Interview with Loren


Hello! My name is Micah and I’m from Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo-author magic crap, Jo usually has Katelina interview other authors’ characters but now we’re finally interviewing fellow Amaranthians. Even better, the questions come from you, the readers!

Micah: I’d say I was filling in for Katelina, but frankly she hasn’t done most of these damned things. That Executioner twit with the red hair has probably done half of them.

Loren: And I did it last week!

M: My point. Anyway, today I’m interviewing this pipsqueak named Loren who has no taste in super heroes, by the way.

L: Yes I do! X-men rules!

M: Fuggedaboutit. Hulk would pound their sissy faces in. But enough of that. We got some new questions for you. Eh, let’s start with Sharon’s, “What does he want out of life (or undead life) now? Where does he see himself in 10, 50, 100 years?”

L: Yeah, just start with the hardest one, thanks! Hmmm. I don’t know. I never really thought about it. I guess I’ve just been kinda floating around, waiting for something to, I don’t know, drop from the sky or something. Wow. I need to think about that.

M: Don’t think too hard, huh? Okay, we’ll move on for now. From Sue, who, by the way, also comments that she really likes you-

L: Really? You mean I have a fan?

M: Yeah, evidently. Anyway, she asks, “Does it bother you that you’ll be a teen forever?”

L:  Nah. If you’ve ever played video games you’ll know that it’s always the teenagers who save the world. And it means I can scope out more chicks. Old dudes like this guy look creepy checking out a seventeen year old, but I can get away with it, and older ladies love young guys.

M: Really? Like you know anything about that shit.

L: I’ve had girlfriends! I had one chick stalk me in fact, so there.

M: Yeah, yeah. Sue also asks, “Do the big boy vampires treat you as a lesser vamp?”

L: Eh, not really. Well, Jorick does sometimes, but it’s not just me. He kinda treats everyone he likes that way – like they’re little kids and he’s their dad.

M: Well hell, you are a little kid. You’re like what? Twenty?

L: I’m over thirty!

M: Oh, excuse me, ancient one. *snickers*. Ah, I been there. I used to be the new kid on the block, and don’t think they didn’t all remind me.  You just gotta start hanging out with someone younger. But we got more questions. This one’s from Donna – I like her. She’s got good taste in characters. You shoulda seen her comment last week.

L: *rolls eyes* I did.

M: Hey, I didn’t say anything about you havin’ a fan, huh? Now where was I? Oh, yeah, “You seem to always get stuck baby-sitting Katelina. Does that make you feel like the lesser of the group?

L: Nah, I don’t mind it most of the time. I mean someone’s gotta keep an eye on her, you know? It makes me the last line of defense. Like if something happened to Jorick or whatever then I’d be all that was left. So it’s actually kind of a big thing. I think it means he trusts me – not just for that, but not to do anything to her. He doesn’t just leave her with anyone.

M: He sent her with me.

L: Only because I was there. He wouldn’t let you spend time alone with her. Especially not after all that stuff you said last week about making her into a real vampire.

M: Yeah, well, offer still stands. Speaking of Katelina, Sue wants to know, “Do you wish you could have a girl friend like Katelina some day? Would you care if she was human or not?” Fuck, I hope it’s a less annoying one that Lunch!

L: *looks uncomfortable* Well, um, yeah, I guess. I mean, sure, a girlfriend would be cool. And nah, I don’t care if they’re human or not. Maybe it’s better that way. Then it makes you the stronger one, you know? You get to be all manly and save her and stuff.

M: You’re just a little soppy-sappy romantic, aren’t you? Here’s another feely question. This one’s from Donna again, “do you still miss your parents? You lost them at so young an age.”

L:  Yeah, sometimes. If they hadn’t gotten killed then things woulda been really different, you know? I think about that sometimes. Ashton never would have started hanging out with Jessie and those guys, so he never would have been a vampire, so he never would have had to turn me…

M: And you’d have never met me. Depressing idea, huh? Well, Sharon wants to know, “What do hate about life as a vampire?”

L: The no sunlight thing blows, especially in the summer. I grew up on the beach; you know, swimming and the whole nine yards, and now I can’t go out in the daytime. Sure, I can do it at night, but it’s not the same thing. Also the food. I’d kill for a twinkie, dude! Or some mustard flavored pretzels.

M: Mustard and pretzels? Are you kidding me? Is that a real thing?

