Kindlegraph: Yes Virginia, You Can Get Ebooks Signed, So Long As You Have A Kindle

Lest anyone think I am knocking Kindlegraph’s excellent idea, I’m not. The idea of being able to personalize a signature for an ebook is an intriguing idea, so of course I signed up. I currently have six books you can request e-autographs for – assuming you have a kindle.


How does it work? As a reader, you go to and search for your favorite authors. The site boasts that there are 3,500 of them, and there’s probably more. If your author is there, it will shoe their name in the search results, then click it for a list of autograph-able books.  Kindlegraph will then send the author a notification and they can log on and sign away.

As an author you first need to register, which is very easy, and then enter the ASIN (found on your book’s amazon page) for each book you’d like to add to their database. Once a book is added, you will get a “test request” from the site’s admin for the first book that allows you to practice your signature and such (more on that in a moment)

On the request page there is space to write a personal message with two fonts to choose from; handwriting and typewriter, and then a second input box for your signature. You can actually use your mouse (stylus, finger, whatever your setup is) to sign your signature, like so:

Or you can “adopt a signature”, which uses that handwritten font again. Once you’ve drawn your signature, kindlegraph saves it, and you never need to do it again, though I have been because when you sign a real book no two signatures look identical, each is one of a kind, and I don’t see why e-signatures should be any different. But then I am kind of a lunatic.

What if you or your readers have a Nook or a Kobo or something else? So far I have been unable to locate any sites that supply signatures to these devices, however, I am keeping my eyes open. If I run across one I’ll be sure to share it and if you know of one I’d love it if you’d let me know.

In the meantime though, there’s always email, right?



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  1. This is a good idea. However, since my writing is almost illegible, I doubt that something which looked as if some poor creature had crawled through some ink before dying, would hold much interest for people.

  2. I’ve liked this idea since I first heard of it. Hard to accept for die hard readers of actual books, but let’s face it. Sooner or later, most of our reads will be on an e-reader. Love the vampire you made!

  3. What a very clever idea – whatever will ‘they’ think of next.

  4. Hi Jo…i didnt know about this, many thanks for sharing the info, very good idea which i hope to do sometime! Ps hope your well. Pps Any luck with revised 3d cover images? Catch up soon , peace. D

  5. Interesting! This is pretty awesome, actually. Not every author feels comfortable arraigning for book signings, etc. Plus, there’s the logistics thing…this is a smart way around those issues. 🙂 Nice!

  6. While checking out your awesome site, I happened to notice the following link wasn’t working and thought I woud let you know. (I always like to know.) Hope you don’t mind. Love your work! robyn

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