Ask Jorick a Question!

Verchiel’s interview is up, so next is Jorick!

What do you want to ask him?  Leave your questions in the comments below before Friday, Feb 10th, and Katelina will attempt to make him answer them this Saturday!

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  1. How can you resist not turning Katelina?

    You are a loner with no coven. Why?

  2. Those are good questions DM. Hmm let’s see. Who do you consider your friends, not other vampires you owe allegiance to but those who you like to hang out with. And is Katelina your first human lover? You must have had others. What is it about her that endears her to you? You treat her so poorly, do you think she will ever leave you? Granted she is special beccause she does accept the vampire world – well not accepts – but acknowlledges that it does exist. Most human women would say “Vampire!” and go running as fast as they could.

    I’m still half asleep – I may have to edit this

  3. Given the chance, would you become human again? Why or why not?

  4. Since Verchiel answered, tighty whities, boxers or something else, lol

  5. Also where did you meet Velnya and why did you marry her? Do you see yourself marrying Katelina?

  6. 1. What was your favorite era to experience?
    2. When the author isn’t looking, do you call Katelina any cute pet names? *wink*

  7. favorite authors past and present?
    Is there somewhere you haven’t visited you would like too?

  8. Yeah I forgot – he is soo old – I expect earlier historical times was easier on vampires to feed. what was his fav era? and has he noticed women’s fashions over the centureies and how they’ve evolved and what does he think of that?
    By the way – never rec’d whatever you sent

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