Ask Oren a Question!

Claudius’s interview is finally up,  so next is Oren!

What do you want to ask him?  Leave your questions in the comments below before Friday, March 16th, and Katelina will attempt to make him answer them this Saturday!

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  1. sharonstogner

     /  May 5, 2012

    well, I guess first would be did he brought his big girl panties to the interview

  2. Can I have his sisters phone number? (Geesh and she’s a fictional charecter too.)

  3. I’ve read about your life in the south during the civil war. Granted it wasn’t your war but was all the blood shed (yummy) worth it to the humans? And really – you wanted to keep your family with you always but vampire baby or even your older son, to be a child forever. It wasn’t fair to them. But then you were only thinking of yourself I guess, as you usually do

  4. You’re kind of a grumper, like a diabetic without enough insulin. Have you thought about increasing how often you ‘eat’?
    You’re so damned good-looking. Why haven’t you found some new lover?

  5. First of all, I wanted to say that I am SOOO sorry for your losses. I can’t even try to imagine how difficult it would be to lose a spouse and children as violently as you lost yours. Again, I’m so sorry. 😦 You also had a great deal of losses when you were human. I’ve read that illness took more of your children before you were transformed. You’ve experienced so much sorrow in your long life. It must be very difficult for you. Again, I can’t even imagine!

    That said, I would like to think there must have been SOME happiness in your life, once, even if it was long ago. Do you ever look to the future and think that maybe someday, you will find happiness again? Do you ever think you’ll be able to accept Katelina in Jorick’s life? Sometimes talking about our deceased loved ones helps. Would you mind sharing a memory or two concerning your family? What did you love most about your wife?

    *Oren didn’t start out on my favorites list, but he’s grown on me throughout the series. Over the years, (months in Amaranthine time) he’s become one of my favorite characters! 😉

    • Oooh!!! Had another thought! You managed to keep your family “under the radar” from the Executioners for many years. Do you blame Jorick for leading them to your home? What about Katelina?

  1. Interview with Claudius « Amaranthine Night

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