’m not in the mood to write because I am bored, and being bored always makes time move slowly, but when you’re in the zone, you’re not bored.
7. Do I have too many characters? Too few? 
I always have too many. I already know that. I try to kill some here and there to knock the numbers down.
6. How did I manage to forget that subplot that I began on page 20 and appears to have vanished without a trace? 
As Barb said, this is what read throughs, beta readers, editors and of curse editing in general is for. I know why I forget them, because in draft one everyone tends to focus on the linear storyline.
5. Good grief. How many more editing passes is this manuscript going to need? 
Finally found one I actually DO ask myself. Ha! The answer is usually “several”.
4. When will I ever consider myself a success?
This is also a good question, though I don’t have an answer for it. I guess it’s when I can stop making book covers because I am making enough from my books.
3. Will anyone really want to buy this book? 
I know there are 14 (yes, I added a new one! ha!) people who will want to buy it, not counting family. my question is: Will those 14 people LIKE it?
2. Will I ever have another good idea? 
Of course I will. I can churn out one novel idea a day. That’s the easy part.
1. What happens next? Really. What happens?
And out of the ten this is the third one I actually ask because I have no outline! Ha!
How would you answer these? do you ask these questions of yourself?

*(okay, okay, it was from The Blood-Red Pencil)

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  1. I’m avoiding doing what I ought to be doing (one of which is writing) so am answering these

    10. I don’t write about writing either but a friend does and I must send you some of her links

    9. Yep – because in the head you skim and just visualize the scene and you know what you mean. But then finding the words for the thoughts….

    8.time flies when doing anything of interest and drags when bored, writing or not

    7.yes you have too many characters, I agree 😀

    6.I don’t forget the subplot because I have all these notes I forget to double check

    5. Editing? Never done editing never happy – it’s taking me 3 or 4 days some of which I spend a great deal of time on writing to get it into shape to send to you to find more editing changes

    4.I guess I’m successful becasue in the last year I’ve written words I could never have imagined 3 years ago
    3.doubt I will ever publish – yes we, the 14, like your books (and reccomend them to others)

    2.I will see if I ever have another idea, much less a good one

    1.I have no idea what happens next – I’m not a mind reader!

  2. Tee-hee! That was fun, huh?
    I guess each writer could give different answers, and that’s the beauty of it! 😉
    One of the 14

  3. No. I ask myself have I ever written past chapter 1 yet and the answer is NO

  4. These are excellent questions that I’ve heard other writers ask. I think we all want the words to just flow onto the page, like the story flows in our heads.

  5. Fun questions. It makes me smile that ALL writers struggle with the same stuff.


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