Interview with Torina


Hello! My name is Katelina and I’m from Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo-author magic, Jo has had me interview other authors’ characters but now I’m finally going to interview my fellow Amaranthian’s. Even better, the questions come from you, the readers! So let’s get this party started!

Katelina: Today we are interviewing Torina, Oren’s slutty – erm, I mean… no, that’s what I mean. Oren’s slutty sister. Hello Torina, how nice of you to come.

Torina: I’m only here because our illustrious author promised me shoes. Lots of shoes.

K: Right. Well let’s get on with it then, shall we? Unbelievably, people actually want to know things about you. Let’s start with Sue, “You’re such a slut. Were you one when you were alive too?”

T: Aww, is that jealousy you’re both oozing? I can’t help that I was born with certain God-given charms, now can I? And I prefer the phrase “woman of adventure” to “slut”, thank you very much.

K: I’m guessing that’s a yes. And while we’re on that topic, Amy asks, “I have only one question, and a burning question at that…Micah or Loren??? (Loren, please! Make a man out of that poor boy!)” Oh brothers…

T: *laughs* Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it. *winks* In all truth either one might be fun for a moment, but Loren would be the kind to cling afterwards. His kind always do; the nice-guy, momma’s boys. They get their first taste of real sex and can’t let go because it’s all wrapped up in romantic idealism. Micah on the other hand… well, he’s just an animal. *smirks*

K: *rolls eyes* I can’t believe I’m listening to this!

T: you could have let Jorick do this interview, you know. You’ve flaked on some of the others.

K: *mutters* Over my dead body. *ahem* Next question comes from… I think we’ll skip that.

T: *grabs paper* Oh! I see! *delighted laugh* From Sue, “What did happen between you and Jorick?” Let’s just say I’ve been there and done that. *smirks at Katelina’s outrage* Oh, come on, ice queen, you can’t really imagine he was a virgin when you got him? He wasn’t even one when I did. *waves hand haughtily* It was brief, though. It was after I’d been turned. He was nice enough, but he’s so grim and serious. Who can stand that for long? Present company excepted, of course.

K: *grabs paper back* You better watch it-

T: Or what? I’d be interested to see what you’d do without Jorick here to bail you out. *snickers*

K: I’ll show you – you, you, slutty, trampy-

*Verchiel saunters in*

Verchiel: Well hello, ladies. Do I smell a cat fight? I wouldn’t want to miss that!

K: Oh go away! I’m trying to do an interview.

V: Then perhaps you should ask some questions. *snatches the paper* From Donna – awww! Hello there, Donna, dear! *waves*. Anyway, she says, “Have you ever been in love and wanted to devote yourself to just one person?”

T: Pffffpt. Once. Long ago.

V: That wasn’t a very good answer, you know. She really deserves more details.

T: *rolls eyes* His name was Armus… He… I turned him myself, my only fledgling. Yes, sad, I know. We were… happy for ten years and then Kateesha… She claimed she caught my Armus with Shawnine, a cheap, lowly, hussy that Kateesha had taken up with. I never believed it but Kateesha… She pushed the issue and eventually exacted her ‘revenge’. She had him burned, if you can believe it. So cliché.

K: I’m surprised you didn’t just join in with him and Shawnine.

T: That would have been impossible since, as I said, Kateesha fabricated the entire thing. I imagine she made advances that he rejected. She was always such a vain bitch that she couldn’t handle rejection. But enough of that. Next question, Verchiel, dear.

K: *jerks paper back* I’m doing this interview!  From Juli, “Do you ever think about striking out on your own? I know you care about your brother and you owe him a great deal, (plus you probably still have a blood debt to fulfill)…but do you ever think about creating your own coven? What fears are perhaps holding you back?”

T: Oh, it’s not fear, just too much work. You have to organize everyone and repair all the little squabbles and ugh! I watched all the work Jesslynn did, and no thank you, honey! Oren can play coven leader and handle all the boring garbage. I much prefer to worry about myself. It isn’t as if I don’t make sure that I get what I want now that Jesslynn’s gone.

