Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Jorick


Hair: Long black hair

Eye color: so dark they look black

Height: 6’1”

Katelina’s dark, enigmatic, vampire lover. Though he’s promised to take Katelina on a trip – and thereby avoid Oren’s attack on the Guild’s citadel – she’s suspicious, and no wonder. Though he hasn’t been an Executioner for over a hundred years, it sometimes seems as though he still thinks of himself as the vampire world’s police chief. Can he keep his nose out of everyone else’s business long enough to escape, or will he fall prey to the intrigue and mysteries that follow him?

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  1. sharonstogner

     /  May 10, 2012

    Le sigh…I do love Jorick 🙂 Are you going to do a new drawing of him at some point. Just for us fangirls 😉

  2. Lol, I love it because it’s so true – vampire world’s police chief.

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