Six Sentence Sunday

Six sentence Sunday is a fun blog event where authors share six sentences of something they’ve written. Be sure to check out the other participants.

Today’s six is again from my unedited WIP – which happens to be book four in the Amaranthine series.

A continuation from last week’s scene:


“Let’s call it a race, and I won. Look, there’s little Kately! How are you, not injured, I hope?”

“That’s not my name!” Since he’d overheard her mother use that name, he insisted on calling her by it.

Jorick was suddenly there, he grabbed Verchiel and spun him away, slamming him into the van, and shouted, “You!”


thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other participants!

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  1. yeah, you, what are you up to?
    Great six! 😀

  2. Guess Jorick is not a happy chappy Jo…Perhaps theres gonna be biting and fighting now..ha ha NICE 6 🙂

  3. WOOT!!! I love love love Sunday’s because of this! /bounce GREAT six, miss!

  4. “Let’s call it a race, and I won.” Classic Verchiel! I his character!!!

  5. Okay – you’ll understand this when you read my e mail – I Jorick protecting Katleina or just angry at Verchiel?

  6. NO!!! Don’t stop there. Ok. Pretty darn good choices. I still love Verchiel. What a character, for sure.

  7. Ooh! Tease!

  8. Great cliffhanger! 🙂

  9. I loved “Let’s call it a race, and I won.” Great six!!

  10. Very powerful, lots of tension and conflict!

  11. Why does Jorick have to be so rough? Such a car slammer!

  12. I am intrigued to hear more!

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