Ask Katelina a Question!

Jorick’s interview is up, so next is Katelina!

What do you want to ask her?  Leave your questions in the comments below before Friday, Feb 17th, and Sassy Sue’s Mistress will attempt to make her answer them this Saturday!

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  1. Hey Katelina! Do you ever see you and Jorick FINALLY going on that vacation he keeps promising you? 😉

  2. Katelina, do you have mixed feelings between Jorick and Verchiel?
    I read a review where Legacy of Ghosts was rated poorly because you didn’t go to the bathroom at night. Do you have any rebuttal for that?

  3. Let’s see…

    Is there anything Jorick could do that would make you leave him? What’s your most romantic moment with Jorick? Do you want to be a vampire? Who would you trade places with in the series for a day? What do you like about being in the vampire world?

  4. Do you ever see yourself leaving all the vampire insanity behind? Is there ever a moment where you just want to run from it all and never look back? If you ever decided to leave the vampire world, do you think they’ll let you?

  5. How much weight have you lost eating one gas station meal a day? You’re already committed to Jorick, so why won’t you become a vampire? Do you have strong feelings for Verchiel, and are they sisterly or something else?

  1. Interview with Jorick « Amaranthine Night

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