Ask Micah a Question!

Torina’s  interview is  up,  so next is Micah!

What do you want to ask her?  Leave your questions in the comments below before Friday and Katelina will attempt to make him answer them this Saturday!

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  1. amy owen

     /  July 8, 2012

    Do you remember anything from “before?” You seem to be a pretty complex guy (the anger issues, along with the intense loyalty), makes me wonder what your human life was like.

  2. what are you hiding behind all that macho bull shit? Who hurt you?

  3. Not only who hurt you but why are you always so angry?

  4. I bet deep down you are sensetive. It’s okay, but appearances are important, right?

  5. Um, Joleene, did you just refer to Micah as ‘her’? Perhaps you better start running now.
    Micah, you tease Katelina so much, but let’s face it, if given the chance you’d want to be the one to change her, wouldn’t you?
    You are so kind to Loren. Have you adopted him as a little brother?
    Your personality is so different from Jorick and Oren, so why do you hang around with them?

  6. I’m fascinated by tattoos. There’s always a story behind the ink. What’s the story behind your tats? 🙂


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