Interview with Katelina

Hello! My name is Katelina and I’m from Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo-author magic, Jo has had me interview other authors’ characters but now I’m finally going to interview my fellow Amaranthian’s. Even better, the questions come from you, the readers! So let’s get this party started!

Today, instead of interviewing someone else, *I* am the one being interviewed! Mistress, a character of Sassy Sue, has volunteered to do the honors! First she’ll ask the questions from you and then I think she has a few of her own!

Hello Mistress, thanks for volunteering for this!

Mistress: I was happy to volunteer. I’ve thought for awhile that we should get together, since we’re both in unusual relationships. There are a lot of questions so we’d better start. From Juli, “Do you ever see you and Jorick FINALLY going on that vacation he keeps promising you?”

K: Ha! No. Though I think there is a trip coming in book 5, assuming my lazy author ever gets the fourth book published.

M: From Ruth, “Is there anything Jorick could do that would make you leave him?”

K: Definitely.

M: That wasn’t very specific, but all right. Also from Ruth, “What’s your most romantic moment with Jorick?”

K: It was after the battle at Kateesha’s stronghold when I found out that he was really still alive. There aren’t words to describe how wonderful it was to be in his arms and hear him say he loved me.

M: Stephannie has several questions but they all go together. “Do you ever see yourself leaving all the vampire insanity behind? Is there ever a moment where you just want to run from it all and never look back? If you ever decided to leave the vampire world, do you think they’ll let you?”

K: Ha ha! Yeah, there have been a lot of times when I wanted to just chuck it all and run away, but I honestly don’t think I will unless something really terrible happens. If that did happen, though, I don’t know whether they’d let me out completely. It’s something I try not to think about.

M: You tend to do a lot of “not thinking about” things. I’m just saying. Next question is from Bonnie, “How much weight have you lost eating one gas station meal a day?”

K: Not as much as you’d think! I haven’t really done that for awhile, though. If you count up the days, we spent a lot of them at Jorick’s house where I had two or more meals a day, and then the citadel that had a restaurant, and then in book four I end up eating a lot of regular meals.

M: Here’s one from Donna, “I read a review where Legacy of Ghosts was rated poorly because you didn’t go to the bathroom at night. Do you have any rebuttal for that?”

K: Actually, I have three. One – not everyone goes to the bathroom in the middle of night. I often don’t. Two, maybe Jorick knocks me out so I don’t have to, or Three, maybe I do and my author just didn’t think anyone wanted to read about it. Good grief! I had no idea people were worried about my bathroom habits because they weren’t detailed! Talk about personal! Next they’ll want to know where Gandalf went to the bathroom while he was a prisoner on top of Orthanc….

Jo *steps in* Now, now, you have to be nice, even to people who leave bad reviews. It’s not professional otherwise.

K: I’m a character. I don’t have to be professional. But fine. next question.

M: There are two questions from Ruth and Bonnie that go together, “You’re already committed to Jorick, so why won’t you become a vampire?” & “Do you want to be a vampire?”

K: At the risk of giving away a conversation in the next book, we all know it will eventually happen. Jorick’s immortal and frozen at – what? Early thirties? What will happen when I start to look haggard and wrinkled? Yeah, all men swear they will love you no matter what you look like, but how many women actually believe that? And all the vampire women are so beautiful…

M: I thought you objected to being a vampire?

K: It’s the whole commitment to being a vampire. Unless you have commitment issues too, I guess it’s hard to understand.

M: Also from Ruth, “Who would you trade places with in the series for a day?”

K: Hmmmm. Good question! No one, actually.

M: And one more from Ruth, “What do you like about being in the vampire world?”

K: Besides Jorick? Well there’s…Um…I don’t know. I guess I’ve never really had any goals, you know? Even back in high school there are people who know what they want to do and then those who are just floating along waiting for something. I was one of those, even after I graduated. I only got the job at the newspaper because Sarah tugged me along – she wanted to be a photojournalist. I’ve never really had a focus or anything I was working towards and in the “normal” world that’s considered a problem, but in the vampire world it’s perfectly acceptable because after a few centuries how many goals are left? For the most part they’re all just floating along from one short term thing to the next, focused on being entertained for the moment and, though they drive me nuts, I understand that.

M: The last question comes from Bonnie, “Do you have strong feelings for Verchiel, and are they sisterly or something else?”

K: If you call wanting to smack him in the head a strong feeling, then sure.

M: And on the same topic from Donna, “do you have mixed feelings between Jorick and Verchiel?”

K: As I said, “thwak!”

M: *cough*denial?*cough*Now that we’re out of reader questions, I have a few I’d like to ask. How much thought did you give before committing yourself to a vampire?

K: *bites lip in thought* Honestly? None. It just happened.

M: Aside from the danger do you ever wish you could have just a normal relationship?

K: Define normal *laughs*. If you take out the vampire portion, I think we’re just as normal as most couples. At the very least we’re as normal as our lazy author and her husband.

M: What were your past relationships like?

K: Hm. Well, Patrick was…Patrick is an example of not normal. I didn’t know at the time what we were to one another and looking back I still don’t know. There was a time after he died where I got lost in this pity pit and had decided I was madly in love with him, but I don’t know. Mainly we just got together and watched TV or slept together and both pretended we had someone. Before him I dated some other guys but none of them were serious. There was one guy – Todd – who wanted to get serious a few years ago and I admit, I ran. The problem has always been that I had time to think about it and when I think, I panic and when I panic, I run. With Jorick there wasn’t time to think about the commitment issues until it was too late and I was already committed.

