Front Cover for Ashes of Deceit – Final Version

After the feedback from the cover debut, I have made some mior adjustments and am happy to say this is the final version:

As you might notice Malick looks a *little* bit eviler around the eyes, but not super evil (as he is not meant to be instantly identifiable as evil and is often described in the book(s) as “serene”.) buuuut for the sake of cover art a little menace is an okay thing. (You may also notice I have udpated the snazzy animation over to the side 😉 Feel free to snag that bad boy by the way and post to your hearts content.)

Also adjusted the tagline position a bit too.


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  1. sharonstogner

     /  May 4, 2012

    looks good! He should look a little menacing he is the master vamp!

  2. Looks great, but remember to move the text a little further onto the page. Any text on the edge will be in the Bleed Area and probably spoilt when the cover is printed.

  3. the last word of the tag line is not visible – black on black – very aware of this problem from my cover

  4. I like the changes around the eyes. Yup! Much creepier. 🙂

  5. Looks great!!!

  6. Well, his eyes do look a little bit more evil so maybe I wouldn’t fall for his swee old man bit. Can’t wait to read this!


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