Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Fabian


Hair: Black

Eyes: brown

Height: 5’10”

Brother of the deceased Jesslynn, Fabian is Oren’s brother-in-law. despite the relationship, he doesn’t bother to disguise his dislike of Jorick or Katelina, and blames them for Jesslynn’s death. One of the main proponents of Oren’s war, Fabian is like a yapping Chihuahua with a bad temper. 

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  1. sharonstogner

     /  May 18, 2012

    lol, he looks so grumpy! of course I would too if I was compared to a yapping Chihuahua. love the colors.

  2. Whoa! He’s much cuter than I was picturing! I don’t know why, but I’ve been carrying around this image in my head of a guy who resembles one of the singers from ZZ Top! Where I got this idea from…I’m not sure! LMAO!!!! Poor Fabian!

  3. Yappy and a bad temper? a yappy dog lives next door – very annoying – keep him away from V…

  4. His is kind of yappy, isn’t he?

  5. If he really gets mad does he pee on the floor and do they pop him in the nose with a newspaper?

    • Um… he doesn’t usually pee on the floor…. but they might smack him with a newspaper. Maybe that is why he is so crabby?

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