M: What is it about Jorick that appeals to you?

K: Besides the fact that he’s hawt? Seriously though, he’s sexy, scarred enough to need comforted now and then, but not so emo as to be whining all the time. Then he’s like the alpha on the block and he can crush pretty much anyone he wants to.

M: Frankly he seems kinda disrespectful of you sometimes, just sayin’. My sweetie except for his job – which is a big issue – treats me very well.

*Devil, sitting next to Jorick in the back of the room, smiles and nudges Jorick.*Jorick rolls eyes.*

K: I’ve never found him particularly disrespectful, just kind of tactless, sometimes. He’s from a different time and then he played the hermit card for like a hundred years. But I think he treats me well. He makes sure I have all the things I need, even though he hasn’t had to worry about human things in a long, long time. That has to take a lot of effort on his part to remember them and take them into account all the time. But, even taking all the vampire stuff aside, he’s a man, and men are never perfect.

M: Sometimes his honesty with you seems a bit lacking. My sweetie, due to his past, is always honest even if it may hurt me.

K: He’s not really dishonest – he doesn’t lie, just withholds sometimes, but he’s getting better. He’s not used to having a partner who is a partner, but rather one who is almost a child-like role. He plays the big protector and keeps then wrapped in terry cloth and they never know about the dangers of the world. That’s supposed to be the “ideal” man, or was for a long time, and so he has to battle that ideal.

M: When you two fight how does it make you feel?

K: The same as when anyone fights, I guess. Usually it just makes me mad.

M: Does he usually win?

K: No, I do. In the end he always caves in to what I want, though he’d never admit it.

M: Would you rather let him win than leave?

K: It hasn’t really been a problem…

M: You almost left him once. How would he feel if you did?

* A soft growl escapes Jorick’s lips *

K: That was mainly miscommunication, but I think he made his feelings pretty clear then. Honestly, I think if I blew up and left he’d wait about an hour, and then storm after me and haul me home.

M: You don’t seem to have any friends of your own – it’s just his friends. Do you wish you did have friends?

K: Yes, and that’s actually addressed quite a bit in the next book.

M: My sweetie and I argue as each of us holds a different fundamental view on life. We have different philosophies. We agree to disagree. What about you and Jorick?

K: We have very different philosophies on some things. Mainly he’s just misguided and needs someone to show him the light *winks*. I’m working on it, but it takes a long time to undo hundreds of years of bad habits.

And with that we’re out of time. Thanks so much to Mistress for volunteering to help out today and to everyone who submitted a question! The next interview will be with Patrick (which should be interesting in a LOT of ways!) so leave your questions for him on this blog. Thanks!

 Be sure to check out Sassy Sue’s blog where you can read more of Mistress and her lover.


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  1. Great Interview! “Thwak?” OMG! I think Verchiel NEEDS a thwak to the head!!!!! LMAO!!! I don’t think it would make much difference, but it might make Katelina feel better and I’m SURE hitting Verchiel in the head, would get Jorick’s seal of approval!!! He! He!

    • LMAO! He does need thwaked! I have tried to beat him multiple times, but then he does this sort of bambi-eyes, innocent type face and skates away. *sigh* bad characters!

  2. Great interview! Some pretty important questions there. Katelina, you seem perfect for Jorick, but I still think you have a little crush on Verchiel although it’s obvious you love Jorick. Can’t wait for the next book. Loved the bathroom answer!

  3. Yeah that’s a problem I’ll have too – when she ages….

    WTF??? bathroom? At Night?? I don’t go to the bathroom during the night – gee some people Katelina is correct – characters do not have to be professional

    Katelina is like many young girls – wonder how many of them have found the vampire life? Her explanation is totally credible

    I feel I know Katelina better now

    • Ha ha! Yeah, I know. I do sometimes, but not every single night. I’ve always found that review kind of funny, though of course I shouldn’t comment on it… 😉

      Yeah, I think a lot of people are like that; just sort of floating along and then they end up pregnant and/or married, then raise kids, work a job and finally end up middle aged/retired going “huh. I have no idea what I want out of life”.

      Thanks again for doing this! It was a lot of fun! 😀

  4. Someone complained about her lack of bathroom visits at night? Seriously? Great interview! Slacker me forgot to send in any questions, but seeing how I have the hots for Jorick, it was probably for the best 😉

    • LOL! Yeah, it’s in a review on Amazon for Legacy of Ghosts. I forget what the rest of it was as there were quite a few complaints. I think another one was that people can not live on instant/gas station food, but I can’t swear that was it.

      LOL! well, that beats sending her a box of “special” chocolates laced with arsenic 😉

    • I thought that too. Who wants to read about a character using the bathroom?

      • I know! That’s the main thing I object to in Stephen King novels is the detailed descriptions of their every bathroom trip… it’s like GROSS!

  5. I think Katelina and Jorick have a comfortable relationship. They like to argue lol 😛

  6. Ugg, Katelina, you’re too vague. What, specifically is it Jorick would do that would make you leave? Didn’t realize I had to be specific. LOL

    Whether men are vampires or not, they will never admit their faults. 😉

    • LOL! I have tied her up and she says:

      “Oh, you know, the usual things like have an affair or beat the crap outta me, or kill my mother or lock me up like a prisoner, or start using me as a food source. You know, that kind of stuff.”

      So there we have it, LOL!!

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