Verchiel Gone Wild – Blogjacking Day 3

Mysterious Narrator: While being interviewed by Donna, Verchiel was dared to give Katelina a birthday surprise. Unable to resist, he has readied himself, and now we will see how it goes….


Katelina and Jorick were snuggled up on the couch in the character lounge, watching a movie. It took three hours to agree on one, and in the end they only reached an agreement because Katelina let Jorick have his way. The foreign film lived up to its promise. Five minutes in and she was already depressed. She didn’t understand why people made movies like that.

The voice that trilled through the air was almost a relief, or it would have been if it was anyone besides Verchiel.

“Oh, Kately!”

Katelina buried her face in Jorick’s arm and stifled a groan. It was bad enough that she’d had to pull time-traveling overtime the last month to appear in the Patrick prequel, and that she’d had no scenes with Jorick, but now, on her one day off…

Jorick snarled over the top of the movie, “Go away!”

The overly cheerful answer floated through the doorway, “Sorry, I can’t do that! Are you ready?”

Katelina groaned again. The only way to get rid of him was to humor him. “Ready for what?”


As if by magic, Verchiel was suddenly in front of her, blocking the television. Perched on his head was a sequined top hat, and on his feet were matching tap shoes. The only thing in the middle was miles of pale white skin and a sign that hung around his hips and proclaimed “Happy Un-Birthday” in multicolored letters.

Her eyes bulged from their socket. “What in the-”

She didn’t get to finish before he shouted, “Go!” Music blared from the adjoining room and, in super-speed, he sang, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Kately, Happy birthday to you!”

Jorick was on his feet as the last word fell. He snarled and snatched at the redhead, but Verchiel was too fast. He disappeared and seemed to materialize on the other side of the room. “Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know when your real birthday is. Though, if you tell me, we could do this again?”

“That will be hard, since you’ll be dead!”

Jorick lunged again and Verchiel tossed aside his sign with a wink and disappeared through the doorway. Jorick bounded after him and Katelina sat frozen in place, her eyes wide and her mouth gaping. There was only one thought running through her startled mind:

“Well, I guess now we know he’s not a natural redhead.”


Mysterious Narrator: Tune in tomorrow to see the disastrous conclusion.

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  1. hahaha! Jorick is going to kill him! 🙂

  2. If some demoniacal monster appears before me, the last thing I’ll be looking at is his tackle. Katelina is obviously made of sterner stuff than me.

  3. The story gets better and better. Of course, I’m still on Verchiel’s side. Run, Verchiel, run!

  4. LOL I love it! Verchiel’s awesome. 😀

  5. OMG!!! This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may never think of Verchiel the same way again!

  6. My new hair dresser screwed up hiar colour so now not red. Movies – oh good one. Your sense of humour is delightful – V will need his own book now 😀

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