V: You don’t seem very broken up about that.

T: Should I be? You forget, she was my sister-in-law. They don’t improve with age.

K: This is also from Juli, “I sometimes think you were born in the wrong time period, and perhaps live in the wrong area. The way I see it, you’re more of a glitzy, “Sex in the City” sort of vampire. You seem like the kind of gal who craves passion and adventure rather than hanging out in the sticks. Am I right?”

T: Yes and no. There is one advantage to being in the wrong place; you’re the only one of your kind. Much less competition. Not that I need to worry about competition, but, you know…

V: You don’t need to be faster than the bear, just faster than the people you’re with.

T: Exactly. *winks* I had no idea you were so smart. Why do you waste your time hanging around that annoying little human?

K: *ahem!* from Donna, “Torina, how can you dress as you do and battle too? Wouldn’t it be easier not to be so dressed up?”

T: Maybe. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never tried it. When I was human women dressed to the teeth – layers and layers! – just to go to the garden! I guess I never got out of the habit. Unlike some people *coughs and looks at Katelina*

K: Excuse me if I dress like a normal person!

T: I’d use the word ordinary, but whatever.

V: *ahem* Donna has one more question, ladies. “I felt so sorry for you in ‘Ashes of Deceit’, but you are feeling better now that you had the news about Oren, aren’t you?”

T: *looks uncomfortable* Well… yes… of course… *clears throat*

V: It’s all right, I think we all understand. *pats her hand*. There is one final question from Juli – with no e – hello there, Juli! *winks* She says, “Oh! And the stories you could tell! I can only imagine. Would you care to share something juicy? I’d love to hear it!!!”

K: Well I wouldn’t!

T: No one asked you, dear. Though since you’re so over sensitive I’ll keep the stories about Jorick to myself. Oh! I know one! You might remember Jesslynn’s brother, Fabian? One evening Jesslynn had a party, I think it may have been Oren’s birthday. I don’t remember now what she did or said, but she made me angry, so I found it quite amusing to drag her “precious little brother” into the basement where I had my wicked way with him in Jesslynn’s coffin! Ha! Of course once the initial rush faded he was suddenly terrified she’d find out. Naturally she would not approve. It wasn’t her fault, she was always so plain and rigid and boring, I suppose. Nor his that he was so fussy. Someone described him as a yapping Chihuahua and that fits him perfectly. He was always fussing about this or that. But, I derived great pleasure for several months in taking him to the basement whenever Jesslynn annoyed me. *laughs* I can still see the look on her face when she found out! Oh! It was beautiful – pinched and sour and furious! Ha! Of course it was Fabian’s fault. He got too excited and made a mess. And Jesslynn would have to have a velvet lined coffin. Have you tried to get blood out of velvet? This was before all the fancy cleaners and convenient chemicals. When she saw it she demanded to know where it came from and I took great pleasure in telling her.

V: *tsk*tsk* You are naughty.

T: Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you just how naughty I can be. In fact, I think I’ve been a very, very bad girl and need an Executioner to punish me. Thoroughly.

K: Oh my God. I think I may throw up. How can you say that crap with a straight face?

T: You should try it, dear. You’ll find that men like it.

V: *snickers* Speaking of things men like, you were saying? I think I have a window in my schedule right about… now. And I’d be more than happy to punish you until you repent of your wicked, wicked ways.

K: Ugh. You’re both disgusting.  Just go! I’m sick of this interview already! And speaking of interviews, next week we’ll interview Micah. That should be something to look forward to!

If you’d like to leave questions for Micah, please check out this blog and leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

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  1. lol, Verchiel is such a bad boy…lucky Torina…;)

  2. Brilliant 😀

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!! Loved the interview!!!!!!!!

  4. I loved it! Great interview, and I’m so happy Verschiel showed up. And ladies, notice he called me Donna dear.
    Torina is, um, one interesting woman, isn’t she?

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