L:  Yeah. You get them out of vending machines.

M: Yuck! The only place mustard belongs is on a fuckin’ hot dog. Seriously, you modern people!

L: You sound like Jorick.

M: You didn’t just compare me to that prick, did you? Coz if you did…

L: What? Huh? You’ll ask me another question. *snickers* Our author told you that you had to be good or she’d pull the plug on the interview, so I’m not scared.

M: Oh yeah, hide behind the author. You wait ‘til this is over. Last question from Donna, “Who frightens you more – Micah or Jorick?” I can answer that one: Me, coz I’m a scary sumbitch.

L: Nah. Not really. I think Jorick’s scarier.

M: What the hell? First you compare me to him and now you’re saying he’s scarier?

L:  Sorry, but he is. You’re all noise, but he’s quiet. Your kind just punches someone in the nose and walks off. His kind takes a machine gun to the post office.

M: Yeah, he is kinda nuts, I guess. But I’m still scarier. All right, and here’s the last question of the interview and it’s from Barb, “You wanted to fight in Oren’s war so badly, do you still think this was such a good idea? Would you have waited?” Hell yeah it was a good idea!

L: I dunno. Jorick was kinda right about some things-

M: What the hell?

L: It was a lot… gorier than I thought it was gonna be. Watching it on TV is one thing, you know? But actually being in the middle of it with blood flying and people screaming…

M: You’re killing someone for cryin’ out loud. Of course it’s gonna be gory!

L: Yeah, I know. I guess… I dunno. I mean, I was there for Ashton when they… when Jessie and them killed him but… It’s kinda different when you’re doing it yourself. I don’t regret it, well, except for what happened there at the end. *looks at Micah* Are we allowed to do spoilers out of the newest book?

M: I dunno. Our “esteemed” author didn’t say nothin’ to me about it. But if you’re worried about it then just leave it at that.

L:  I just don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I hate when someone tells you the end of the book ahead of time.

M: Okay, okay. Well, I guess that’s it-

*POOF* the amazing author enters*

Jo: We have one last question.

M: No we don’t.  *waves paper* I asked them all.

Jo: Juli was a late entry. Here *hands Micah new paper* now be good or I’ll kill you off.

*POOF* the amazing author disappears*

M: What the fuck? Oh well, I like Juli, so I guess. I was kinda wondering why she hadn’t asked you anything. “Do you ever think about what you want to do with your future? You’ve got unlimited time on your hands, what are some of the things you’d like do?” Hah! Looks like you’re not getting out of this one!

L: I don’t know. It would be kinda cool to learn to play the guitar. We could make a vampire band.

M: That’s been done. Ever hear of Lestat?

L: Yeah, but he sang vampire music. We could just do regular music. I’m just saying, it’s something. I’d also like to get the top score in every game I own. How cool would that be? They’d all have LorIzTheShiz in the top spot. That’s my user name-

M: And you think Jorick’s nuts. Okay, enough of this. Next week is the last of these interviews, and someone will be interviewing Kateesha.

L: Not me! She scares the crap out of me!

M: Ah, she ain’t that scary, but I don’t feel like doing it, either. I can’t imagine Lunch handling it, all things considered.

L: *snickers* That would be kinda funny.

M: yeah, it would, wouldn’t it? My money is on Jorick or the redhead. Either way, we’re outta here. Come on pipsqueak, I’m gonna show you who really is the scariest mo’ fo’ around here.

If you’d like to leave questions for Kateesha, please check out this blog and leave them in the comments section. Thanks!


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  1. I can’t believe you managed to squeak my question in! Pokey puppy over here… 🙂

    Loren and Micah are soooo much fun together! Of course, I love Loren. He reminds me of a guy I went to high school with.

  2. I’m sorry Loren, you blew it. Mustard Pretzels and learning to play the guitar simply doesn’t cut it. You’re a vampire. You live a long time. There are so many things you could do or learn in your free time when not baby-sitting or fighting. I guess I just ask more out of my vampires than you can give.Bye, babes, it’s been fun

    • from Loren:

      *sigh* Oh well, i guess there’s still Juli! *waves at Juli*

      LOL!! Poor Loren. he’s just a go with the flow kinda guy 😉

  3. Loved it. Great interview. Micah is just way too cool. Oh, and um, well, Loren did a good job too.

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