More Smashwords Sales!

There’s so many sales going on this month, I have to share some more!

I ran an excerpt of To Finish a Quilt by Grant Staley awhile back – well you can get it free until the end of the month.

Barney Schwartz’s nonfiction titles are all 50% off – titles include How to Build a Cheap Website, Easy E-Book Publishing and more.

M.A. McRae has 25% of both titles Not a Man and The King’s Favorite (look for a character interview with the hero of Not A Man coming up soon!)

Most – if not all – of Edward C. Pattersons books are free this month. Including The Jade Owl, which has been on my TBR list for awhile now.

All of Jane Palmer’s books are 50% – lots of sci-fi here.

And Claudette Gilbert’s paranormal works are also free this month.

And don’t forget my own Amaranthine series is also in the sale – Shades of Gray is Free and the others are 50% off

Of course here are hundreds more at Smashwords. I could probably fill my kindle to capacity just with free sales alone!

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  1. Thanks for listing all these. What great deals!


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