Ask Verchiel a Question!

As winner of the poll, Verchiel gets interviewed first!

So what do you want to ask him?  Leave your questions in the comments below before Friday, Feb 3rd, and Katelina will attempt to make him answer them this Saturday!

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  1. would it be inappropriate to ask if he is a boxer, tighty-whitey or commando vamp? how much hair product does he use and what brand? What do you miss most about your human life?

  2. Does he use a lot of hair product?

  3. Why do you want to be an executioner, when you don’t particularly seem to be hard hearted and cruel like the others.

  4. The way you hang around Katelina and tease her, aren’t you afraid of Jorick?

  5. What are you REALLY up to, Verchiel? I know you’ll never answer this with the truth, but I thought I’d ask anyway! 😉

  6. I think you are secretly in love with Katelina And while you are very powerful with almost super powers – do you not use all that you are capable of?

  7. Without leaving yourself too vulnerable, name one of your weaknesses, your Achilles heal.

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