Six Sentence Sunday

Six sentence Sunday is a fun blog event where authors share six sentences of something they’ve written. Be sure to check out the other participants.

Today’s six is again from my unedited WIP – which happens to be book four in the Amaranthine series.

Skipping to a random bit….


Jorick’s attention was drawn to the cop car that squealed to a stop. The doors popped open and, like pastry from a toaster, two cops followed, their guns out, the doors in front of them like shields.

“Step away from the vehicle and put your hands up!” One of them leveled his weapon at Jorick and Kale.

Katelina whimpered, but Jorick only shoved her farther into the cab. “Be quiet and stay down!”


thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other participants!

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  1. LIke pastry from a toaster…love it! LOL ha ha This brief 6 hooks you in Jo…nice! D

  2. now I am hungry…Katelina’s father? uh, oh!

  3. You always come up with the best metaphors… and … she is always told to be quiet and stay down. Good thing sometimes she doesn’t listen 😀

  4. Great sentences, but I especially love ‘like 2 pastries from a toaster.’ Great line.

  5. Great metaphor!

  6. Ursula Grey

     /  December 18, 2011

    Loved the pastry metaphor too ~ great six:-) Love your snowflakes!

  7. Good scene, has a nice feel of tension about it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Intense and intriguing. Great six! 🙂

  9. There’s a strong build in the action in this snippet. Well done. 🙂

  10. Pastry from a toaster is great. I also enjoyed reading about the vampire Nicholas Cage.

  11. Interesting…Katelina’s mom was in book #3. Are we going to be meeting her father? hmm…

    I also enjoyed the “pastry from a toaster” bit. 🙂 Take care! Happy Hoidays!

  12. Action packed six! I wonder if Katelina is going to obey? Happy Holidays!

  13. Lots of actions, lots of tension. Really enjoyed your six!

  14. Good choice, leaves the mouth watering for more 😛

  15. Yes, I loved the toaster metaphor too!

    Is ‘Kale’ a short form for Katelina, or a different character? Thanks for sharing.

    I missed the list deadline for this week, but I did get six sentences up!

  1. Six Sentence Sunday « Amaranthine Night

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