Verchiel Gone Wild – Blogjacking Day 5

Mysterious narrator: Yesterday we left Verchiel and Jorick fighting in the attic of the Amaranthine Character’s Complex. Apparantly during an interview, Donna dared Verchiel to give Katelina a birthday surprise. The idiot did it, and Jorick isn’t amused. Now, our hero… wait. Which one is the hero?


Anyway, Jorick has Verchiel by the throat and…


Verchiel: *choke*cough* But you can’t kill me! I’m too important!

Jorick: Says who?


A cloud of mysterious pink smoke appears and then dissipates to reveal… the author, who by the way is also the mysterious narrator.

Jo the Amazing Author: STOP! Jorick, you know better! *waves hand. There is the clicky clack noise of keys typing and suddenly Jorick is standing on the other side of the room* I’m sorry, but you can’t kill him.

J: And why not? He isn’t necessary to the series! There were two books before he came along!

V: *rubbing throat* but people love me.

Jo the Amazing Author: That may be, Jorick, but he’s here now, and he’s staying.  You might as well face it, he’s necessary to certain plot details. As for you, *turns to Verchiel* Is this the sort of thing you get up to when you think I’m too busy to notice? Is it?

V: Um… no? Ah, come on! It was just a bit of fun. It was Donna’s idea.

Jo the Amazing Author: Don’t you try to blame this on her! I saw your birthday dance, young man and I was appalled! Appalled! I taught you better than that didn’t I? To think one of my own characters would sing such a terrible rendition of happy birthday! I’m going to have to send you to voice lessons!

J: WHAT!!?!

V: Well, it was a bit rushed…

Jo the Amazing Author: Rushed or not, it’s obvious you need some professional help! And you! *turns to Jorick* And you. Some anger management would not be amiss. Alas, there’s very little time. Though you may be unaware, the rough draft of Patrick is finished and we are going to spend September together working on book five. I suggest that you BOTH have your issues handled by then because you’re going to be spending plenty of time together. Oh, and Verchiel? You might want some pants. Your natural hair color is showing. *snickers*


Mysterious narrator AKA the Amazing Author Jo: Once again the Amazing Author Jo saves the day! As was mentioned, Patrick, the full length novel, is now in beta stage and will hopefully be edited and released this autumn, with Heart of the Raven to follow this winter. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Amaranthine two-fer Special Editions packed with extras like artwork and “deleted scenes”.


Special thanks to Donna for inspiring this blog series! 

PS – and because I KNOW you wanna see…..

by me 😉

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  1. lol! vampire porn!

  2. jennifer gruenberg

     /  August 29, 2012

    LOL! LOL! That was too funny. I just love the way you write. Always an enjoyable read from you. Thank You

  3. Oh my! My eyes, my eyes! Nice of him to pose, though. I loved this. So fun!

  4. OMG!!!!!! Almost naked Verchiel! EEKKK!!! At least the valances match the drapes, even if the carpeting doesn’t. LOL!!!! 😉

  5. what would we do without our characters? Gideon and Phoebe saved me last week


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