Well I survived the interview!

Listen below for my interview with Dan O’Brien and hear an excerpt of the forthcoming Vampire Morsels collection, from the short story Sarah.

Also be sure to check out his blogtalk radio channel and his previous guests.

Listen to
internet radio with Amalgamation Live on Blog Talk Radio
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  1. You did great, Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!

  2. I totally forgot about the interview

  3. Ahhhhhh! You were awesome! Great job!

  4. I finally listened to it. You did an awesome job! I totally agree with you on contentment is what success means. 😀

    You sound like you’re a lot of fun in person, judging by your voice. It’s fun to match up the person with their voice. I esp. enjoyed your down-to-earth way of explaining what being an indie author is like. And yay on your B&N experience! I loved how surprised you were that you were selling over there.

    • Thanks! heh- yeah, i am not so keen on my voice, myself, as it sounds sort of ‘down home’ to me, LOL! But then I guess a lot of people aren’t…


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